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Charlz sway

A shoe that keeps up with you

About the project


One shoe, permanent freedom.

Shoes are the accesories that finishes your outfit. With Charlz Sway, we want to combine elegance and comfort in one shoe. We have made this will be possible by developing a shoe with convertible heels. The choice between small or high heels is hereby effortless solved. 

Good shoes always take you to awesome places 

Charlz Sway is a new Belgian shoe brand that combines an immemorial tradition with an innovative idea. We want to help the modern woman in her busy and varied life. We want to offer solutions to women who rush from their one role to another, but who still want to be feminine and elegant on every occasion. Charlz Sway must be the brand to whom women refer to when considering flexibility, comfort and elegance. Our shoe underlines the mystery and magic of every woman. 

Discover our first collection 

At the moment, our first collection consists of three models: Midnight, Dune and Queen 

Midnight is the elegant, black sandal wearable for every occasion.

Dune is a comfortable olive-sand coloured sandal that fits every outfit. 

Queen is our bridal shoe that allows every bride to enjoy the day of her life as much as possible

If you purchase our three models you are invited to become a member of our Advisory Board. You will get the chance to play a role, give feedback, in the creative proces of the future Charlz Sway Shoes.

On a more practical note:

The design of our models is especially made in order that the shoe should be elegant and comfortable in both stands (high and low).   

  • The high heels are 9 cm and the small heels are 3 cm.  
  • Switching heels is very easy and there is no need for any additional tools
  • The heels are easily to store in your handbag with the help of a matching case.  
  • All models are made of high-quality leather.  
  • The available sizes go from 36 to 41.

What is crowdfunding and how does it work? 

Crowdfunding is a concept where friends, family and other enthusiasts can help us in starting our business. This is how it works:  

  1. Place your order! You choose the “reward” you wish. You already pay your contribution in advance, but you will be refunded in case we don’t reach our target amount of 10.000 euros. This shows your intention to support our project, but you will only do this if the crowdfunding is accomplished successfully. 
  2. Sharing is caring! The more people support our project, the greater the chance we can realize our dream and start with our project! 
  3. We did it! As soon as we accomplished successfully the crowdfunding with your support, you will receive a message to confirm your order. It will be delivered by post at your place. If everything goes as planned, this will happen in spring of next year. Perfectly timed to show your new shoes on the first warm and sunny days of the new year! 

What are the funds for?

We had to rethink the way shoes were made. We had to think out of the box, be creative  and because of this we needed other means to produce our shoes.

We want to pre-finance our first collection with the amount collected. The money is needed to produce the revolutionary mechanism in a first stage that makes our shoe so unique.  

In short, by supporting this project you help a young, innovative and Belgian brand! 

About the project owner

Charlz Sway consists of two persons who got to work out of their own expertise, experiences and interests: Charlotte Nyssen and Niels Monnier. 

As a mother of three children, Charlotte’s life has to be very practical and well organised. But above all, she wants to enjoy life as a woman. She found the ideal solution in a shoe with convertible heels.   

Niels achieved a Master’s degree in Business Engineering at the University of Antwerp a few years ago. During his studies, he was already thinking about his own innovative project. 

We started our journey together without any foreknowledge of the fashion industry. But today, after some years of research and permanent improvement, we dare to introduce the shoe we developed by which a woman is both elegant and comfortable!

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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