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The movie

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About the project

The Vampire myth, often treated as something belonging to the fantastical, seductive and mysterious genre of romance, is in fact, above all the expression of our collective ancestral fears.


For his first feature length film, Olivier Beguin challenges the classic depiction of the undead, preferring to strip away fantasy and charm and to bring Vampirism in it's true nature; wild, instinctive and violent, portrayed as a disease.

Can we truly ever want to contract a disease from someone that we love? And can we ever truly accept murders comitted by another?

Here's our teaser for Chimeres



On holiday in Romania, Alexander and his girlfriend Livia are visiting the country. She is following in the footsteps of her origins and he is looking for subjects to photograph, but ultimately they are looking to spend magical quiet time together away from daily life before the opening of Alexander's new photography exhibition on their return.



One evening Alexander is hit by a car leaving a restaurant and is rushed to hospital where he has to undergo a transfusion after having lost a lot of blood.


Back home, the young couple return to normal life, but strangely Alexander is left without any scars from his wounds. He becomes increasingly convinced he has contracted a frightening illness whilst in hospital in Romania as it has become more and more difficult for him to eat meaning each day he weakens considerably.



Alexander begins to imagine that during the blood transfusion, he was injected with contaminated blood. After all, isn't Romania the legendary land of bloodsuckers?


Just days before the opening of the exhibition and Alexander is on edge, still convinced of his illness. Livia fails to disregard his absurd suspicions and finds a radical solution to convince Alexander that he is not what he believes: she cuts her wrist open and gives a glass of her blood to her boyfriend.

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What are the funds for?

Crowdfunding donations are going to be used to shoot the last scenes of the film- it would make sense to finish it! It will also enable us to plug to the main international film markets in order to maximise sales in other countrys...afterall,  we do want to make money back!

About the project owner

Director Olivier Beguin

Producer Lluis Fe Pérez


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