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B-wom: your coach for women´s health and wellbeing

Breaking Taboos about Women's Health

About the project

Throughout our lives, we as women experience many changes in our bodies that can affect our health and quality of life. Some changes are natural processes (such as hormonal changes, pregnancy and postpartum, menopause ...) and others are the result of our habits and actions - for example, did you know that impact sports can damage your pelvic floor?

There's one thing they all have in common: Almost always we do not have enough information about what is happening in our body, how can we prevent, and how we can  improve.

How many times have you thought "I wish I had known this before"? How many times have you found yourself looking for symptoms on Google, filled with uncertainty and fear? How many times did you delay seeing a specialist because you thought your issue was not important enough?

We believe that health systems don't provide the necessary tools to educate women in self-awareness and prevention. And added to that, when it comes to intimate health, cultural myths and taboos make many women accept their symptoms as "normal". Hence, many suffer in silence or go to specialists when the problem is already serious.

We want to change all of this. We have created a mobile app to accompany women throughout their lives with personalized care plans to prevent or improve their health.

Initially, our focus was on intimate health, and hundreds of women have improved their health, quality of life and self-esteem. But we want to go further. We want to make this app more comprehensive, holistic and personalized, and reach many more women so we can help them take control of their physical and emotional health. Can you help us?


When you download B-wom, the first thing you will do is answer some questions: Questions about your lifetime, your habits, your symptoms ... B-wom collects your answers and through an algorithm, gives you a series of personalized goals to work on.

These goals can be focused on preventing an issue (because we have detected that you are at risk) or to improve existing symptoms through exercises, habits, and knowledge. The main objectives available are these:

  • Prevent or improve urine leaks
  • Prevent or improve prolapse
  • Increase your sexual pleasure
  • Avoid constipation


If you also think that there is a lack of education and prevention tools when it comes to women's health. If you think that we need more knowledge and less taboos, PARTICIPATE IN THIS CAMPAIGN!

We need your support to create a very personal, practical and high quality app. We want to create the app that solves all your doubts and concerns. Your best friend. The app that will keep you engaged to prevention and self-care and helps you improve your physical and emotional health.

What do you gain by participating?

  • You will improve thousands of women's lives! Helping fund a project led by women and for women, empowering them to take control of their health.

  • Win sexy rewards! You can get a annual or 6 month B-wom subscription for less than half the price, in addition to merchandising to fight taboos and many other wellness rewards.

  • If you are already a B-wom user (we love you!) and it has helped you, but you have suffered the technical failures we experienced last year, this funding will help us finish the last touches to the app so you can enjoy it much sooner!



We have created a lot of rewards and packs for your health and well-being!

What are the funds for?

The money raised will be used to expand the contents of the app and improve the user experience, making it more personalized.

What exactly are we doing with €6,850?

Breast cancer prevention

The app will give you a guide to do your breast self-examination: how to do it, step by step. You will also find preventive habits and educational articles on the subject. THIS CONTENT WILL BE FREE FOR ALL USERS

Prototypes of screens for the self-exploration and control of breasts

Implementation date: February 2019

And what happens if we surpass the funding objective?

THAT WOULD BE GREAT. The more money we collect, the more things we can do and the more women we can reach.We have created this funding scale so that you know what we can achieve (sequentially) with each funding milestone.

€ 13,700 - Sex Plan after childbirth (New goal included in the Subscription).

€ 22,200 - Plan Take care of your core (New objective included in the Subscription).

€ 33,600 - Perimenopaue Plan (New objective included in the Subscription).

€ 42,500 - Recovery of Diastasis Recti (New objective included in the Subscription)

€ 54,600 - Plan Begins to activate

€ 74,200 - We will incorporate a way to let you know about the best day to perform breast self-examination.

€ 150,000 - Emotion management: Mindfullness and NLP exercises simple and effective to manage stress, anger, sadness, insecurity ... FREE CONTENT FOR ALL USERS (like the breast cancer).

How will the financing be shared?

The total financing (including crowdfunding expenses) is distributed in: 

*Costs of health specialists: We need to pay the specialists who will collaborate creating content for the app: doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, sexologists ...

** Production costs: To make all this content show on your mobile and in a personalized way, and includes both the design part and the programming and translation. In the case of brand new plans, it also include the photography, videos and recordings

About the project owner

B-wom was created to empower women to take control of their own health and well-being. We offer the tools -and the support- so that they can create prevention and self-care habits, and thus make a positive impact on their lives.

We started focusing on intimate health because it is such a big taboo, and it creates insecurity and loss of confidence. However, we can overcome them with the power of information!

We believe in using technology to create a positive impact at a global scale. 


Meet the team here! https://www.b-wom.com/en/about/

Connect with us



  • What does the Company Workshop includes?

    It is available only for companies in NYC and SF, and it includes: 

    1. Women's health workshop (Lunch and Learn or Happy Hour) with one of our MDs or Women's Health Physical Therapists(on site, 1-2 hour duration): Women's health core issues during the prime years of our careers (25-55, tailored to your demographic) + Pre-fertility, women's health and physical activity, postpartum, motherhood, menopause + What women need to know to prevent + Q&A

    2. Personalized Digital Coach for all your female employees: Continued care support + Full support and deliverables: Email communication and engagement materials, support during enrollment and utilization + Co-branded app with the company's logo + Optional Workshop (Recommended Periodical Workshop for new mothers to support their health journey and specific needs)

    Last updated: 2 years, 1 month ago