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Shameless 2

The next part of Joel Jurion's Best Seller

About the project


After a succesfull crowdfunding for his first Opus, Shameless created by Joel Jurion has been preparing to release its second collection and we need your help to achieve it with this crowdfunding fullfilled with adventures and (de)pleasures.

Fully realized by Joel Jurion, Shameless 2 is his second ero-porn short-stories collection. A part of these stories were partially shared on Internet but have never truly been completed (colorless, only sketches or endless versions). Now came the time to fix it! You’ll discover, thanks to the various summaries and extracts on this page, bits and pieces of these short-stories finally full and complete in Shameless 2.



Eleya, silver-haired elf and Adria’s rival, also has the sex-fighting power. Every time she makes someone come, she becomes invisible for all to see (making her a great thief). Following the battle for Crimsonfall, she notices that Cornelius is able to see her. She decides to sleep with him in order to become invisible in his eyes too. Adria wishing to protect Cornelius will fight in a fierce lesbian sexual duel during which the first one able to make the other come will be victorious.


Joel(le) and Jane are a libertine couple. Jane is a big fan of Jody’s (seen with Joyce in Shameless 1 : It’s a trap) and knows all her novels by heart. Thanks to a chance meeting, Jane offers Jody to release a range of sextoys designed by Joel(le). A business meeting is convened between Jane, Joel(le), Joyce and Jody but it will not exactly go as planned.



Nidhagg has always wished to ride a dragon and be part of the Imperial Dragon Riders squad. But the latter only owned male dragons which only agreed to be climbed astride by women. The Dragon Riders have to drink a special female hormones elixir to become women and be able to ride the legendary beasts. That’s when Nidhagg achieves joining the Dragon Riders squad...

The longest story of this collection combining sex and revenge, The girl with a ring took a narrative large-scale (more than 50 pages). It’s a cruel society where weakest men are enslaved and women objectified. Melodia, innocent teenage girl, saw her father being beheaded by a mercenary band in front of her and became their love slave. It’s too late when the girl understands that the ring put in her hair is a torture device used by sadists ruling the town.

In the same time, Herk The Usurper, uses names and reputations of the greatest warriors to live like dukes everywhere he stays in. It’s by chance that Herk delivers Melodia, killing one of the sponsors of his relatives’ murder. Being manipulated by Herk, Melodia decides to hire him as a hit man to find and kill her father’s murderers. But Herk is looking for his wife and children’s assassins, bearing their name to bait them. Cause his true name is known overseas. Actually, he’s a very great warrior, maybe one of the greatest in the history. But now he’s a dead soul, lost in a bitter past and powerless, unable to reach the place where his targets live.

Alison has become a renowned artist of the art scene. She offers a subversive art which scandalizes everywhere she shows it. During her exhibition in Paris, she presents one of her master-piece: by pushing a button, a man, prisoner of a BDSM outfit, assumes unhealthy and dislocated positions.


Jessica and Clara live life to the fullest. For them life is nothing more than a “I dare you” game, until the day where Jessica brushes with death during a motorcycle challenge. Their relationship is then called into question and Clara dares Jessica to break up with her, leaving behind her all she is.



Gwendolyne is back. After the stories published in Vanadis 2 and Shameless 1, the young woman must try to save her daughter against the hermas who have captured her. She will be ready for all compromissions until confessing her ultimate crime to save herself. Combining past and present, discover how the world was destroyed by the Atomics, how Arizia survived and the ultimate consequences of her relationship with Gwendolyne.



And other many surprises...


Special offer : The first print of Shameless has a default. The dialogs have some lines into the bubbles. So, this album is sold for €5 instead of €18.

Third artbook by Joël Jurion published by GDBM, the book promises to take you to various and varied places, on the edge of dreams. The Joël Jurion Artbook 3 will delight your retina.

The fourth artbook by Joel Jurion, classified X, naughty and hard illustrations in a 72 pages opus, with soft cover.

What are the funds for?

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This amount is about royalties due to the artists.


This represents payment to the colorist.

Printing of the comic book.


This represents the costs of packaging and shipping by post in tracking.


5,5% on the public price of the book.


8%. What Ulule will charge us in terms of commission for the use of their services.


Printing of the bookplate and various bonuses of the campaign.

About the project owner

Self-taught, Joel Jurion has a true love for drawing since his childhood. He has drawn Vegas, Anachron, “Les demons de Dunwich” and Klaw (10 volumes) series. Joel has also realized character-design for animation movies such as Prodigies (2008), The little Prince (2009) and “Pourquoi j’ai pas mangé mon père” (2011). With GDBM, Joel has published two artbooks, has drawn short-stories in the Vanadis Collective and has released his own ero-short-stories collection, Shameless.


Created in 2014, GDBM is an associative publishing house which seeks to edit and publish ero-porn comics with a qualitative graphical and storyline content.

Among existing and coming soon titles, all were funded using crowdfunding, thanks to the community which supports GDBM and its authors. You can find our publications on www.casteleven.com.


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