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The Chaøs Chrønicles - part III

Søuth East Eurøpe

About the project

The Chaøs Chrønicles is an ongoing "father & daughter" around the world road trip  / multimedia project that began in january 2011 with a blog. Since then we have already filmed two parts (funded through Ulule), put a little (dream) team together, upgraded our material and created a Channel where you can watch our trailers. We participated in different events where we presented  video/text/photo installations around the project and also started the editing of the first part "US Cøast to Cøast" into a 52 minute feature that should be ready early 2014.  

Consisting of essays, interviews, photography & videos,  these "Chrønicles" are a series of encounters, philosophical reflection, a vision of the world through activism, counter cultures and avant-gardes, but also through the most simple things, the forgotten, the unknown and the misunderstood.

The Chaos chronicles are a father and daughter’s intertwined vision of a world in turmoil. Through their voyage we observe the paradoxes of a humanity in search of its future.

Mayliss and Lukas Zpira wander through the continents as nomads, constantly challenging our conception of reality. Attracted by the transitory spaces and temporary autonomous zones, they grasp every unique moments to let go and abandon themselves to life’s coincidences and its often improbable  encounters. 

In the line of Chris’s Maker documentary essays, The Chaøs Chrønicles are a road movie avid to decipher an era where chaøs becomes the field of all possibilities.

Tarik Noui

 -The first part "US Cøast to Cøast" took us from Las Vegas to New york. It was a 12 000 km (8000 miles) journey. We were on the road for 7 weeks, filmed during October/November 2011.                    -

-We letf with 1200$ - total final budget 9000$ - 1800$ for our plane tickets and 3000$ donated by Mario Barth, our main main sponsor for this trip, plus 3000$ from our Ulule contributors  

-The second chapter "Central America" was a +/- 4000 km (2500 miles) road trip from Guadalajara (Mexico) to San Jose (Costa Rica), going through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras & Nicaragua, from August 28  until October 10 - 2012.                                                                                                 

-We left with 28$ and one week late on schedule - total final buget 7000$ - 2000$ for plane tickets covered by Sammy Ramirez our main sponsor, 4000$ donated by our Ulule contributors, 500$ from Gorilla Glass and 500$ from few really suportive friends in those countries.

-This third chapter will take us from Avignon to the Black Sea, going through Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Departure is set for October 1st 2013 - Estimated distance; 6000 miles (9000 km) - Estimated time on the road; 6 weeks and should be back on November 13 !. 

To get the whole picture of the project, please have a look at the press/production file:

In english / en francais / en español 

More about this trip : The Chaøs Chrønicles - South East Europe 

And if you want to know everything :  

What are the funds for?

Everything !

As usual we are leaving with no budget at all, though we feel ready.

We have good car, a Mercedes 300 diesel with 450 000 km (+600 000 miles) in good shape. We had a little sponsoring for 4 winter tires and a good mechanic who took care of all the basics. We also got a full on "Go pro" equipement from Gentle Studio & full support from Chernobyl Welcome  to visit the area and help us around Ukraine. 

But ... we have no money for gaz - around 2000$ (1500e) for 10 to 12000 km, we need to pay for some (cheap) hotel nights even if we are probably going to stay with some locals or sleep in the car - around 1500$ (1150e) for 40 nights, and of course we need to pay for our food - around 55$ (40e) per day for 40 days ... about 2200$ (1600e) - 3 meals per day for 2 persons, so around 9$ (6e) per person and per meal including clean water and basic drinks).

To make it short we need a minimum of 5700$ (4200e). This is really a minimum which doesn't take into consideration our real needs. We set our Crowdfunding at 5000$ (3600e), but the sky is the limit . We will be on the road already since two weeks before we can access the first cent, so we also need direct sponsorship. 

Thanks for your interest in this project. All kinds of support is always greatly appreciated. Please tell your friends about this project, share our teasers (, this page or/and our web site link

We are always looking for interesting information about the countries we are going through. If you think you have some information that can help ups during our journey, if you know places where to stay, to eat, some things to see, people to meet, stories to hear, please don't hesitate to contact us at : [email protected]

About the project owner

Lukas Zpira - Nømad Bødy Hacker / Subculture Døcumentalist / Phøtøgrapher / Curatør 

“Il existe bien, au delà des apparences, certaines choses accessibles a la seule intelligence”

Mayliss AKA White Rabbit

Luc Serrano , Stef Bloch , Loic Mabily , Tarik Noui and the participation of Bonnie Lee


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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