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cHTeMeLe - the first HTML5 certified boardgame

The nearly collaborative and nearly educative boardgame about HTML

  • Transparency, shipping and some excuses

    It's been a while since the last update, news about the project, what is going on, so it's time for me to communicate a little more aboit the project.

    A great project and a wonderfull community
    First of all I would like to thank everyone who got involve in the project and who helped it become a reality... from a strange idea to the reality of physical boxes in less than 6 months. Thanks to everyone who helped me relised thios project, but their financial support, by talking about it. Without all these energies, this game wouldn't be a reality today

    Some kind of succes
    At the beginning of the project I knew it wasn't something mainstream, some strange and funny project and I'm still anused of the reactions when I explain to people the project and what the game is about.
    We got some really cool articles from plenty of people, including gaming professionnals like TricTrac or in the Plato magazine... but globaly the game is a hard seller. I've contacted plenty of shops (physical and virtual ones) who think the project looks fun, but don't wanna take any kind of risk.

    Financial trouble
    I'm always aiming for the biggest transparency, and today i'm in financial trouble. I've added some minor mistakes on this project, which multiplied by 500 or 1000 cost me plenty. For example the game weight 257 grams so for the shipping you go to the 500 grams category instead of the 250 grams class aimed... i didn't expect some taxes on the shipping, the post service lost nearly 30 packages, i didn't negociate with the printer, etc.
    To make it short, the design and backing part of the project was a success, i've made some mistakes, margin errors ans i'm trying to correct them now.

    Everyone will receive his game
    All this explains why it's kind of a really difficult financial time for me, I know that some of you are eager to receive their games, their tshirts, etc. and I'm here to reassure you, everyone will get what they ordered. Everyone will get it... late, and I'm sorry for it, but I personnaly garantee it. (for your informations the payed boxes are reserved and won't be sold to someone else)

    My apologies for the delay
    For everyone who didn't receieved their games and tshirt i deeply apologies for the delay and I'm trying to make the delay as little as possible.

    Thanks again for everyone's support and to make this project a reality.
    For everyone who want to contact me directly, dont hesitate to send an email [email protected] or phone me on +33603318810

  • Last chance to confirm your postal adress / tshirts nearly there

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • cHTeMeLe MeetUp in Paris january 4th, from 7 PM

    Hi everyone,
    We are setting up the first "cHTeMeLe MeetUp" in Paris on january 4th from 7PM 

    The aim of this MeetUp is quite simple:
    - be able to talk, meet, get some drinks...
    - for thos who can, they can go and grab directly their box (if you are in the Paris area)
    - Pascal Mabille who brillantely illustrated the game will be there to sign game boxes if you want to 
    - if you want to can purchase directly some copy of the game

    So first you'll have to register on the Doodle http://doodle.com/sb9v6dvkbyex2ycn
    Don't forget so send me an email ([email protected]) so that I know if it's a Ulule pre-order, so that I can bring enough games.

    The precise place will be confirmed in a few days, and confirmed to you ASAP.

    I hope i'll see you on the first cHTeMeLe MeetUp

  • Games have arrived / confirm your delivery adress

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Try cHTeMeLe in Paris / Shipping date

    Hello to everyone...

    First of all a little word to tell you we've received the first 5 decks of cards from the printer, we're talking more about it on the blog: http://www.chtemele.org/2012/11/30/les-premiers-deck-de-cartes-arrives-livraison-des-jeux/

    We will receive the packaged games from the 19th of december, so we will send you in a few days a personnal email to ask you to confirm for your shipping adress (and eventually your tshirt size) so we can ship cHTeMeLe as soon as we can.

    If you are in the Paris area we are organizing a small demo / testing event on saturday 8th december from 5 to 10 PM so you can test the game, talk with authors and other players, etc. It will take place at the Black Dog 26 rue Lombard 75004 paris.

    We are planning an official event in the beginning of january for the official release af cHTeMeLe in Paris (yeah again in Paris, i know...) so you can eventualy get your game directly, make it signed by te authors, talk , etc...

    On the event side, we were yesterday at the OpenDuWeb night and we got really positive feedbacks and plenty of enthousiast people about the game... and we will be on the Cannes International Game Festival from the 1st to 3 march of 2013.

    If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us
    Regular updates occur on the official website at  chtemele.org