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Boogát • El Gato & Los Rumberos

Acoustic DIY EP

  • Quelques concerts avant le EP

    Qubolé everyone! 

    I hope that you're having an amazing summer start.

    I just began my summer shows serie and that makes that the making of the EP is delayed a little bit. We're starting the recordings mid-june, finishing mid-july and the EP that you all contributed to should be ready by september..

    For now, I have the pleasure to play a lot this summer and I invite you to come say hi at one of the following shows, more infos on

    • 06/06/19 • LILLE (FR) 

    • 06/07/19 • LILLE (FR) 

    • 06/22/19 • VICTORIA (CA) 

    • 06/23/19 • VICTORIA (CA) 
    • 07/03/19 • MONTRÉAL (CA) 

    • 07/05/19 • ORILLA (CA) 

    • 07/06/19 • ORILLA (CA) 

    • 07/06/19 • SUDBURY (CA) 
    • 07/07/19 • SUDBURY (CA) 

    • 07/13/19 • EASTMAN (CA) 

    • 07/20/19 • ST-BRUNO-DE-MONTARVILLE (CA)
    • 07/27/19 • SHERBROOKE (CA)  *DJ SET*

    • 08/02/19 • LAVALTRIE (CA) 

    • 08/07/19 • PETITE-VALLÉE (CA)
    • 08/08/19 • ST-FABIEN (CA) 

    • 08/09/19 • CARLETON-SUR-MER (CA) 

    • 08/10/19 • CAP-AUX-MEULES (CA)
    • 08/15/19 • REPENTIGNY (CA) 

    • 08/17/19 • STE-AGATHE (CA) 

    •  08/31/19 • MONT-TREMBLANT (CA)

  • This campaign's success is because of you all!


    This campaign is a huge success: 131% / 7875.00$ collected / 126 supporter and it's all because of you guys so, once again: Thank you!

    The recordings will start mid june and i'll keep you informed of the advancement of the project with exclusive footage and co. 

    I'll write to each of you personnally.

    Thanks again

    Talk soon


  • Everything must come to an end: Only 3 days left to this campaign that is already a success!

    Dear fans and friends:

    campaign which is already a success.

    We have exceeded our initial goal by 20% 
    We are at 120 % with 7 250$ given by 109 people

    We still have:


    Help me with the final push.


    Please share this link on your socials and by e-mail to your close contacts:

    Thank you so much mi gente and we'll be back with a new record shortly...

  • A message for you guys

    On March 25th I launched a crowdfunding campaign to make a new record:
    As an artist we wonder (at least, myself) how much people really love what we do. One show that the energy is not that great makes you forget 10 shows that we're amazing while the number of copies sold is always going down ... For everyone!

    In our field we say that we ''sell dreams'' and I see many artists (and I've already been of those) who strive to keep appearances up and look like stars while... ''Fake it till you make it!'' I kind of got tired and sick of it all.
    My life, like yours, has its part of shadows, negative energy, dark ideas, small winter depressions and crises of faith in myself; even if i am told that my music is full of sun and puts you a smile on.

    Success, buzz; is just a moment that, necessarily, can't last forever... It feels weird when you realize that you're ''after'' something intangible that you didn't really see pass you by. On March 25th, I was sincerely afraid to press the ''start the campaign'' button. ''What's going to happen if no one is boarding?''. And it hurts (I hurt myself, on my own, like the big kid that I am).

    There are now 15 days left to the campaign and in the last month people have energized me in an unsuspected way: not only do we have (I say WE because I didn't do this alone but with the help of supporters whom I will forever be indebted to) reached the setted goal, but we passed it: 110 % of the goal, 6650$, 100 supporters. Beyond the money, it's especially the fact that people commited to this project, that I'm not alone on this journey and that, my friends and fans, is worth a lot more than a record. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means the world to me.

    I owe you to be honest.


    Please continue to spread the word around you and on your socials.

    Thanks a lot

  • We just added new counterparts: Campaign's Official T-shirts / Private Shows

    Hola everybody!

    We now reached 105% of our goal / 6 300.00$ / 89 supporters 

    There's now 21 days left to the campaign so we added new counterparts, dreaming of reaching 10 000.00$ and turning this 5 songs EP into a 10 songs LP:

    Private shows and the Campaign's Official T-shirt, plus the original counterparts that are still available: digital album, the vinyl, the VIP long sleeve shirt, dinners for 2, 4 and 7 persons, hand made by myself.

    Please keep spreading the word around you and on your socials:

    Thanks a lot!