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A 3IS mini-series

About the project

  is a 4x10 minutes mini-series created by 3IS students as part of their course. It is the end of second year project and is the culmination of all that we have learnt over the past 2 years. The team is comprised of 50 students from different areas of expertise (Camera, lighting, editing, directing, etc...).

Natan, a solitary young man, lives as a recluse in the big family home with his overbearing mother and his authoritarian father who both spy on him. Haunted and obsessed by strange nightmares, he has to face, for the first time in years, the outside world. A strange silhouette is sneaking around his home and as the presence becomes more and more intrusive, Natan decides to face him. He discovers that the intruder looks exactly like him and they both seem to be linked by their strange dreams and a mysterious past.  

This series aims to present a plot about the pursuit of truth. Natan, alone and lost, doesn't have a goal. Before the end of the series, he will have to try and emancipate himself to gain freedom and identity, leaving behind the suffocation of his daily life, brought about by his mother. Family ties and specifically ties between a child and his parents are key to this search for oneself. 

The characters of this series are all locked into their own illusions. Each illusion will fall. What will be the reaction of each of the characters? What is the the price to pay for truth? 

Natan is a young brown-haired gaunt looking man. He has a fragile and juvenile look. He suffers from schizoid personality disorder and is often alone, frustrated, naive, a dreamer and an introvert. He lives with his parents, ignorant of their true identites. Natan is attracted by all that gives him the illusion of freedom. 

Marie is a tall blond woman who looks older than she really is. As an overbearing mother, her neurotic attitude and obsessive behaviour is explained by her yearning to preserve the illusion of a normal family. She denies the reality that surrounds her and has cut herself off from the world, living as a recluse in her house and always staying close to her son. Her greatest desire is to be loved by him. 

Matias is a brilliant genetic researcher. Brown-haired and bearded, he is both charismatic and charming. He always tries to control his own image and needs to be in complete control of the situation. Preocupied by his work fixated by his responsabilities, he is ready to do anything to assure the security and hapiness of his wife Marie, even going to the extreme of lies and deceit. When his lies catch up with him, Matias has to face a situation that he can no longer control. 

The Prowler is Natan's double. He is an irational character whose goal is to find the mother he never had. He sees Natan's life as an ideal. One that he always desired but was never able to grasp. His jealousy pushs him to agression towards Natan who he sees as an imposter. 

A dark and murky atmosphere is present during Natan's search for truth. He suffers from a deep unhappiness and skirts life as well as all the people around him. Alternating between the fantasy and science fiction genres, the series shows us the life of a young man who suddenly sees his reality crumbling around him. Natan must solve, along with the audience, the strange puzzle that keeps us from the truth of his past and his identity before being able to go out into the real world that has always scared us.   

The audience will watch as a strange and sordid daily routine unfolds, each character isolated in their own lies. 

Visual references:             
Stoker, Les Revenants (The Returned), Memories of Murder

Story references:   
Dark City, Lost, Moon, Utopia, L’Homme de Nulle Part

What are the funds for?

Since we are 3IS students, we have access to a certain amount of equipment. But we need your help to get to the nexy level. The money that you contribute to our project will be used for many different things: 

- Additional technical equipment
- Team travel expenses
- Costumes, hair and makeup
- Set and scenery rental 
- General logistical expenses

About the project owner

The Captif team contains 50 students from the International Institute of Picture and Sound (3IS) 

Célia also serves as the project representative.