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Bluff Battle

Your New Bluffing Experience

About the project

Be a Pirate!
​Bluff and have a blast like never!

It'll be soon possible with this awesome dice game for Smartphones, Tablets and PC : THANKS TO YOU!

The very first Update is available in the News page !

If you discover Bluff Battle, first read the following:

What are the funds for?

You will also see in the rewards part that some of the ships have to be funded. In fact, it takes several days of work to create a game scenery such as the frigate's pontoon (see below): the result is already significant and remarkable. It is much better to know that the ship on which the game takes place might be yours soon, as you will for sure fleece its pirate! That is why I really encourage you to support the ship you would love to see unlocked and to spread the word!  

Here's the first drawing of a ship of our amazing flotilla (and the second game scenery with the Tavern)!

I can't imagine what 3dlight studio is capable of with these incredible designs, and you? 
Let's unlock all these ships in order to have an answer and, honestly, no doubt we can throw the dice on stunning sceneries! 

About the project owner

We fervently hope to develop this game with you. That is why all of your feedbacks will be taken into account with pleasure and attention! 

Do not hesitate to tell us what you like, and what kind of future you imagine for this independent community game. Please, support the project and share it around you! 

All your initiatives and actions allow us to take this game to the success he deserves, and we already are infinitely grateful to you for that!

In return for your generous donations you will be offered interesting rewards. We indeed want everybody to find its interest and motivation in these very original gifts. For that, we offer you numerous donations stages, from 5 up to 1500€. 

I wish I had been able to give everybody a pirate caricature if I had the money, trust me! It requires lots of time (and I would like to add "a lot of talent" as well: every caricature has to match with your very unique and original faces) to get this kind of work done, and that is why some rewards are expensive... But who never dreamt of being part of a video game? I confess I did! Now it's all done! (Did you find out? ... The green character with a red crab on his head!) . 

All the rewards are detailed on the right banner of the Ulule website, and also here below. Make your choice, take a closer look to what you like the most, and ask your questions via the website or by writing directly to [email protected] I will be more than happy to answer you and to find the best way to please you!

Thank you for your interest in our project and in the team that makes it become real: both of them are incredible!

Talk to you soon!


What are the rewards?


  • What kind of game is this?

    Bluff Battle is a fun an exciting casual game, that is accessible to all. The game will captivate you and keep you on your toes thanks to short and intense games filled with humour, bluff plays, twists and turns, and succession of surprising combos!

    Your character is craving for rum, gold and for bigger pirate ships! Launch an attack on adversaries with an equivalent level, and achieve a Pirate Lord reputation, which will allow you to become extremely rich and to have amusing new abilities!

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • What is the main goal of the game?

    In Bluff Battle, the main goal is to enjoy playing while evading the pitfalls: you will notice how immediate this is when you will have countered an opponent who tried to fool you with putting on a hangdog expression…

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • What are your goals in Bluff Battle?

    Help your pirate avatar to enhance its standing and to get the reputation he deserves: he will be upgraded from Ship's Boy to the Guardian of the Pirate Code, and via the grades of Captain, Baron, and other Emperor Pirates.                                                                                                        Then you will unlock the 6 ships of the game on which you will welcome crazy games, with unforgettable bluff plays!                                                                                          Show everybody that you are the best bluffer sailing on the high seas, and that you just can't teach an old dog new tricks!

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • How to improve your reputation?

    Your reputation as a pirate is directly related to your number of victories and to your ability to bluff! Your image can also easily be ruined by your defeats and by the bluff plays that you did not manage to avoid!                                                                        You are consequently invited to make progress in a crazy bluff universe in order to win all of your games by bluffing more and better than others, and by avoiding as much as possible to be fooled by your adversaries!

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • What are the stakes of a game?

    Bluff Battle will test your nerves! When you're fighting an opposite crew, you are risking your gold, your reputation (RP or Reputation Points), but also your ship! This is absolutely essential to replace money and maintain a certain tension level in a bluff game.                                                                                                                           If you loose (by running-out of money to bet), you are tossed overboard, and your opponents can laugh at you...                                                                                            On the contrary, if you triumph over your ennemies, you can leave with your head high, and win a reputation bonus or even steal a huge ship that might have their holds full, may you be lucky!                                                                                            For that, you'll need to have a bit of luck, to be able to figure your adversaries out (you will be able to see their bluffing stats, which is a great feature!) and you will have to know how to bluff!

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago

  • Is Bluff Battle a form of gambling?

    Contrary to poker, Bluff Battle will always allow you to leave with gold without paying (which allows you to bet) and without any limitation.                                                                            However, particular attention was paid to the stakes of the games, so that the bluff can assume its full importance!

    Last updated: 6 years, 2 months ago