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Christmas Album

My gift for you

About the project

HELLO:) !! My name is Chiara Carrino and I'm a singer. My travel with music was born directly in my bedroom, with the radio and cassettes of Queen and Bon Jovi, fantasizing that I could show them on their big stages and give people the same emotions as I was living. Between a show and the other, between city and country shows and TV shows to the big X-FACTOR stage I'm here to present my first CD as a soloist.

This year I decided to create an album because I feel ready to communicate to my audience, I want to excite my friends and those who still do not know me and I do it for me in the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas. Why the Christmas Album? 🎅

Because Christmas is an emotional amplifier, because it mixes everything that's good in each of us to create a real magic.

What are the funds for?

In order to produce a quality product need people and cutting-edge tools and even though today between super technology mobile phones and computers that do everything I could get something out of the hat I decided to avail myself of professionals and the best equipment. 

The funds are used to support the costs of production , arrangement into a professional music studio, the burning and printing of CD as well as the shipping to you.

Thank you.

About the project owner

Music has always been my life in all its forms, first through dance and later attaverso singing.

From the bedroom of my house in the early contests, from village streets to the big stage of X Factor's important for me it is to sing and excite people. The music comes straight to the heart and its melody vibrates and makes alive the energy of each of us. 


I believe that music is one of the more effective forms of communications that can change even the thoughts and ideologies of man and of civilization itself. That's why I embraced the project of a social campaign that wants to inform and educate every person about the existence of human rights and making them real and respected throughout the world. Through this I also had the honor of singing at Bruxell the annual European conference for Human Rights received the appointment of Ambassador for Human Rights. 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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