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Bullet Crave

Making “bullet hell” playable for the common mortal

  • Some goodies from 2009

    Thank you for your support :)

    We went through a bit of old dusty files and I think I'd like to show you what our "old art from 2009" looks like.

    This is basically the sketch I used to make one of the bosses, and its spritesheet.

    SpriteSheet Boss

    Thanks again to friends and family for starting the project,

    Govert aka Hoxxolotl

  • 3 funders and 3% funded

    3 funders, 3% supported, wooohooo!Big supplies

    *ahem* *adjusts imaginary tie*  thank you dear supporters!

    To the right: one of the supply planes we had originally planned, but once the generator came into play we changed it into one of the enemies.

    Most of the graphics are modelled in 3D and rendered into sprites for the game using some amazing technology, if you want to know more I made a post about it here with a pipeline for another project. I'll go into the Bullet Crave asset pipeline on a later date once the project is funded.

  • Bullet Crave online!

    After one week of setting our gear up and making pretty pictures and digging up stuff from our svn dating back to 2009 we're finally ready to start crowd funding Bullet Crave :_)