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Box of Frogs

An exciting, new culture venue in Laval, Mayenne

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About the project

Box of Frogs is a project borne out of our passions: music, education and culture. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

We live in Laval, which is a relatively small city in the west of France, about 2.5 hours west of Paris. It's a nice enough place, quite industrial and agricultural and is the capital of the rural Mayenne department. However it lacks the sort of place where you can go and know that there will be something interesting to do, see or try.  


Sure, there are some nice bars and restaurants to go to but nothing that really breaks the mould, nothing that can leave you thinking you've really learnt something, discovered something or challenged yourself.

Our plan is to bring the most exciting creative pleasures into one diverse, cultural hotspot - a real place of discovery and enjoyment. It's an ethic that can be applied at every level within the project:

The bar will feature craft beers and diverse drinks from independent breweries rather than the mass produced offerings you find in most other bars. We'll be able to regularly change our drinks, especially draught beers, to always accommodate new tastes and offer something to discover. We'll also have tasting sessions and can even host workshops on cocktails and bar related activities so people can really get involved.

The stage has a big role to play. It will allow young, local talent to have somewhere professional to develop their skills in front of an audience, and that includes anyone from the arts whether they be musicians, actors, dancers, magicians ... any style, young or old, professional or amateur can have the chance to perform. We plan to have more well-known international artists come to entertain us too.

Our rehearsal room will give local groups somewhere to practise. It will be fully equipped with a drumkit, mixer, amps and mics etc and available for hire in 1 hour time slots. Clear the equipment away and it will transform into 2 rooms that can be used as conference or meeting rooms for businesses. They will also become the classrooms for English lessons that will be available, but if you have memories of English lessons at school, don't expect the same style here! We will use all the resources available at Box of Frogs in conjunction with Phil's proven teaching skills to help you learn real-world English, whether it be for professional business use or more conversational use. If you need help with a presentation, or exam preparation etc, or just want to speak regularly in a group without pressure in a relaxed setting, this will be the perfect place for you.

On top of this, there will numerous things to come and get involved with - masterclasses and workshops, regular exhibitions, themed evenings........ As you can probably tell by now, we're setting up a pretty diverse cultural experience only limited by our imagination and that of our community.

Now imagine that the staff were the most super-friendly, helpful staff ever. It's not really asking too much is it, but it's something that isn't always the case. Because we know how important this is, we will pride ourselves on service. Our staff will also be proactive in helping you meet people with similar interests or helpful skills - think of them as your social networkers who will put you in touch with like-minded people and as the reputation grows, so does your number of acquaintances.

Box of Frogs stands for a celebration of diversity. We want you to expect to see something different when you come, expect to hear different languages and drink different drinks. Embrace the spirit of adventure and have a go. It doesn't mean you can't just come and find a corner to sit quietly and enjoy a glass or two - that's still welcomed, but it will probably be a glass of something special.

What are the funds for?

Basically, the better we can equip the stage and practice/business rooms, the better the experience.

We need to fund a 6m x 4m stage that’s equipped with front of house speakers, mixing desk, additional sub woofers, room speakers, return monitors, lighting and rigs, microphones, stands, cables …….


The first priority will be to raise enough money for the stage itself. If we manage to hit our target, then we can start to think about the second priority: the sound system - speakers, consoles etc and after that, the third phase will be the lighting systems.

The rooms need a drumkit, mixer, amps, mics, cables, stands and projector, as well as whiteboards, tables and chairs.

These are just the bare essentials. Have you ever been to a professional concert or stage production? You’ll know the list could go on forever so the more we can raise, the more impressive the show can be!


After many months of planning and business training with BGE, we have, with their support, finished the business plan. Suppliers have been found, tarifs calculated, boxes ticked and now Box of Frogs is planned to open in September 2017. We have found a great premises for the project and all that remains is to be able to finance the interior building work through your help and the bank's. Everything is ready to rock and roll, so now it's down to you .... please contribute so we can keep the momentum going.

About the project owner


Made in France. In fact, born and raised in Laval, so no-one knows how the city rolls better than Angie. Qualified in Administration, Angie is responsible for all things associated with paperwork and general getting things done. She has a wide experience of helping to keep businesses moving having been spotted on the phone and helping people at banks, language school and dance school to name a few.

Her main interests are singing and handicrafts, even occasional DJing, and she spends a lot of time practising her favourite songs in preparation for her opening night karaoke performance that we’re all very much looking forward to.


Made in Great Britain. After studying music and working many years in the bar, music and education systems in England, Phil finally made his way over the Channel 10 years ago. Most recently, Phil was the manager of an English language school and now wants to use his vast experience to create the perfect hangout.

He generally likes everything that’s likeable. Except Justin Bieber. Come and talk to Phil about Aston Villa FC, motorbikes, tattoos, music (heavy metal to opera) and the most complicated English grammar you can imagine.


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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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