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The book, "Brocéliande"

Between Dream and Reality

About the project

Brocéliande. Between Dream and Reality is a book of photographs depicting the seasons of the mythical forest of Brittany .

These images are accompanied by poetic texts on the themes of its legends, its history and its natural heritage.

It is not a guide, just a fresh and ethereal walk around the principal places that go to make up this forest.

For several years, Philippe Manguin has traveled along the forest paths to capture those ephemeral moments, where the light is gently filtered through nature. Each season gives its unique atmosphere, each hour of the day offers its artistic touch with more or with less intensity.

Viviane Fedieu Daniel has woven her own sensitivity around her words, in order to give nobility to our beautiful forest.

Characteristics of the book:

Rigid cover, landscape format A4 300x210mm

116 pages + end papers + cover

Interior printing:

116 pages, printed 4 colour, double sided on 150 gsm2 coated semi-mat + 8 white end papers of in offset 140 gsm2

Printing of the cover:

Printing in 4 colour on one side on coated 130gr + gloss lamination.

Stitching: Cardboard sewn section gathered and bound.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION ON ALL PAGES made by an English gentleman :-)

For all those who had participated, two years ago, in the adventure of the collective book from the Breizhscapes Photographers, "Perspective of Brittany", this book has the same technical characteristics. Given the very positive returns and the quality of the finishing, we chose to keep the same specifications with this edition.

All the photographs in this book are presented as, either full or double page spreads, in order to give them a better visual impact. We prefer to ensure that quality rather than quantity remains the major selling point, because we believe smaller images offer less detail and less visual comfort for the reader.

IMPORTANT - A question we might ask ourselves:  "Will it be ready for Christmas ?"

The answer is YES ... and well before.

Everything is arranged with the printers, so that the book will reach you at the beginning of December.

What are the funds for?

The financing will allow us to settle a large part of the printing costs which will amount to several thousand euros for the production of 1000 copies.

he offer of subscription to propose the posting of the book WITHOUT POSTAL COSTS.

These fees are only available to you when you are purchasing a shipment from anywhere in the world. At the end of the crowdfunding, the book will be available only to certain distributors in Brittany and locally at the rate of 24.90 euros and shipping to anywhere in the world with just 7.00 euros postage ( a total of 31.90 euros).

If the crowdfunding is a success and our objective is exceeded then, perhaps, we can finance the whole project! The magic of Brocéliande: -) ... we believe in it!

About the project owner

Viviane Fedieu Daniel - texts, photography and graphic design

From communication to photography, there was only a small step that Viviane Fedieu Daniel took professionally to illustrate both websites and magazines.

By participating in the photo library of a seaside town in Brittany, she discovered the pleasure of capturing the environment, in which she finds herself, her scenes and her heritage.

From this experience, the image has proved to be obvious, for it takes her ever further in a fusion between the inner world and the landscapes encountered. The tool became passion. And her goal now accompanies him step by step by sharpening the eyes and the senses. Seascapes has succeeded the forest of Brocéliande where she has remained since 2010. She chases the mists and the colours with a sometimes free interpretation of the legendary forest of Brocéliande.

Philippe Manguin - Photography

Photographer from the age of 15, when Philippe Manguin experienced his first photographic "click". A trainee photographer with the TV channel France 2, then as an assistant photographer in Paris, he always held on to photography, like a breath of oxygen. Now, after 17 years, he has returned to Brittany, the land of his origins, in order to further inspire his passion. He chases the ephemeral light to keep an eye on that which one sees, but only the once.

It is not by chance that he settled in the Forest of Brocéliande. Under the charms of this place, he resumed the impulse of making images, in a very generous playground. Brocéliande has long remained the dream territory of illustrators. By rediscovering her forest and her moors, Phillipe proposes to tell in another way the legends of this country. What if the main enchantment resides in the intimacy created between the photographer and his subject, to capture this essence and translate it into images?

The flora, always sovereign, regains her costume of nobility. The pictures are scenes that he composes within the atmosphere of the seasons, the winter mists and the fleeting light. They tell a story and open the parenthesis "Once upon a time ..." It's up to you to write the next lines.

A first small book entitled "Lumieres de Brocéliande" published by the two authors, was born in 2013, but in a more modest format, that left a need to present a more mature and more finished work.

So a larger and more solid format, with the offer of more images. That is why, four years later with these additional images

A new birth