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Boogát • El Gato & Los Rumberos

Acoustic DIY EP

About the project

I want to produce a 5 songs EP, record it at my home studio, DIY. 

It's gonna be an acoustic record where everything will be recorded live and then resampled and relooped, respecting the esthetic of the original acoustic recording. Some kind of ''Boogát Unplugged'' for nerdy, nostalgic crate diggers, vinyl hunters and music lovers.

A record without electronic or amplified sounds, a vintage esthetic, real acoustic instruments notes only, played by real humans, old school style.


In the past I have done a lot of electronic based music, mostly inspired by the music of the 70's to the 2000's. I sampled a lot of different records from that period to a point that I started repeating myself and that's boring to me.

Then, more or less since last year, a lot of older generations people started lending me their vinyl collections, the kind that it takes a life to have. So without even looking for it I started getting interested by the sounds of latin music from the 20's to the 60's. I've discovered there a lot of undiscovered gems and started composing new material sampling diferent genres of that period: Danzón, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Bolero, Guaránias, Tango, etc.

At the same time, last year I performed with my musician friends at a Folk Music Festival in Kansas, in a context where we could'nt really play the amplified set (with sequences) we had prepared because there was no PA. We had to adapt. We chose to play the game and grab guitars, mutes for the horns and a Cajón instead of louder stuff. And something magic happenned at our shows: the crowd loved it and was 100% into it, dancing and singin with us. We where able to touch the people in a diferent, new manner, softer but transmiting the same energy and resulting in the same kind of party but in a closer communion. From that serie of concerts came the dream of doing a record without electronic and/or amplified sounds. 

Composing for an acoustic ensemble is pretty different from everything I have done so far but I have to say that it's a lot of fun even if it's a big challenge for me. I think that artists owes to themselves and to their fans to not repeat themselves and it's with that approach that I want to do that record. 

You can listen to 3 demos here:

What are the funds for?

The funds are to pay for musicians, arrangers, the mixing engineer, the mastering engineer and a part of the vinyl printing.

I'm doing the recording, the production, the artistic direction, the cover artwork and the coordination of the project.


Here are the main costs that this crowdfunding campaing will cover:

• $ 3 000.00 CAD • Musicians & Arrangements: Guitar / Piano / Baby Bass / Percussions / Trombone

• $ 1 000.00 CAD • Mix

• $ 300.00 CAD • Mastering

• $ 3 000.00 CAD • Vinyls


There are 5 levels to this crowdfunding campaign:

1 • $ 6 000.00 CAD • We get to do the EP for everyone to enjoy

2 • 8 000.00 $ CAD • New items unlocked for contributors

3 • 10 000.00 $ CAD • The 5 songs EP becomes a full 10 song LP

4 • 12 000.00 $ CAD • New items unlocked for contributors and we record a live session

5 • 15 000.00 $ CAD • We record a video + we give an extra color to the vinyl  + liner notes, etc. 




About the project owner


Boogát is a multi award winning Canadian-Mexican musician from Québec who mixes Hip-Hop with Latin music like Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton and more…

The son of immigrant parents from Paraguay and Mexico, he was born in Québec City and raised in Beauport Beach. In 2001, he moved to Montreal where his career started.

Singing first in French, Boogát moved to Spanish after playing with the electronic music producer Poirier and the Latin music group Roberto Lopez Project; discovering a new world of possibilities that opened the way to collaborate with artists such as El Dusty, Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá, G-Flux, Cut Chemist, La Yegros, Uproot Andy, Lido Pimienta, Supersan, Mati Zundel, Kid Koala, Schlachthofbronx, Pierre Kwenders, Radio Radio and El Remolon, amongst others.

In 2013 he released ”El Dorado Sunset”, his first Spanish album. The album won two Félix Awards for ”Best World Music Album” and ”Producer of the Year”. Since then he has been touring Canada, USA, México, Argentina, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic and Spain.

In 2015 he released ”Neo-Reconquista wich won both a Félix and a Juno Award for ”Best World Music Album” in 2016.

”San Cristóbal Baile Inn”, which includes collaborations with Andrés Oddone, Frikstailers, Miss Bolivia, Niña Dioz and Lemon Bucket Orchestra, was just released in 2017.

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