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Shaman, songs of the Goddess

Discover the stories of Shaman women from all over the world in a book of tales written and illustrated by Jean-Sébastien Rossbach

About the project

Shaman, songs of the Goddess is an illustrated book that tells the stories of Shaman women of all times, from prehistory to now. In every culture in the world, the Shaman is the link between human beings, Nature and the animals. Through these tales, with my words and my paintings, I want to bring this message : it is time more than ever to protect our planet. And who better than these exemplary female models can embody such message of hope !

If you have a passion for shamanism, or you are aware of ecological issues, or convinced just as I am that the future of this planet is in the hands of women, if you like my paintings, or more simply if you like to escape with a good story, then support Shaman, songs of the Goddess. Let's unit our energies so that this project can rise as high as we want it to be.

Four years ago, i had the opportunity to do my first solo exhibition, and it was dedicated to two themes that are completely intricate to me and very present in my work: Nature and Feminity. The idea of an illustrated book of tales about shaman women came to me like an obvious way of exploring further.

Shamanism probably is the first kind of spirituality and it existed everywhere in the world. The shaman figure captivates me, because to me it is the perfect Nature protector, probably the last gardian of ancestral knowledge, and also moved by a strong belief that one single vital force actually is into every beings and natural elements.

Shaman, songs of the Goddess will be a beautifully illustrated 128 pages book composed of 14 tales starring 12 different characters, inspired by the stories of the ancient people and their ecological dimension.

Each one of my stories is designed to illustrate one trait of what shamanism is. In Australia , an aboriginal huntress jumps into the spirit world and meets the Mimih, the luminous people. A native american teen from South Dakota is tore apart between a will to adapt to american society and the ancestral values of her former tribe. In Normandy, a young girl experiences her gifts as a healer by stones. Far North, an Inuk shaman has the power to change shape and becomes a wolf to understands what sort of plague fell down on her clan.

I believe that our popular culture lacks strong heroines, powerful women who hold their destiny and the one of their community. By writing these fiction stories, by putting shaman women in their environment to the foreground, I want to be a part of that change my own way.

For Shaman, songs of the Goddess I made the choice to work exclusively in a traditional way, with watercolors and pencils. It is a manner of returning to the roots of painting, using just water, mineral pigments, bristle brushes, and honey. This is more or less what Cro-Magnon used 30 000 years ago to paint the Lascaux caves, or what australian aboriginal people still use nowadays. I simply could imagine me using Photoshop in order to depict ancestral wisdom !

This project is my most personal to date and therefor the most precious. It is also singular in the way that it doesn't match any of the categories in the french book market. There are actually very few illustrated novels for adults in France. I also strongly wish that this book finds its own way out of the « all consuming world», and that my readers -whom I hope you will be part of- claim it for themselves. That's why I address to you directly, without go-between of any sort, to allow me to give it a shape autonomously.

Along with your copy of Shaman, songs of the Goddess you will be able to choose among pledges to extend your experience with the book.

I personally crafted painting and drawings to go on organic coton t-shirts and tote bags, and to be reproduced on beautiful prints.

I also asked my wife and contemporary artist Agata Kawa to create magnificent handmade Ashanti amulets of protection.

And for the more enthusiasts among you, original drawings and paintings of all sizes are also offered.

Thanks to your support, I hope we can put together the great book I have in mind. It will be funded if we manage to raise 5,000€, which will cover the page setting and printing of your copies.

If the fundraising exceeds this amount, it will be possible to upgrade the book for all contributors.

At 10.000€ : an A4 print of a Shaman painting will be added with the book.

At 15.000€ : an annex of 20 pages will be added to the corebook, filled with sketches and preliminary images.

At 20.000€ : a Dreambook will be given to every contributors, decorated with an exclusive dreamcatcher design.

At 25.000€ : a new A4 print of a Shaman painting will be added with the book.

At 30.000€ : a separate 40 pages sketchbook will come with the book + the dreambook !

What are the funds for?

- Financing the layout of the book.

- to insure a minimum of 500 copies printed.

- financing all the pledges, tote bag, t-shirt, prints, ephemeral tatoo, amulet; and all elements added to the book if we manage to raise enough funds like the Dreambook and Sketchbook.

- to cover the shipping costs of all the pledges to all the contributors.

About the project owner

I am Jean-Sébastien Rossbach, I'm a painter and an illustrator. All along a nearly 20 years long career I had the opportunity to work with clients and publishers as different as Marvel, Dark Horse, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Tor books, Saatchi... on numerous book covers, comics and video game designs.

I regularly share my knowledge and experience with art students in various workshops and conventions.

I left a hectic life in Paris, France pour settle my atelier in the Dordogne area, near the Lascaux caves and what is called here the Valley of Man, because I deeply wanted to answer the call of the forest and parietal caves.

Shaman, songs of the Goddess is my first project as a painter AND a writer.

To build this project, I've got help from my friends Aurélien Bacot, David Oghia and Guillaume Le Disez.

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