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- A book that soothes the heart of all ages -

About the project

Bufanda means "scarf" in Spanish. It is also the name of  a clown!

And since October 2019, Bufanda is also the title of a book that got published with the support of amazing human beings and a dream: writing a book for all ages that will succeed to touch the heart of hundred (thousand) individuals (from children to elders).

The book is ready and we already printed 600 copies in French. Today, it is in the hands of more than 500 individuals and families in Quebec and elsewhere around the world. The story already brought tears in the eyes of many readers from a wide range of ages.

Now, we want to make the book more accessible by creating the English version. And this is exactly where we need you!

You can enjoy few of the amazing illustrations made by Mona Eliceiry with her watercolors while she was on tour with Cirque du Soleil. The book is a 42 pages long and have the size of 8 by 10 inches soft cover and thick paper inside.  

When the show was over, Bufanda went to the Elastic Man and asked:

“How do you do it?”

“How do I do what?” asked the Elastic Man.

“How do you colour people?”

The Elastic Man was touched by Bufanda’s question and replied: 

“It’s really quite simple. I offer people what I do best.”

What the readers said:

" A new favorite of my 3 year old, Bufanda has captured his attention with her beautiful colors and even more beautiful heart. As she moves through her journey, asking questions and sharing her colors with others, we learn to love ourselves just a little more. " - Sana Lari - 

" In a delightful tale of adventure and connection, Bufanda reminds us that showing up as our full, authentic selves is the greatest gift we can give the world. This story brings joy, colour, and healing to all who are lucky enough to hear it. "  -Lynda Gerty, coach & consultant- 

" Up there with the top-level children books of modern times, Bufanda tells a story that is intimate, touching and epic in its authenticity. No doubt a keystones of the story-based education I want to offer to my soon-to-be born. "  - Nicoló Francsco Bernardi, PhD, coach &c consultant - 

“Am I shining as brightly as I can be? Am I helping others to shine too?” Bufanda’s story is the story of anyone who has felt that painful longing to bring some good into the world. A treasure of a book for young and old. Simply beautiful. ~Leah Vineberg, Change Management Consultant

" My grandchildren aged 4 and 6 are captivated by the magic that Bufanda spreads as she moves through her world. The message that we all have colours that we can bring to others is a reminder that we are individuals and we are all special." -Susan Gottman- 


Choices of the prints: 

La Rue - 11'x14'

Les Pieds - 11'x14' 

What are the funds for?

Your support will allow us to cover the fees :

Editing : 500$

Printing: 1000$

Delivery fees and Ulule fees: 500$ 

This is a minimum we want to at least have the English version created but if we go beyond, we can print more copies and bring Bufanda to travel in more houses, libraries and schools! 


About the project owner

The author - Annick Davignon

Annick Davignon grew up in the North Shore region of the province of Quebec. She moved to Quebec City in 2007 to do a Baccalaureate in International Studies and Languages. During her years of studies, she traveled and that led her to follow a carreer in the field of international solidarity. Her openness to the world makes her meet the beauty of human connections which leads her to question her own way of contributing to this,  which, according to her, is one of the keys to achieving global social harmony. Her reflections made her discover the practice of philosophy for children, non-violent communication, Clowns without Borders and other movements which have the common goal of contributing to world peace. She continued on her quest to find her place by taking a course in individual counselling before diverging towards training in Human System Intervention at Concordia University. All these detours brought her to realize one of her dreams, writing a book that tells her story through her clown, Bufanda.

The illustrator - Mona Eliceiry 

Having been immersed in an artistic environment since her childhood, Mona Eliceiry first became interested in the visual arts then went on to the field of scenography where she was attracted by the diversity of the profession and the liveliness of the theatrical environment. She successfully completed her studies at the Conservatoire d'Art dramatique de Québec in 2013. Versatile, she works as a set designer, costume designer or props on more than thirty productions in Quebec, Montreal and internationally. At this moment, she works as a costume designer for Cirque du Soleil on shows touring the world, it is in this context of travel and discovery, surrounded by clowns, musicians and acrobats that inspired to illustrate Bufanda!

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