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Marine life and Underwater photo book from Mexico

About the project

Raising awareness through image, about environmental problems is an essential step for a wildlife photographer. That’s why I decided to launch the myNature series, sponsored by Jacques Perrin, which will invite you to explore the oceans, discover the poles, cross the jungle in an atmosphere of preservation and protection. A hymn to Nature, whose seasons have marked the tempo of my encounters.

With this first book of the myNature series, I’m taking you to the heart of Mexico. The waters that surround this country of a thousand colors are a place of migration and a refuge for many species. These pages distill nearly a dozen years of exploration, encounters, and exchanges, and aim above all else to speak for preservation. You’ll discover oceans, seas, lagoons, and underwater caves and share in the emotion and poetry of some of my most treasured meetings.
Blue Mexico lies between the blue of the sky and that of the ocean. A haven of peace conducive to exceptional marine and submarine discoveries.

This book offers people from different professions for whom preserving biodiversity is a priority the opportunity to express themselves. Their accounts speak to the need to preserve the nature around us: Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) Director for France and Francophone Africa; Ellen Cuylaerts, underwater and wildlife photographer; René Heuzey, director and underwater film producer; Diego Antonio Nuñez Martinez, bird guide and naturalist in the national sanctuaries off the northern shore of the Yucatán; Alban Michon, polar explorer, ice and underground diving specialist; Hugo Verlormme, writer with a passion for the oceans, and Germán Yáñez, underwater speleologist, specialist of cenotes in Mexico.

Jacques Perrin agreed to sponsor the myNature series. It is a great honour for me to have the support of a man profoundly engaged in the protection of environment. He has acted in more than 80 films and has directed and produced several films about nature and animal kingdom such as Oceans, microcosmos, Le Peuple migrateur, Les Saisons...



I’m very proud that photographer and photojournalist Brian Skerry accepted to write the foreword. He is a fervent oceans’ advocate. He's working with National Geographic for over twenty years, raising our consciousness and bringing a message of hope.


During this crowdfunding campaign, I decided to support 4 NonProfit Organizations.
For 1 book sold = 2 euros donated, for 1 set of postcards sold, = 1 euro donated, for 1 Fine Art print = 7 euros donated

  • Fundación Letras Itinerantes carries books to Mayan communities. it provides children with access to books, stories, and poems in the state of Quintana Roo in Yucatán peninsula
  • Un Océan de Vie  fights against the invasion of plastic waste in the oceans and on beaches by raising awareness among people through clean-up projects.
  • Shark Mission France raises public awareness to mobilize for better protection of sharks.
  • Cetasea builds a network for the protection of marine mammals and their natural habitats. The association plans to build its first marine life protection center in the southern Landes (France) to accommodate the animals that need it.

Big thanks to my sponsor Phocea Mexico
led by Didier Manenq for his support.


This first book (as well as the upcoming series) will be produced in 25 cm x 30 cm landscape format, printed hardcover, square back; 184 pages composed of photos, texts and illustrations, in both French and English.

Languages: English & French
Hardcover: 184 pages
Published: October/November
Price : 35 € (40€)

What are the funds for?

Self-publishing is an expensive solution, but it gives the author creative freedom. Therefore, I chose this option and I am asking you for a pre-sale purchase to ensure the printing of Blue Mexico. The price is 35 euros instead of 40 euros during this campaign. All of your contributions will be used for printing books. The rest of the fees (illustrations, translations, Ulule commission, taxes, packaging) will be borne by the project owner.

If this amount reaches 100%, the book will be printed,
If this amount exceeds the initial target, the profits will contribute to the creation and printing of the continuation of the  myNature series.
If, however, the target is not achieved, your entire contribution will be refunded to you.

I thank all those who supported my project and I propose the following rewards:

• Set of 11 postcards, 15x12 cm


• TheBlue Mexico  book with your name on a particular page dedicated to thanks.

• Fine Art prints: 50x70 cm or 30x40 cm format, to choose from these 3 photographs.

Photo n°1


Photo n°2

Photo n°3

About the project owner

Driven by the desire to raise public awareness to endangered species problem, I set a goal for myself to encounter them for the last twenty years. From land to ocean, my travels lead me to collaborate with agencies involved in the environment and to participate in several scientific missions for the identification of marine and terrestrial species. When I come back in France, I share my experience with the public at conferences and exhibitions: an essential step, because I am convinced that the more we will awaken consciences, the more this world will return to reason.

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