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  • 13 DAYS LEFT

    Dear benefactors,

    First of all, thank you for your support and engagement. Altruism leads to altruism. A few people are enough to open the world to a new form of attention towards the other - "the rarest and purest form of generosity" (Simone Weil). 

    For our festival, we are today at 13 days from the end of the crowdfunding campaign, and we've reached 55%, which is very well according to the Ulule support.

    Now, it's your time to play. If you manage to convince two friends to contribute 23€ in exchange of the DVD of the ongoing documentary on Ceuas, we have all chances to succeed. Otherwise, we loose all the collected money.

    The festival is now in your hands...

    2 people x 23€, it's easy !

    Te aven bahtale! (May you be lucky!)

    Yours gratefully,

    The Ceuas Festival team  

  • What do Roma say about their position in society ?

    P-o gadjikano abiav, e Rromesqe duj thana hi: te na k-i banda, akor pal-o vudar.

    At the gadjo's wedding, there are two places for the Rroma : if they're not in the orchestra, they're behind the door.

    Kon si angluno mashkar Rromende okliol palutno mashkar gadjende.

    The one who is first among the Rroma is last among the gadje.

    Gadjo pokinel lovença, o Rrom asiença.

    The gadjo pays with money, the Rrom with tears.

    Phareder e Rromesqo lav desar o lil e gadjesqo.

    The word of a true Rrom has more weight than the paper of the gadjo.

    O gadjo tatiol p-e jag, o Rrom tatiol p-o thuv.

    The gadjo gets warm at the fire, the Rrom at the smoke. 

    Rromano djivipen sar chavorresqo gadorro : hevalo, melalo, harno.

    A Rrom's life is like a kid's shirt : with holes in it, dirty, short.

    Excerpts translated from the book "Sagesse et humour du peuple rrom"

  • Romaphobia. The last acceptable racism?

    "Whilst the voice and visibility of Roma across Europe can challenge negative stereotypes, it is necessary to ensure interaction and inclusion between Roma and non-Roma, finding common ground as people who want a just, equitable and better life."

    Read the whole article : 

  • What is race?

    People who haven't visited Romania often cannot imagine how the Roma are considered there. I don't like doing this, but for the sake of the fundraising, I looked for an example and immediately found a funny one, on the Facebook group of an official Romanian association in Paris. I couldn't help posting a comment, and it unraveled a whole discussion, covering almost every aspect of what I wanted to show you. The names are concealed by myself, but the face cover is courtesy of the author of the picture.



    (X) : MIRACLE! Now in Paris it is so cold that I saw near the metro a gypsy (tzigan) with the hands in his own pockets.

    Comments :

    (Alina Turco) : Maybe his hands should have been in your pocket so that you wouldn't have published this post.

    (Z) : God how did that happen and it wasn't in someone else's pocket.

    (X) : Miracle ! Yesterday evening a member of the association was robbed on his way home by these individuals. He lost a lot of important papers (...)

    (Z) : I had this experience in Torino, my purse and phone were stolen twice... and of course they also got into my home where they stole the gold and the money.

    (X) : We are sorry for these situations. (untranslatable insults addressed to Alina Turco)

    (X) : Maybe she has something gray - not matter but skin.

    (X) : Our man left the Labour Stock Exchange with all personal documents and diplomas on him. The comment of Alina Turco and other persons of the same category- ...we thank you!

    (Y) : Why are you racist, I am not a gypsy but I respect all Romanian citizens, if you are in France for many years, you must know that racism is not well received !!!

    (Z) : Me, I am not a racist, I have two gypsy sisters-in-law, they respect me, I respect them. But seen that the gypsy stole from me in Torino, went into my house and stole the gold, and I didn't have just a little. And 7800€ in a time span of two hours, I saw gypsies in front of the door when (...)

    (K) : Why is everyone in the comments assuming that the gypsy was Romanian ? Do they feel concerned ? Gypsies can be jew, American, Indian, Moldavian, Russian, French, but... No... instantly everyone understood Romanian. Including the Romanians. Have a good day, each nation has both gypsies and respectable people. 


    You think this is absurd ? Then help us change it, 

    For you and for me 

    And the entire human race :)


    Alina Turco

  • My Roma friends

    I’ve met Cristian Padure in Paris, when I decided to learn the Rromani language. A friend had recommended him, saying that he’s doing a PhD in Roma linguistics at the Sorbonne. We met the following day in a Chinese restaurant, as I was very hungry. Cristi seemed hungry too, but he didn’t eat (Later I found out why). Since I saw him, I instantly realised that he is a good man, and that I wanted to be his friend. At some point of the discussion (we were speaking in Romanian), I asked him wether he was Romanian or Roma, as I frankly didn’t quite know. He was amused, and asked me “how could a tsigan study so many years in school and speak Romanian so well, right?”. I said sincerely I really didn’t know. And then I realised I passed the preconceived idea test, when he declared proudly he is 100% Roma. 

    He then talked about his happy childhood in a small village, although he didn’t have any shoes until he was 12. In school, just like all Roma kids, he thought that he was too stupid to understand. Until a Math teacher told him that he was actually clever. Since then, he started studying, and although all his friends and family didn’t support him at all, he continued, and succeed. His mother found a wonderful wife for him when he was a crazy adolescent and didn’t know what was right for him. They are happily married and one of the greatest couples I ever met. I will not speak of Ionela as she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, but I equally admire her life and engagements. 

    A few years ago, Cristi was a Unicef Ambassador and traveled all around Romania convincing Roma parents to send their children to school and Romanian teachers to understand how to talk to these kids. In France, he gives Rromani language classes to different associations and even on Skype for people all over the world. 

    Whether Cristi and Ionela will go back to Romania or stay in France, they will bring a lot of joy to everyone they meet. For the next year’s edition of Ceuas Music Festival, we plan to collaborate with them for Rromani language classes and awareness spreading about schooling issues. 

    Until then, I am proud to be their new friend, and I respect the fact that they don’t like eating from plates that they haven’t washed themselves.

    Alina Turco