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Burning Heads need a new van!

"my band, our van"

About the project


Maybe this legendary french punk rock band needs to be introduced to you... In this case, scroll down towards their bio.
But if you landed here, maybe it's because even if you are not French, you already know these guys well. One good reason for this is their 30 years career, which leaded them far beyond the French borders and is celebrated in a current tour, with more than 30 shows around the country.

But the problem is the van they have been driving for the last 15 years won't last as long as the tour, as it just passed the 540,000 kilometer mark! Self-produced since 2005, Burning Heads have always been used to rule their band and lives without asking for anything to anyone, with an indeniable DIY attitude. Their generousity is constantly celebrated on many huge stages, festivals, and smaller venues; while their inspired many LPs, EPs and splits still provide them with more audience at each new release. Their constant integrity and involvement in the scene give has always been greatly appreciated by the fans and the bands from Europe and all around the world, who seem welded together around Burning Heads forever. And this message goes to all of these people!

Until today, Burning Heads are still touring in their damn old Iveco Daily... It's been chewing kilometers, and we'll skip the details about how fifteen years of use have dilapidated the truck! So we simply told ourselves that the solution might be to ask for a (little) bit of money to every fan of the band, so that they can get a brand new van to steer their way round for thirty more years!


What are the funds for?

This project is managed by PP&M and Opposite Prod, the record label founded by Burning Heads. Everything here is made in direct link with the band itself.

All the funds collected will be used to buy a new tour van for Burning Heads - even if they have already sweared to lend the keys to their bros from the label, so that they can improve their art of dritfing on the local mall's parking lot. Or drive their own bands too.

And because with this "crowdfunding" system (which is kinda new to us), we have to set an exact amount of money to reach, we've decided to ask for 10 000 € : the fact the Burning HeadsFacebook page is now liked by more than ten thousand people helped us considering this amount is not so crazy. Here is the proof of our statement:

Pit Samprass (vocals, guitars) likes his own band - so what!?

Reaching 10 000 € could help the band buy a second-hand van able to keep them on the road for a few more years. And we created exclusive goodies dedicated to the people who will get involved: by the way, special thanks to the gifted artist Gaëtan Heuzé (check his website and like him on Facebook), who designed the artwork printed on each counterpart we are proposing to you:

And if we collect more than 10 000 €, the truck will be much more comfortable, recent (even brand new?) and cooler for our beloved old BH !

About the project owner


Burning Heads really are the iconic band of the French punk hardcore scene since the beginning of the nineties. Their reputation soon became international with the releases of the LPs Dive (Pias, 1994), Escape (Epitaph, 1999) and Opposite (Yelen Musiques / Sony Music, 2001). In 2005, the band becomes self-produced while they keep a faithful (and still growing) audience. After a detour in dub albums, the Spread the Fire LP marks the band's come back into punk rock in 2009, followed by the well-named Hear This in 2011, then by the double LP Choose Your Trap in 2014. The records they recently put out have a taste of nostalgia: two live recordings (Live @ KXLU 1999 on the label Nineteen Something and Escape Alive! on Opposite Prod) and the twin vinyl repress of Be One With the Flames and Escape by Effervescence Records.




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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