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The Choose your own insanity gamebooks!

  • 40,000 and beyond!

    Hello, everyone!

    We have achieved what we had deemed unthinkable. Nyarlathothep has blessed us and we’ve reached 40k and unlocked the last crowdfunding goal: a graphic tale of The Cats of Ulthar.

    How will those cats look like? Well, we have a bunch of ideas in mind… Where did they go? Our coffee artists Juan Antonio Abad, Víctor Conde, winner of the Minotauro, Ignotus and Celsius awards, and this faithful servitor of Azathoth give you our word that we’ll do our best to convey the mystery of this short, though evocative, tale by Providence’s master.

    Thank you all for this amazing journey. And one last question: will we meet again in Choose Cthulhu 2?

    The Festival? The Colour Out of Space? … The Case of Charles Dexter Ward!!!

    Cthulhu Fhtagn! 

  • 36.000 and last week of the crowdfunding!

    Greetings, cultists!

    We’re starting the last week of the crowdfunding and we are working hard to make your waiting for the books as short as possible.

    We want to inform you about a couple of things that might be of interest, and that many of you already know:

    1. When will I get my books?

    Our aim is for all buyers of vintage and deluxe editions to get your hands on your copies before the month of May is over. This means that we’ll be dispatching them during that same month.

    Buyers of collector’s editions and/or add-ons might get theirs some weeks later, since the packaging and shipping is different for those.

    2. When can I choose my language?

    The very same day the crowdfunding is over, we’ll start getting in touch with all buyers, starting by those who’ve bought any collector’s editions or add-ons, to know their preferences: LANGUAGE, T-SHIRT SIZE, PHONE MODEL FOR THE CASES…. We also want to point out that you can choose your t-shirt style as well (MALE or FEMALE cut).

    3. Stretch goals

    We are verging on 36k and every buyer of a collector’s edition will receive all stretch goals unlocked by now: improved editions (which buyers of single copies will also get) and the engraving of an Old One… There’s something we need to emphasise about this product –an engraving is an extremely exclusive piece, it is not a drawing that is photocopied and that’s it… it’s a numbered edition of a drawing that is etched into metal or stone and then printed onto high-quality paper. Once the original model loses that relief, that same image can’t be reproduced ever again.

    If we reach 36k, the next stretch will be a book about THE MAKING OF CHOOSE CTHULHU, with unreleased illustrations, idea maps of the creation of the books, discarded plots and, above all, many, many sketches. And also, short explanations by the authors about their work style.

    4. Choose Cthulhu in other languages

    We have a small surprise for our international buyers that we can’t announce yet. People who have bought our books from Germany, France or Italy and have asked us about the books in those languages… stay tuned because your faith in this project will be rewarded.

    5. The last week

    This last week we are going to need all your support to grow even more. We’ve surpassed our expectations and it’s all been thanks to YOU… But it’s time to ensure those who still haven’t heard about this project, learn about its existence, and remind them that ONCE THE CROWDFUNDING IS OVER, you won’t be able to get the 7th book: THE ARKHAM ASYLUM. So, now you know it. If you had made a sort of “shy” donation, you might want to look into making it larger… Your time is running out.

    And now, a gift you’ll really like. See you very soon… on page 1.

  • 25.000!

    Greetings, cultists!

    Last week we left you a bit unattended due to some hugely important business… Some sacrifices down the coast of New England, and some negotiations with Outer Gods which we’ll tell you all about once we reach an agreement. (It’s something that you’ll be quite interested in)

    With this mail we want let you know that we are about to hit €25.000, and that means unlocking the second stretch goal:

    A LIMITED EDITION engraving for all buyers of Choose Cthulhu collections! This engraving by the great engraver Eliezer Mayor (you can see a sample of his work here https://goo.gl/rUqKnB) will represent some of the unusual Old Ones. It’ll be a unique and incomparable work that he’ll give us more details about in the near future.

    The next stretch goal will be a book in colour including sketches, lost illustrations, idea maps of the creation of the books, curiosities and unique information about how Choose Cthulhu came to be, a compilation of two years’ worth of material! Including discarded plots and illustrations.

    Reaching 36k is hard, but not impossible. Remember that there are many extras you can get, such as exclusive t-shirts, the incredible Lovecraft plushies (Lovi), hand-made phone cases, or the unsettling Arkham Sanitarium straightjacket, based on a real model from 1932.

    We’ll see you soon, and don’t forget to spread the word about Cthulhu, the more we are, the longer the Great Old Ones will laugh when devouring us.

    Edward T. Riker


    Hello, cultists!

    We’ve received a number of emails and comments from European cultists saying that they only get the news in Spanish and not in English. So, we are going to explain to you how languages work on ULULE.

    By default, the site will load in whatever language is closer to the one usually used by your browser, and so, the news will be sent in that language too. To change the language, you just have to click on Menu, on the top-left corner, and change it to English (and you can also change the currency to your own).

    In order to avoid further confusion, we’ll publish the news in both languages –so don’t be scared.

    As for the language of the books: You can purchase them in English and Spanish. Once the crowdfunding is over, you may choose your preferred language since we have to get in touch with all contributors to confirm your address as well as other details of your purchase, such as t-shirt size, model of your phone for the case, and such.

    We hope this clears things up and answers your questions.


    The first social stretch goal has been reached, but not with ease… Which has upset the masters.

    Clariana, off-white paper, 90 gr. with a special glossy effect for the illustrations has been unlocked, and the first printing test has been requested.

    But this is just a small step. We have to make it to 500! That post has to reach all similar groups and pages, and we need our friends to help us share it around –mostly, we need to reach the ears of all those Cthulhu fans and those nostalgic for the 80s who haven’t heard about us.

    We’re over 300 cultists now, and we should be enough to spread the word of the Great Lord Cthulhu all across Europe and the South Pacific.


    And, as a reward, a preview of the cover for The Dreams in the Witch House, vintage edition, our most terrifying gamebook yet…