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Cast up the Dragon!

About the project

Hey guys!

For those who do not know me from the various Miniature Forums, my name is Alex, or WarplockMonkey, and I am an amature wargames miniatures sculptor, and have been sculpting small scale miniatures for about 4 years.

For a few months now, I have been working on a sculpt of a Dragon, and, after alot of interest on the internet, I have decided to get it finished and cast up!

I have for a while been running my own website, selling casts of my work in metal and resin, but because of the lack of a pre-order option through the service I am using, I have no idea whether it would be financially viable to cast the model. Resin casting is a very expensive buisness, and I would need to KNOW that people would be interested in casts of the model before I make the financial commitment!

This is where this website comes in! To preorder a Dragon, please donate £60. You are NOT charged by the website unless the target money (£600, or 10 Dragon orders) has been reached. Then, as SOON as I have received the casts, they will be sent to you! :)

If it is not clear from the pictures, this monster is about 6.5 inches/17cm from nose to tail tip... He is a big boy :P Each dragon comes with a choice of two heads, one Western and one Eastern, just in case you couldnt decide between the two :P Check out the News section to see pictures of the Western head, as well as various pictures taken whilst I have been working on the sculpt :)

I hope to hear from you guys soon!

- Alex

What are the funds for?

-Read above!

About the project owner

- Read above!