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Boo: recyclable and compostable bamboo toothbrush

About the project

New goal: 200%!

Now as the 150% step is unlocked, we can offer you:

  • adult model with medium bristles, in addition to model with soft bristles!
  • 4 colors of bristles for children and 4 colors for adults. We still retain a neutral model, that is to say with white bristles. As you participate in the financing of this project, we will soon open a vote for the other three colors! Keep watch for news ;)!
  • customizations because we can acquire a laser engraving machine (yay!).
  • ... A bit of time and resources to work on prototypes of our project in order to be able to offer you toothbrushes much more environmentally friendly!

If the level 200% is reached, we can offer you:

  • having a cash advance for a stock of BOO,
  • the opportunity to make a prototype of our project to offer you toothbrushes much more environmentally friendly
  • broadening our bathroom range, always towards reducing waste: shhh, for now it's a surprise!
  • to spend on a professional and environmentally friendly printer!
  • ... and as promised, the following of our video!

We expect you to... 300%!?! As you are wonderful and terribly effective, we trust you to talk about our project around you and on social networks. And if we reach them? Uh... we'll keep you informed!

Appointment to 300% !!!



4.7 billion: this is the number of plastic toothbrushes consumed annually in the World. 

These toothbrushes are not recycled because they are made of several types of plastics. Thrown in landfills, they are washed away by runoff and are found in nature and in our oceans. Obviously, this pollution is not without consequences for our environment and our health.

We decided to act by creating My Boo Company, a French brand, in order to offer bamboo toothbrushes, nicely called Boo: the best ecological alternative to plastic to keep smiling!

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The handle of Boo is made of Moso bamboo. We wanted this giant grass species due to its many qualities, including:

  • species not eaten by pandas,
  • growth record (from 40 cm to 1m per day!),
  • not watering not pesticides not fertilizers needed in its natural environment,
  • carbon neutral: it consumes more CO2 and rejects more O2 than our trees. Operations and shipping are compensated!
  • naturally anti-bacterial, not need treatment to make it rot.

Like all bamboos, moso is a invasive specie. We think this is not environmentally clever to deforest and introduce this specie, because it risks creating an imbalance in ecosystems and a loss of biodiversity. So we have chosen a Chinese producer because the moso bamboo is originally from China. The bamboo is certified FSC, this label ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests. Our toothbrushes are manufactured locally (for now!).

The pretty BOO logo is laser engraved on the brush handle to reduce the use of inks. Obviously, as the handle of Boo is not treated, it is 100% biodegradable and compostable!


The brush bristles are nylon 6, suitable for vegetarian diets.This nylon is manufactured from castor oil derivatives (instead of oil). If it is not compostable, it is 100% recyclable.

The bristles are Bisphenol-A free, additive hazardous to health but present in many plastic toothbrushes.

Today, it is the best compromise effective brushing (large mechanical qualities) for a product with an environmental impact reduced.

Nevertheless, we continue to look for new solutions to offer you brush teeth Boo always more natural with the least impact on the environment. It's not perfect yet, but it's a big step in the right direction!


A product can only be environmentally friendly if the packaging is friendly too! So we pay attention to use material as green as possible: vegetable fibers, vegetable inks.

We also looked at minimizing the over-pack! Boo is therefore in a unique bag made ​​of recycled paper, 100% biodegradable:

Obviously, it lacks a nice presentation on this drawing that looks like this:


Our product range consists of an adult modelsoft bristles and a child modelultra-soft bristles.

First, the bristles will be white, but we will quickly diversify the colors so that everyone can recognize his toothbrush. For that same family, we do not mix the brushes!

We will also propose customizations, such as engraved a name, and limited series in collaboration with young artists and designers ...

Finally, fabric bags made ​​from scraps will be offered as travel cases.


The bamboo toothbrush lifespan is identical to that of a plastic toothbrush. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months.

Regarding to proper care, it is simple: it is the same as a plastic toothbrushes!

It is possible that Boo bleaches, especially in its upper part. Do not worry, this is quite normal! This is simply because the handle is made of natural bamboo, unvarnished.


How to recycle your Boo? Nothing's easier!

To start, you need to either cut his head (a french speciality) or remove the brush bristles: it's very easy using a clip! This will allow you to remove the small metal clip which retain the bristles in their hole.

Then you can place the bamboo handle in your compost bin or compost units in your neighborhood or recyclagle: it is 100% biodegradable! At least six months are needed to biodegrade bamboo.

The metal clip and nylon are 100% recyclable. Just check with your town and drop them in the specific bin. Otherwise, you put the cutted head in the recycling waste bin or the common bin.


In My Boo Company, we are sensitive to the impact of our actions which can have more or less long term on the environment. The simple fact that there is too much plastic waste in our daily use bamboo toothbrush is already a huge gesture for our planet.

Boo offers the possibility of not to change our habits - brushing your teeth in peace - while integrating into our lives an eco-friendly routine. Taking care of our teeth while protecting the planet and reducing our waste, it is possible! Cheers for Boo attitude!

By adopting Boo, you act directly reducing your impact on the environment and supporting associations. We will not make a fuss, because we believe that this support should never be used as a selling point.

We are working on the establishment of a partnership with SurfriderFoundation (protection of lakes, rivers, coastlines and oceans). If you wish, you can also donate through Helloasso (for France), crowdfunding platform dedicated to associations. You choose the amount of your donation and the local organization you wish to support from those available: you fund and initiatives and local actions in the area close to your heart!

What are the funds for?

Our project, funded with our economies allows us to offer you an adult model (white soft bristles) and a child model (white ultra-soft bristles too).

Thanks to your donations, if we reach our goal, we could expand our product range:

  • adult model with medium bristles,
  • 2 colors of bristles for adults,
  • 2 colors of bristles for children.

Your support would also allow us to acquire a laser engraving machine. We could then offer customizations as burn a name.

We would also have the possibility of limited series toothbrushes. Decorated with original designs created by young artists or designers, they will be even more beautiful!

>>> And if the goal is reached, why continue to support us?

Simply because it would allow us to have a bit of cash advance to be able to offer you, not 2, but 4 colors for adults and kids!

But because it would give us the ability to produce prototypes of more ecologicaltoothbrushes. We have ideas that would allow us to offer a product more clean and respectful of nature. But before you can use it, we need to verify its feasibility and test it!

>>> Counterparties

We offer counterparties in the form of pre-orders: from €10, all donators will receive at least a toothbrush!

To thank you, we have also planned pockets made ​​of travel fabric bags for your toothbrush, tote bags, donations to Surfrider Foundation...

About the project owner

My Boo Company is Camille and Benoît. His creation, a true a synergy of complementary skills. The idea came one evening brushing our teeth. The conclusion was simple: too much plastic and waste not recycled in our daily lives.

Both lovers of oceans and anxious to limit our impact on the environment, we have decided to take action by offering bamboo toothbrushes, recyclable and biodegradable. For us, it is possible to consume differently while brushing your teeth as before! A small change to a big difference over the long term.

Curious by nature, doctor of ecology, Camille has
professional experience in fundamental research, heritage conservation, archeology and education.

Born globetrotter, graduated in international trade, Benedict worked in the areas of environment, vocational training and the Web.

Optimistic, we love nature (especially the sea), hiking (some), travel (a lot), read (beyond reason), a night out to watch the stars and admire the Moon (and falling asleep also…). And we are also amateur photographers in our spare time!

Instagram Camille: it is here
Instagram Benoît: 
it is there.

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Thank you wholeheartedly for your support and please share with your entourage!

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