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Create your contemporary sculptures - 3D puzzle - DIY

About the project

% reached! on the way to 600% and the 3rd level (see " Levels >> section below)


After I N S I D E 3 the puzzle that drives you crazy, DOuG launches the first "DESIGN PUZZLE", the building game that makes you an ARTIST!

A new hybrid concept that doesn't fit in the boxes, between 3D puzzle game and sculpture-DIY, CARAPACES is a set of 10 different triangles that clip together (without glue or tools) to allow you to create incredible contemporary sculptures, "Low Poly" style.

CARAPACES is not recommended for children under 14 years old, not because it is too complicated, but because the triangles are quite sharp...

You create organic, geometrical or even abstract shapes from triangles, as if it were a work made with a 3D software in low resolution.
A bear's head, a Moaï, a dog, an imaginary monster, a rosette, a phantasmagorical landscape... Whatever you want.

Yeah, we're afraid of nothing, we make Made In France plastic games !
Triangles and packaging made in France.
Packaging made in ESAT in France.
It's plastic of course, but it's recyclable PP, it can be dismantled and reassembled and as you will trully love CARAPACES anyway, you will keep it and create new shapes according to your desires rather than buying new decorative objects ...


- 10 different triangles with on each of the 3 sides a hinge that is both flexible and rigid, clip-on,

- 3 side lengths: 5, 7 and 10 cm. 2 sides of the same length clip together,
- 3 colors : white, anthracite and a very trendy pink special ulule. Other colors will come to enrich the range in time ...

Here we go :)
You take your triangles, you clip them, you shape them and you create your artwork, a bit like modeling...

You think you won't make it, or you don't feel like tying your brain in knots? Don't panic, we've created some very nice models and we've made some assembly instructions.


As we wanted to leave the beautiful part to the creators, rather than to take out the box which just allows to realize such or such model, we propose you CARAPACES in boxes of 100 triangles: 10 different triangles each x 10.
Go for it!

With 1 box of 100 triangles you have fun, you discover the spirit, manipulate the triangles and create your first sculptures, or else you practice on one of our models, the pig, the wolf's head, the little dog, the skull, the kawaii fox, the rosette ... And then you customize them (ears, tail, head...) to make your own creatures.

With 2 boxes and 200 triangles you let your creativity express itself fully, or you get inspired by our more complex models: the bear or rhino head, the cute baby rhino, the Moaï... and you mix the colors.
You spend whole evenings with CARAPACES and you start to neglect family and friends.

With 3 boxes your brain starts to spin. You do crazy and colorful stuff, and you don't leave your house anymore.

With more boxes you lose yourself completely...

You have been warned.

Each box will contain :
- 100 triangles of the same color (10 x 10 different triangles)
- 1 instructions to make 3 sculptures with 1 box and 3 sculptures with 2 boxes

Notice in progress


You are free to create whatever you want, sculptures to pose or hang on the wall, suspensions, cachepots, contemporary artworks...
You can even insert Led garlands to turn them into mood lights or night lights.

In addition to your own creations, with the instructions included in the box you can reproduce the following models:

But on the DOuG Factory website, where you can already find and buy all DOuG products (INSIDE3 Original and Legend, and soon CARAPACES), you will find after this campaign Ulule notices to make other models like

All the models presented are customizable and perfectible.
You can start by changing the ears, nose or tail to transform an animal, and then you can tackle the overall shape to model it your way, mix colors...
Be careful, it's addictive...

And we will install on our site a module allowing you to put your creations online, to make the base of models grow. The most beautiful will even receive a gift...
We count on your madness :)


So, we still have a few things to work out and finalize:

  • the packaging and the leaflet
  • first production launch in 3 colors in FRANCE, in the suburbs of Paris.
  • packaging of the 100 triangles in a bag, then putting the bag in the box with the instructions, all this in an ESAT (medico-social establishment for sheltered work, reserved for people with disabilities and aiming at their social and professional integration or reintegration) in the Paris suburbs as well.

At the beginning of March we were planning delivery for September, but with COVID-19 everything was turned upside down. We hope for November at the latest. But before Christmas in any case it is sure :)

(the cyclist comes from Bernard & Eddy)


First of all, because to have such an almost invisible hinge that is both flexible and rigid, it is the only technological solution we have found.
For a colored surface aspect without adding paint.
Because a "single-material" solution is great for recycling.
Because a product in 1 single injected part avoids factory assembly and allows us to offer you Made In France products at a very attractive price.
And finally, for a reusable and durable product, plastic injection remains less energy consuming than glass or metal molding.
So have fun! CARAPACES will accompany you for every event or change in your life : table runner for a party, bedside lamp for your child, new decoration, new home...


We thought about a lot of complicated things and in the end we started on a very simple thing: 1 level every 10.000€ up to 100.000€ or more financed. We already told you that we are not afraid of anything :)
- You reacted to the quarter turn.
- We are just starting our communication.
- We count on you to talk about it around you.
- We are going to show you new sculptures and give you an appointment to make you manipulate CARAPACES in real life... to drive you crazy :)
In short, we feel well that we will be able to go very far with you!

So every 200% (10.000€) the contributors of 3 boxes win a bag of 10 different triangles of the same color (we will choose the colors of the bags according to your choice of box colors in your contributions). For those who will have taken 3 boxes, if we exceed 100.000€ of contributions you will have the equivalent of a box of 100 triangles offered.
And of course you already have 2 free bag since we have exceeded 400% :)
For 2 boxes purchased: 1 bag of 10 different triangles every 400% (20.000€)
You already have a free bag since we have exceeded 400% :)
For 1 box purchased: 1 bag of 10 different triangles every 800% (40.000€)

123 321 111 122 133 211 222 233 322 333
The 10 trianlgles of a bag


your LEVELS contribution 200% 400% 600% 800% 1000% 10.0006 20.000E 30.000E 40.000 50.000E 3 boxes 1 bag 2 bags 3 bags 4 bags 5 bags 2 boxes 1 bag bag 2 bags 2 bags 1 box bag 1 bag your LEVELS contribution 1200% 1400% 1600% 1800% 2000% 60.000E 70.000E 80.000E 90.000 100.000E + 3 boxes 6 bags 7 bags 8 bags 9 bags 10 bags 2 boxes 3 bags 3 bags 4 bags 4 bags 5 bags 1 box 1 bag 1 bag 2 bags 2 bags 2 bags reached levels level in progress levels to reach

We are currently targeting the 600% (30.000€) to make you win:
- 3 bags for every 3 boxes purchased
- 1 bag for every 2 boxes purchased

You can change your contribution at any time to take advantage of the tiers (for early birds, don't cancel your contribution so you don't lose it, but add more boxes).

Christmas is coming, talk about it around you, raise contributions and win bags to make even crazier sculptures!

What are the funds for?

We'll be honest, we didn't wait for you to start creating and financing CARAPACES :)
We have been working on it for almost 3 years : 1st protos in thick paper laser cut (photo on the right), choice of dimensions, injection moulded protos, finding the right material, the right hinge, the right clipping...
We spent some time there, with moments of joy and doubts.
But we made it!

Today we have our ten molds and a big frame to come to put these 10 molds in and produce the triangles 10 by 10.

So then you're going to say "Well, you don't need us anymore."
We do!

We need to know if our weird idea is going to please other people than us. Because CARAPACES is really UNIQUE. Nobody has ever made such a thing, between 3D puzzle, puzzle, sculpture, DIY... We don't even know what to call it or where to sell it :)
So we hope you will like it.
Well, actually we're not far from being sure, but it would be great to know that we're not the only ones who think it's great :)
It would boost us for the future because it has been a BIG investment, in time and money.

And above all it would allow us to finance what remains to be developed for the launch:

  • 2400€ to create the nice box in which you'll receive your 100 triangles : it has to be visually ripped, clean and at the same time allow to understand what this strange thing is.
  • 1000€ to create the assembly instructions (and it's a cinch to create the plans for the 6 selected models)
  • 1200€ to have a third color, the pink Ulule special edition!
  • 400€ for ulule and related costs

So we're counting on you, we hope you'll love it and that you'll talk about it around you.your LEVELS contribution 200% 400% 600% 800% 1000% 10.000E 20.000E 30.000E 40.000E 50.000E 3 boxes 1 bag 2 bags 3 bags 4 bags 5 bags 2 boxes 1 bag 2 bags 1 box 1 bag your LEVELS contribution 1200% 1400% 1600% 1800% 2000% 60.000E 70.000E 80.0006 90.0000 100.000E + 3 boxes 6 bags 7 bags 8 bags 9 bags 10 bags 2 boxes 3 bags 4 bags 5 bags 1 box 2 bags reached levels level in progress levels to reach

About the project owner

DOuG's team in all its splendour and diversity:

For CARAPACES it's the hoodie that created the thing. Sleeping 8 hours a night was a waste of time so he decided he was going to spend his nights designing something never before made with triangles and snap hinges. It doesn't show here, but since then he's had white hair.
It has been, and still is, a big adventure for the whole team and especially for the guy in the T-shirt who left his hair in the adventure.
Everybody is on deck to finalize CARAPACES and get you as soon as possible this new diabolical game concept!

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