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C'est T-Afric * Fashion with a touch of pagne

Fashion collaboration between Europe and Africa

About the project


After a few trips to Africa, we wanted to look into a fun and portable way to bring the beautiful and colourful African fabrics into the European street scene. Furthermore we wanted to contribute something "useful" to Africa. Instead of starting voluntary work, we chose to invest in the local economy, in order to create opportunities for young African entrepreneurs. We want to build a bridge between Africa and Europe.

And so grew the idea to create our first collection. We combine plain basics in neutral colours (which we currently buy in Belgium), with a "touch of pagne" (pagne = the African fabric). The African fabric is bought in Togo and we cooperate with Togolese fashion designers to sew the fabric onto the basics. We also colaborate with local jewelry designers.

An sits with Latevi, our fashion designer. Sandy sits with Kouessan and Edwige, our local partner and our jewelry designer.

Some pieces have a small touch of fabric, others are more bold. With our collection we will reach different target audiences, amongst others people with African heritage who live in Europe and want to wear something that reminds them of home, as well as people who are looking for unique and colourful clothes and accessories.

Meet some of our models: Norbert, Bella, Kouessan & Elise.

What are the funds for?

What will we use the collected money for?

We use the collected money for the creation of our first collection.

What do you get in return?

On the right side of the page, you can see an overview of our rewards, per amount. It concerns a presale of our products. In case you would just like to donate, you can opt to not receive a reward.

Everyone who contributes, is invited to our launch party in January. Keep a close eye on your mailbox and our social media for more information. You can find the links to our pages below. At the party, you can come get your rewards. In case you cannot join, do not forget to give us your address so we can ship the rewards to you.

Additional information concerning the products:

All our pieces are unique, therefore it is difficult to give a full overview. Below you can see some examples, and at the launch party you can make your choice between the prints and designs. First come, first serve! We have some matching products, but we cannot guarantee you will find all pieces with the same colours. The stock of the pieces depends on your size and type of t-shirt (fe/male).






Mix & Match

Note: all rewards are exclusive shipping costs.

What happens if we do not reach the targeted amount of 2500 EUR?

It's all or nothing! We hope of course that you contribute enough for it to become all (and more!) :) In case it does not happen, you will get your money back via the platform.

Our eternal gratitude!

Also from Anissa and Roxanne ;)

About the project owner

Who are we?

An Eeckhout

My name is An and I work as a social assistant in a center for refugees. Since 7 years I have been visiting Africa for longer and shorter visits. Everything started with a 3-month internship and has now evolved to elaborating a collaboration that allows us to support the African economy. Every time I visit Africa I have the urge to mean something. Going on a quiet holiday feels unnatural and it always inspires me to do something more. Partly through my job I have the need to help people and support them. This has been the base for my idea.

Sandy De Backer

My name is Sandy and I work as a team leader of a service/operational department in an international company. In April 2017 I made my first trip to Africa (more specifically Togo) and I was instantly taken away by the country and the colours. Since it has always been my dream to start my own business, I didn't hesitate when An put forward her idea. The fact that the story has a socially responsible side only made it more interesting. It is amazing to support young people and create something beautiful together. Furthermore I already had a nice opportunity: in Togo I was asked to speak in front of a group of young entrepreneurial girls to present our project and talk about female entrepreneurship, inspirations and dare to dream and act!

When you bring this combination together, you get a dynamic duo in return. We work from different passions and interests, but we have the same, common goal, more specificially to start a multicultural project. We are both ready for a new challenge (in secondary occupation), driven and full of energy. Bitten by the African culture, fascinated by the African prints and enthousiastic about a project that allows us to make people happy with original, honest and colourful clothing. On top of it all, we support the local Togolese economy. This way we can contribute a little bit to a continent which has a lot of potential and passion.

You can follow us via the following channels:

 Website: www.cestafric.com Facebook: @cestafric Instagram: @cestafric