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Borja Catanesi - First Album

Help me to record my first album!

About the project

Hi everyone! My name is Borja Catanesi and I am from Valencia. I´ve been traveling over the past 3 years in Europe doing what I most like, playing my guitar in the streets. A tour that I´ve shared on my social media accounts, showing you the great moments that music creates, the most international language.   

My new project is recording my first album. I´m very excited to get in to the studio, surround myself with instruments and to show what I want to do. I´ll be recording the guitar, the bass, beatbox and piano. Funk, reggae, blues and rock&roll. There will also be collaborations with other musicians.       

First of all, I want to thank you all for the support I recieve daily! I´m very excited for this project and I hope for your help! Thanks again, and see you on the streets!

Get your t-shirt and bag as a reward!


What are the funds for?

To take my project forward I´ll need your collaboration. All proceeds will be used to cover the production costs of the album:

  • Costs of the studio
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Musicians
  • Merchandising
  • Printing of CD in bulk
  • Designs

About the project owner

My musical ´career´ started by playing the piano when I was little, at age 15 I played guitar for the first time. I played in various bands and groups. And two years later I went out busking for the first time! I discovered a new world of performing and sharing my music, without a stage in between. People liked what I did and it´s a direct form of connecting with the public. Since then I did not stopped busking. 

In 2015 I won the street musicians competition ´Feeling The Street´, a international competition for street musicians held by Toyota. The price was a tour through New Zealand together with 5 other winning street musicians. This great experience showed me the world of busking and traveling and since then I´ve started traveling a lot in Europe, playing in Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Austria…

Street art is from everyone and for everyone! It adds something to the city and fills the streets with joy and happiness. My recompenses all have a ´Support Street Art´ design, with that I want to support street art, because music and art is life! 

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