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TBK – Debut album « Polymorphose »

Take part to the creation of my debut solo album, between France and Japan!

About the project

Hi everyone!

I'm TBK, a young female singer surfing on the internet since 2009. I specialized in doing vocal covers of songs related to imaginary cultures. I sing in French, Japanese and English. Since May 2015, I also started working on original songs, for example through my collaboration with the japanese band Crest(Touhou Project music circle) for which I'm a lyricist as well as a singer.

I'm also the co-founder of the creative studio VoxWave. This project brought me so much on both a human and a professional level. Every person that I met through this project showed me a different point of view on artistic professionalization, and I finally decided to follow my own path.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Polymorphose, my personal debut album!

Polymorphose has been created as an album with varied contents. Like the ability of the kitsune to change its appearance, I wanted to cover various voice palettes with this album. You'll be then able to find inside rock, ballads, jazz, EDM... in French, English and Japanese!

Created with my little fox footsies, I'm bringing you a 12-tracks album. You can listen to its audio preview here (tracks edition isn't in its final version yet). I've been working for several months now to acquire the copyrights to create this album, and after a long battle against language and administrative barriers, I'm really glad to show you this selection!

Illustrations have been made by the really talented Saphirya! She is the one who created ALYS and LEORA designs.

This album is created for Japan Expo 2017, so it'll be available for July 2017 at the latest!

What are the funds for?

The main goal of this campaign is to fund the physical edition of the album! The basic shape of the album is a crystal box with a 4-pages booklet but it can be upgraded during the campaign!

Here are the various stretch goals:

I already paid myself the main production costs of the album (illustration, design, recordings, copyrights, etc.). The only thing missing is the money for the physical edition! This crowdfunding will allow me to place the final order to bring this project to life!

For those of you who will help me reach the campaign goal and the various stretch goals, here are the rewards!

  • Album and postcard of Polymorphose

Either in digital or physical edition, you'll get Polymorphose album and your name will be written inside of its booklet (Hall of Fame)! It contains 12 tracks, a part of them representing my work with Crest, French adaptations and original lyrics.

The edition may evolve from its basic crystal box and 4-pages booklet to a better edition, depending on the campaign results.

The postal card uses the full version of the illustration made by Saphirya.

  • L badge

A badge with the kitsune mask which I have been using as a representation of myself for years. It comes in a 38mm size and you can pin it wherever you want!

  • The chibi keychain

This 5cm keychain shows my TBK avatar and the illustration has been made by Noriko Hayashi. It's a clear acrylic and double-side printed keychain!

  • The 2D figure

This 15cm clear acrylic figure has a really nice look! It has been created with my avatar reference illustration made by Raeyxia !

  • The totebag

To pack all the other goodies, here is a cotton fabric bag with the logo!

  • The 1-H Live

I would really enjoy spending 1H together online. I could perform a private concert, answer your questions or simply talk! It's up to you!

I can also sign any goodie before sending it to you if you want me to! :3

Here is are some additional information related to the various rewards:

Shipping to France are included. You can order from another country without any issue, you'll simply need to pay an extra shipping fee.

As you may have noticed, some lottery tickets are included in the rewards.

They'll give you a chance to win a bonus gift: a 70x50cm Forex print of the Polymorphose illustration! It's all ready to be placed on your wall!

Finally, a little recap of the various costs that your funding will allow me to cover:

About the project owner

First stage performances (one of them being in Belgium and another in Tunisia!), first physical albums (I took part to 6 Crest albums and 3 ALYS albums)... between France and Japan, I want to keep living this journey with you!

Singing and music are to me the best way to express yourself. I can share through lyrics and my own interpretations things I would not really be able to express otherwise. I also met wonderful people through this!

It took me time to realize nothing was keeping me from jumping into this creative field and I feel ready now. Thanks to people around me and your supports (we juts reached 8000 subscribers on the YouTube channel!), I keep moving forward!

Feel free to join me on social media:  Facebook/YT/Twitter/Site and feel free to ask anything about the campaign or my other works! I'll gladly answer your questions and help you out if I can!


Picture by Aziz Raissi.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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