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Restoration of the castle of Lassay

The battle of a family in order to save a tower in Mayenne.

Fondation VMF supports this project

Pour chaque euro versé par un internaute, Fondation VMF versera 1€ (dans la limite de 5000€)

About the project

A particular life in a castle

Living in a 15th century castle is not that obvious: the Montalembert family understood it quite well, between the lack of comfort, the military architecture not adapted to every day life and the regular maintenance to avoid inevitable damages. But when you see this intact ruin of the middle ages, you understand the dedication that lives in Aymeri, Cécilia and their children.

With its eight towers linked by a circular rampart, the castle of Lassay is an integral part of the town bearing its name. Rolling up their sleeves, the whole family unites their forces to give back life to this castle a little austere.

Patiently, they organize the restoration of the whole, resting on the members of the association of the friends of the castle of Lassay, attached to this silhouette that seems strong.

But this healthy look is only a facade: one of the towers of entrance “chatelet” threatens today to collapse and the young owners try to gather the available energies to fight against this danger.

What are the funds for?

A state of danger to be quickly countered…

Today the right tower of the entrance “chatelet” is condemnedand could collapse at any moment: the infiltrations jeopardized its balance already weakened by the demolition a part built where the tower leaned on. The rail cracks, the masonry splits, the wall subsides and the roof deforms.

The whole has to be restored urgently to avoid a degradation of its state that would condemn the entry of the castle. The works are estimated at more than 387 000€ and your support is essential to avoid the worse.

The objective of 10 000€ to reach will permit to finance the first phase of the works that will be launched after the installation of the scaffoldings: the restoration of the masonry of walkway, located on the top of the tower, and particularly the one concerning the structures carrying the rail today in jeopardy.

… in order to maintain the castle opened to the public

The works have to be launched before this winter and before the state of the tower gets worse and causes consequent damages on the whole “chatelet”.

The restoration of the tower will preserve a secured access to the castle: today this access is dangerous and the visitors have to use a diverted passage.

The castle of Lassay is today in a new dynamics: Cécilia and the association of the friends of the castle of Lassay are a big part of it, trying to give back life to the castle, developing activities and animations always more diversified. Concerts, theatre plays in the rooms of the castle, visits with candles or acrobatics, everything is done to animate the site and above all to share it with the largest numbers.

By participating to the restoration of the castle of Lassay, you support a devoted family and volunteers and get in, you too, in the history of this unique place!

The VMF Foundation commits itself

Each euro given by the donors is automatically doubled by the VMF foundation, which also support this project, to reach together the 10 000 euros.

The VMF Foundation is hosted by the Fondation du patrimoine and in the case you are concerned by the French income tax, each donation above 20 euros gives you access to a tax equal to 66% of the amount of the donation.

Example: I give 100€ to the restoration project of the castle of Lassay. After tax deduction, my donation only costs me 34€

So it is the moment to support the owners and friends of the castle of Lassay : each donation matters!

About the project owner

The VMF Foundation, for the protection of the heritage

Created in 2009 under the aegis of the Fondation du patrimoine, the VMF Foundation support heritage in danger across France and abroad. Thanks to the donations it received, it was able to distribute more than 2 millions euros to more than 70 heritage restoration projects across France.

It launches for the third time the crowdfunding operation called « Fous de Patrimoine » to collect donations for the benefit of five heritage restoration projects.

Together, we can support those who work every day for the protection of our heritage.

Together, let’s get crazy about heritage!

Cécilia, Aymeri and the association of the friends of the castle of Lassay

For the Montalembert family, the restoration of the castle of Lassay is a family history: newly  owners only a few years ago, they display all their energy to develop the necessary resources for the rebirth of the castle. Their unwavering wills to share this inheritance lean on the enthusiasm of the volunteers of the association of the friends of the castle of Lassay.

Whether it’s Alain, Colette or the others, each one gives of his time and imagination to give to the castle of Lassay a new life, and you can, you too, be part of this adventure!

Become a sponsor of the restoration of the castle of Lassay now!

You love heritage? The castle of Lassay is one the five projects of that season.

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« Fous de Patrimoine », an operation of the VMF Foundation.

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  • Can I send you my contribution by mail ?

    Of course ! You can upload here the donation form.

    You just have to print it by clicking here, choose the project you want to support, fill in the blanks and sent it, with you donation, to :

    Fondation VMF - 93 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

    If you are concerned by the french income taxes, you will receive your receipt at the end of the operation. Thanks :)

    Last updated: 2 years, 8 months ago

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