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AlbLaz 2018 Calendar

12 pictures one big heart

About the project

ALBLAZ decided to publish the calendar in order to make Juanelo and its children better known and to raise funds to help the neighborhood.

All the pictures present in the calendar have been taken directly by ALBLAZ’s members during their visit to Juanelo and the “actors” of these pictures are the children ALBLAZ is helping

What are the funds for?

The funds raised will be distributed as follows:.

  • Printing copies of the calendar,
  • Shipping costs,
  • Ulule commissions 8%,
  • Paypal commissions
  • Helping Juanelo's neighborhood after Hurricane Irma's passage by rearranging the space dedicated to children, 
  • Support the association's projects.

Right on this page you can find all options

About the project owner


ALBLAZ is an Italian no-profit organization that begins, in January 2013, with an idea of Albertico Calderon, very famous Cuban artist and teacher.

Developing and spreading afro-cuban culture, music and dance, ALBLAZ has the goal to upgrade the area of  Juanelo in San Miguel del Padrón a L'Havana - Cuba.

Thanks to volunteering, ALBLAZ wants to reinforce the already existing local artistic environment (a lot of cuban artists came from Juanelo), giving to the children living in Juanelo the opportunity to study afro-cuban arts with better tools, instruments, spaces and in an academic way.

Organization's goals

ALBLAZ is already helping Juanelo delivering, through its members/friends/partners, essential goods; but the organization has two main objectives:

1. to renovate the health center of Juanelo (a very small room for first aid). The center is very important for first medications and/or  not serious surgical procedures and it is also used as medical counseling to assist the residents.

2. to renovate the primary school in order to use this building as community center for Juanelo’s children

How we work

ALBLAZ works directly, without any intermediary, to help Juanelo. The organization can work in this way thanks to its member, friends or other partner associations.

ALBLAZ wants to be sure 100% that any good sent from Italy or Europe will be delivered directly to Juanelo.

In 2016 ALBLAZ delivered to Juanelo 12 luggages (in total more than 300Kg of essential goods) and it was able to plan a visit to the neighborhood  for 4 groups of travelers

At the begin of 2017 ALBLAZ delivered more the 40Kg of health products to a senior center located  in San Miguel del Padron (the district that includes the neighborhood of Juanelo).

To see all the activities of the association these are our references


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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