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B-wom: your coach for women´s health and wellbeing

Breaking Taboos about Women's Health

  • We made it! THANKS TO YOU

    Hello friends!

    Yesterday we closed our crowdfunding campaign with 123% of the goal reached.
    Thanks to all of you who have supported us! Now we can develop the breast cancer prevention feature that will be free for all users. In addition, as we have exceeded the first objective, we can also advance in the Sex after childbirth objective.
    Step by step, building a health model based on education and prevention. THANK YOU!

    About the rewards: this week we will contact you to ask about your choice and we will inform you when you will receive it.
    Those who have bought Healthy Company packs will also receive news from us next week. Congratulations for wanting to be a different company!

    Thank you very much again on behalf of the entire team:
    Helena Torras, Marta Ros, Estrella Jaramillo, Vicent Soria, Alba Montero, Ana Cruz.

  • We join to the "corporate wellness"

    A healthy employee increases work productivity. Having healthy and cheerful employees is a mutual benefit for both, the worker and the organization.

    We have to emphasize that being a "healthy company" is a trend among the organizations and we support this initiative with B-wom by improving the health and life habits of the female workers.

    We offer our application as a benefit to all your employees with our Healthy Company Packs.

    Do you as an employee want your company to give you benefits for women's health? We imagine that yes. Because when a company cares about your health, you feel more protected, safe and with a balance in you professional and healthy life.

  • Getmine Webinars

    Getmine talks to us about female sexual health.
    Like us, its objective is to empower women to take control of their pleasure and well-being through self-knowledge, in this case sexuality.

    Getmine joins our crowdfunding campaign with 2 webinars focused on empowering women through sexual health. Both webinars are written by Dr. Maria Fernanda Peraza Godoy who is an urologist-andrologist and a specialist in sexual medicine. Who better to tell us about:

    • Webinar of female sexual health

    Dr. Maria Fernanda will talk about sex, yes sex, but in a way focused on the health of all women because an active sexual life involves responsibilities for our body. And it is true that many times we have doubts about certain issues of which we don´t speak with many people. That is why together with Dr. Maria Fernanda from Getmine we present the webinar on female sexual health.

    • Menopause Webinar and sexual health

    During menopause, different doubts, fears and uncertainty arise but you are not alone.
    It is a normal stage for all women and we want to be with all of them. In this webinar Dr. Maria Fernanda will talk about all the symptoms of menopause and how to lead an active, good and healthy sexual life during this stage.


    You can buy both webinars through our crowdfunding campaign in the following way:

    1. For 45€ or more:

      B-wom Annual subscription (starting August)

      + wallpaper ‘An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away’

      + Female sexual health webinar or Menopause and sexual health webinar by Dr. Maria Fernanda from Getmine (to choose in english or spanish)

    2. For 65€ or more:

      B-wom Annual subscription (starting August)

      + wallpaper ‘An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away’

      + Female sexual health webinar or Menopause and sexual health webinar by Dr. Maria Fernanda from Getmine (to choose in english or spanish)

      + G Spot Kit or Pelvic Floor Kit by Platanomelón (to choose)


  • How we want to contribute to the prevention and early detection of breast cancer

    Approximately 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Only in Spain, the estimated new cases were 228,482 and by 2035 it is estimated that there will be 315,413 new cases.

    The early detection of cancer is vital for its prevention, and to do so it is essential that women create a new habit: self-exploration or breast self-examination.

    In fact, approximately 20% of the time, breast cancers are detected by a physical examination rather than a mammogram.

    However, it is still not a standardized habit, and many women do not know how to do it. Therefore, in B-wom we want to create a functionality that makes this habit easy and effective

    1. Let you know when is the best time of the month to do self-exploration
    2. Guide you on how to do it step by step
    3. Allow you to collect any type of change to follow up and communicate it to the doctor
    4. It gives you content about healthy habits and risk factors for breast cancer

    According to the WHO, self-exploration is the method that most promotes awareness in women to do prevention.

    Knowledge is power! Help us by spreading the crowdfunding campaign to reach our goal!


    If you want to know more about breast cancer here you can read our blog post:

  • Thank you for helping us achieve more than 50%

    We want to thank everybody who have contributed to our campaign and helped us reach 52% of our goal.

    We are very happy but we still have a long way to go in our mission to empower many more women through health by expanding our content to reach more women dealing with issues such as breast cancer, sex after childbirth and preparing for menopause.

    Help us change self-care for women and get our exclusive rewards!