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Bustle Music, a fair revolution of streaming

Travel in music and contribute to the development of a fair revenue stream for artists around the world

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About the project

We've reached 100% of our campaign goal!

 We want to thank each and every one of you for your support during those 40 days of campaign. THANK YOU!!

A very special thanks to Laurent Coulondre (our campaign godfather) and Offbeat (who especially came from the UK for a Bustle Music show in Paris), and also to our partners We See Production, Pixpocket, Guillaume Boittin and Hello Play!

The fair revolution of streaming has begun: thanks a lot again!

Bustle Music has been created by three music lovers, passionated by travelling: Cyrille, Benoît and Ludovic, following a quote of Platon: ‘if you want to know a people, listen to his music’. Between 2012 and 2014 they went for two musical voyages: ‘Bustle Around the World’. The idea to create Bustle Music came out whilst talking to musicians encountered halfway around the world.

Bustle Music is a fair internet music platform which tries to tackle three issues:

Explore the world by its music and musicians, and discover what’s currently happening in the music scene everywhere around the globe;

Support the development of local music scenes, where nowadays lots of countries lack of intellectual property law, or of an audience big enough to support the musicians;

Fill in the gap between the high level of streaming consumption and the low level of revenue artists actually get at the other end of the chain.

The website is a map of the world on which every musician can geo-localise his music tracks. Any curious, music lover, or traveller can freely browse the map to discover the world in music and contribute to supporting local music scenes.

Bustle Music is also a direct funding system for the artists called ‘stream & fund’. A minimum of 60% of the total income generated solely by subscription is redistributed among the artists proportionally to their popularity.

The project has grown bigger. After the explorations of the early ages, the creation of a golden team and our demo platform, which has been running with success over a year now, we’ve reached a new milestone. We are happy to develop the new version of the website; roll out by 6th December 2016!

Below is an inside view of how it will look like:

What are the funds for?

Today at this crucial moment of our development, we need you more than ever!

To finish developing the new websitewe need 10 000 euros, spread as shown:

We’ve also got lots of ideas! We hope to reach 10 000 euros to unlock the way to new ambitions.

We would like todevelop a smartphone application  for Bustle Music to be accessible in areas in the world where internet mainly goes through mobile connections.  Necessary funding: +7 000 euros, spread as follow:

Finally we would like to run a new exploration campaignto identify artists and promote the platform among the music scene in Eastern Europe. We will go through Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Kiev, Chisinau, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Necessary funding: +10 000 euros, spread as follow:

We are offering a range of various types of subscription plans and compensations! Below is a glimpse of what you can expect:

About the project owner

Travellers and music lovers with an empathy for solidarity we’ve all got involved in Bustle Music with passion!

Passionated about music and sustainable development, Cyrille has spent 8 years as a producer and music explorer in Bristol (UK) and 6 years as Solution Manager at Airbus & Altran. He’s taken for motto ‘think globally, act locally’ and is ready to for new opportunities using internet to tackle the challenges of a more sustainable society.

Ludovic is a co-founder and architect of the website Bustle Music. He has worked for few years at Accenture in Paris on behalf of big corporations, before falling in love with innovations & start-up spirit. He has then joined few new start-ups at their early ages; he likes to apply the Kaizen methodology to the tech. world in pure contradiction to the proverb ‘better is the enemy of good'.

Benoît is a music lover and an explorer. He has been working as a mining engineer for 9 years now, including 5 years in Africa. He created and managed in 2011 ‘MétroChanteur’ the first platform to geo-localise artists playing in Paris’ ‘métro’ on a digital map of the urban network, before joining Bustle Music.

Passionated by traveling and discovering the world, Agnès has joined the team to share her 10 years worth of experience in marketing and communication in the IT industry.

Specialised in intellectual property (IP) law and eager about travelling, Delphine wanders the world looking for tales and IP law new challenges due to digitalisation and globalisation. She has contributed to the launch of platform dedicated to education to image before joining Bustle Music.

Chloé is the newbie of the team. She likes discovering new cultures around her and dance to tropical rhythms. She has lived in 7 different countries and wrote her Master thesis about Rapa Nui language revitalization on Easter Island. She’s in charge of PR and community management for Bustle Music.

Longueur d'Ondes, the magazine of the independent French music scene

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Rock and Road, a radio show on Radio Imagine animated by Eric Lange

Podcast of 1st October 2016, at 1’29 here

And on Buste Music beta version


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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