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It's Not Normal

Agriculture and food production & how we can do better

About the project

I wrote this booklet (140 pages) in Dutch to give an overview of the huge system change that is actually taking place in agriculture and food production in the Netherlands right now.  A change from industrial agriculture and food production to closed-loop and circular farming systems. Please check the Dutch version on this site. In case you don't read Dutc I like to share the content with you, in English. Even if you won't be able to read the Dutch booklet, I would be happy with your  support for the publication, planned in December 2018.

My English book 'TRANSITION TO AGROECOLOGY, FOR A FOOD SECURE WORLD'  is still available. IIf you support me with 25 euro's or 20 BPS, I will send you a copy .

What is it about?  We find ourselves in the middle of a huge transition in agriculture, food production and consumption. new developments that were hidden, now become visible and becme organised. 

We change our eating habits; we are more concsious of where the products we buy were produced; we use the 100 miles rule: buying only products from within a 100 miles. We don't want intensive animal husbandry anymore,  we don't want animals to suffer, we don't want antibiotics and pesticides in our surface water any longer. We don't want any more tropical rainforests demolished only to grow soy (for animal feed) and palmoil (for 'our' industries).  But does it change? Can we influence the big processes, where so much money is at stake?

Yes we can.  Frontrunner farmers and organisations are making the change to more healthy, sustainable ways of producing, against all odds. We see e.g. closed-loop agriculture, conservation agriculture, no till, permaculture, agroforestry, agroecology, nature inclusive agriculture, consumer supported agriculture. And there is an increasing number of NGOs, scientists, advisers and civil sciety which support such new developments, as foundations or asosciations and as knowledeg exchange platforms on internet and in practice.  Even the FAO started promoting agro-ecology. We only need to support them and we need to buy locally. 

So  what needs to be done and how can we do that, manage that, enable that, together? If you are interested, do have a look at ths you tube film, which explains the question rather well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raSHAqV8K9c

What are the funds for?

The funds are required as our joint contribution to the publisher Eburon in Delft, NL to enable thim to publish this book for a decent price, 15 euro a piece, to make it available to as many stakeholders as possible. 

About the project owner

Throughout my life it has been my mission, and adventure really, to share and communicate with others and now with you, about what it means to be living in this world. Right now we experience - and are propelling - a  marvellous change that is taking place by all those who have their heart in the right place. My slogan is "Be the change you want to see in the world".  So that is what I do, trying to be a living example of a 21st century sustainable world inhabitant, partnering with nature, respecting the earth, animals, plants, reducing my ecological and water-footprint. 

Since we are reaching the tipping point in this agricultural transition, I feel it is of the utmost importance that everyone knows and can understand what is happening; instead of becoming scared of unexpected changes.