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Chess lessons in a bush school.

About the project

My name is Karelle Bolon. I live in Cambodia since one year. As a child, I was four times champion of France. I would like to start a chess activity in Cambodia for children, particularly in Siem Reap. There aren't any chess club here in the country, and it's very hard to find some chess pieces and boards. I have visited a bush school built by Matt Silverback few months ago. I am going to start chess lessons volontarily in this school, one or two hour per week. The crowdfunding project will hep me to buy the materials, and start my activity. Over time, NGOs and schools in Siem Reap could be interested by a chess initiation.

The school of Matt Silverback and Nimol:


What are the funds for?

142.5€ for 15 chessboards with standard chess pieces.

278€ for 10 chessclocks.

29€ for a mural chessboard.

89€ for 7 Chess books for kids.

50€ for some supplies (pen, copybook).

60€ for the motorcycle gas for 8 months.

141.5€ for events organisation (organisation of a small tournament with some kids or expats in Siem Reap at the end of the year, rental of meeting room for special occasion, trophies)

About the project owner

Currently, I am working as assistant fashion designer in Siem Reap. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to live in Cambodia to share my skills. I played with a friend during my free time in Siem Reap sometimes, and I was surprised by the children's curiosity through the cafe windows. During one year, I hold a blog about Cambodia. And, I just started a new blog about chess in Cambodia.

My blog about Cambodia:


My blog about chess in Cambodia:


More about me, except chess: