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Live Music Videos for Chick Pickin' Mondays!

A series of live music videos to showcase the wonderful female performers that grace the stage of our weekly Montreal event!

About the project

I am currently the host of a long standing showcase night for female artists in Montreal called Chick Pickin' Mondays! My goal with this project right now is to create a series of live performance videos featuring some of our regular artists. I just know that this project would help some of my regular Chick Pick women gain some footing with tour and festival booking.

The idea for the project came to me as I was trying to book festivals for my band Old Time Honey. Almost every single festival application asks for a link to a live performance video of your music, and sadly I only had some cell phone quality footage of my band from the last year. All our financial efforts went into our last studio album, but bookers do not care about that! It's almost impossible to book events without a high quality live music video in this day and age of an over-saturated  talent market grasping at limited gigs. 

About Chick Pick: Chick Pickin' Mondays was created almost 13 years ago by Cecile Doo Kingue and Grumpy's barman Gern f. with the idea of show casing female talent from Montreal, Canada and parts far flung. The night has become a huge success the roster often being booked months in advance, the crowds are generally large and laid back. The evening is a true celebration of Montreal's musical talent as well as the rest of the worlds. Acts range from solo musicians to groups all with the Female voice as it's center, the intimate atmosphere generating performances that are unique and heart felt.

What are the funds for?

The funds will be used to hire a professional camera crew, to hire a sound tech to record the audio properly, and for all the post production required such as mixing, mastering, and editing the videos. I am pursuing a grant from Canada Council to cover half of the funds needed for this project, in total we need $4050. Here are how the funds will be broken down:

Camera crew: $300 per video (filimg and editing) for 5 videos = $1500

Audio Engineer: $600 for tracking, $100 mixing per song (5 songs total), $300 for gear rental = $1500

Mastering Engineer: $100 per song for 5 songs = $500

Transportation of gear and rental equipment =  $388

Ulele commision: 8% of $2025 = $162

TOTAL: $4050

About the project owner

I am a Saskatchewan raised musician, audio engineer, and web developer. I lead the band Old Time Honey based out of Montreal, and I have been hosting Chick Pickin' Mondays for over three years now, althought the night itself is twelve years old at this point. I use my tech skills to help non for profit organizations and hosting Chick Pick has been the ideal way for me to help raise women up in my music scene here in Montreal. Chick Pickin' Monday's is super close to my heart because when I first moved to Montreal, as a super shy singer/songwriter with zero direction, I was approached to play the night after literally my first open mic! Playing Chick Pickin' all those years ago led me to discover an amazing and supportive music community here in Montreal, and I am so happy to be a part of continuing such an important night for so many young women. 

Joining me on this project will be audio engineer Gaby Girard. I have trusted Gaby with pretty much all the recording projects I have completed throughout the years, we both worked together at Recording Arts Canada and he is a true professional. Behind the camera lense will be Josh Peno who has been impressing everyone recently with his abilities to truly capture the energy of live music performances. I will be doing most of the audio editing and the final audio mastering myself, as this is my specialty as an audio engineer, and I love to put the final touches on! 

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