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The Choose your own insanity gamebooks!


    Greetings to all


    We’ve set up two types of STRETCH GOALS for everyone who contributes to Choose Cthulhu with what we think are your favourite rewards:

    There are SOCIAL STRETCH GOALS where, with your help, we’ll spread the word about the project to try and make more people hear about Choose Cthulhu and participate.

    It’s as easy as this: if we manage to hit a certain number of retweets on THIS TWEET, and of shares on THIS FACEBOOK POST, we’ll unlock the corresponding rewards for free. We just need to persuade our circles to help us out and, the more we are, the easier it’ll be.

    Then we have the classic, TARGET-ORIENTED STRETCH GOALS. Remember that you’ll get these products for free once we raise enough money to produce them (along with everything else) keeping the quality of every item. 

    We’ve already unlocked the bestiary for both editions, and we’re on our way to the numbered engravings.

    We hope you like this sort of STRETCH GOALS and, of course, we’re here for your questions and suggestions.


    Greetings, cultists:

    Today we shared for the first time on our social media (www.facebook.com/choosecthulhu and www.instagram.com/choosecthulhu) a preview of the cover of The Nameless City, vintage edition, adapted by Giny Valrís.

    It is completely hand-painted in acrylics by Eliezer Mayor in a format somewhat smaller than DIN-A3. There are very few illustrations of The Nameless City around, and still, we were after something different to the image one would usually associate with this story –an explorer crouched in the dark corridors of the city, reading ancient hieroglyphs. We resorted to this imagery for the deluxe collection, illustrated by Juapi, which focuses on one of the lizard-like inhabitants of that subterranean labyrinth.

    It’s precisely that very same network of tunnels that will compose the main puzzle in Giny Valrís’ original narrative. You’ll have to try and survive the dangers lurking around every corner –and not getting lost will be a real challenge.

    But I guess what you really want to know is… what happens the stretch goals you’d promised?

    Well, we had some in mind, but they might not have been what you expected. So, we’ve met to estimate costs and have come up with a small list we’d like to hear your honest opinion about. Tell us in the comments which you’d like to see, which are unnecessary, and in what order you’d prefer them:

    The betterment stretch goals:

    • Glossy paper of a higher weight to make the illustrations stand out more.
    • More content per book –like an additional, digital illustration in colour representing the creature(s) from the Mythos that take the role of the protagonist in each volume (i.e. Cthulhu in The Call of Cthulhu; the Black Man in The Dreams in the Witch House; the Horror in The Dunwich Horror, etc.)
    • A bestiary for both editions, though only illustrated in the deluxe volumes.

    The additional rewards stretch goals:

    • A notebook under the name: Necronomicon.
    • Tentacled bookmarks for both collections.
    • The publication of a SKETCHBOOK in colour in which you’ll see the evolution of every cover and illustration, final results, an explanation of the writing process, and all the scrapped and unfinished originals.
    • An illustrated tale with full-page illustrations made by Juapi –our illustrator for the DELUXE edition—of The Cats of Ulthar.
    • A limited and numbered edition of a wide-format engraving of Nyarlathotep, Azathoth or any other unusual Great Old One.

    Please, tell us what your favourites are and in what order to set new targets and know what you are interested in.


    Greetings, cultists:

    I’m Edward T. Riker, director of Choose Cthulhu and faithful supporter of our Lord from the depths.

    This past weekend, we absolutely lost our minds trying to answer all your questions and comments, one by one, having almost no time to sit and think and THANK YOU.

    We knew this project was a great idea, the master had whispered so in our dreams, but we didn’t expect such a massive response.

    THANK YOU A LOT, CULTISTS! This success is your doing, and we are going to look for a way to pay you back with STRETCH GOALS.

    You’ll be able to enjoy the first STRETCH GOAL if we make it to 25.000, and it will absolutely free for all contributors…

    It’ll be the following: THE BESTIARY that comes with the DELUXE edition will also come with the VINTAGE edition if we reach that goal… but that’s not all –now, buyers of the DELUXE edition will also have AN ILLUSTRATED BESTIARY!

    And that’s just the beginning.

    As I said, this is just the first step, and we still need your help to spread out the word about this project. The more people participate, the better editions and stretch goals we’ll be able to offer.

    It’s as easy and sharing it on your social media, blogs, associations… The Lord from the depths of R’lyeh will be grateful.