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Black(s) to the Future

A groundbreaking insight of africanity and its means of expression.

About the project

​“Africanity goes beyond times, nationalities and interests. We want to give it the dignity it deserves.”

Black(s) to the Futureaddresses everyone involved in the African development : artists, searchers, intellectuals, even onlookers. As a space where creative Panafrican initiatives come together, it takes up the AFRICA + FUTURE gauntlet, through :

  1. the editing of SYNCRETICS (visual & textual short news flashes), a BLACKBOARD (a collection of articles, from interviews to reviews...) and SOUNDS & MOTION (mixtapes, videos, memes…) ;
  2. the organization of events (workshops, exhibitions, parties, conferences…) ;
  3. the production and/or sail of specific goods (art, fashion, design).

Black(s) to the Future ambitions to become the transmedia reference platform for a new relationship - prospective, sustainable and uninhibited able to :

  • OVERTAKE a stereotyped collective unconscious on Africa and its diaspora ;
  • PROVIDE a critical thought on what is blackness today ;
  • FEED inspiration through an Afrofuturistic vision of the world.



1)The web platform first suggests a free-access visual and editorial content : an online mook (magazine / book), filing a large panel of creative, artistic, musical, green, political, economical, philosophical … initiatives in order to valorize Africanity.

It will also include its own soundtrack with regular mixtapes, and feature : a glossary putting forward afro-linguistic specificities, M.O.O.Cs & tutorials (massive open online courses, DIYs...), a cultural calendar and a chilling space with memes, gifs, jokes

(the beta version of our website, launched on september 1st 2015!)

2)               The editorial and visual content will be sustained thanks to the publishing of a black box that selects the best modern Panafrican artistic creations, understands the issues of those creations and offers the readers an original object making it easier to promote interations, discoveries and exchanges.

(the pack we offer in compensation is a 1st sketch of the black box - its setting up, which largely depends on the success of this campaign - Item may differ from the image!)

3)        We will also offer to our community the opportunity to become prescribers of this positive vision of Afrofuturism through the development of an e-shop and its own brand - B(S)TTF, with limited editions (design, clothing, art…), derived from the creative contents posted online.

(few exemples of what we would like to achieve - launch of the brand some time in 2016 - Item may differ from the image!)

4)         The project will at last be developed within events such as festivals, meetings, exhibitions or conferences... in order to federate actors and the public around their common interests, in the same way we will with our very first launching party.


And for those who may have been wondering... !

What are the funds for?

Through this campaign, we have 3 goals :

1) Launch the website beta version in september 2015.

2) Produce the 3 first BLACK BOX (the reward "packs").

3) Breed a community / Awaken people’s consciousness / Imagine the future.

  • BLACK BOX production : 47 %
  • WEBSITE (V.0) realisation : 25 %
  • distribution & communication fees : 10 %
  • launch & development fees : 10 %
  • ulule comission fees : 8 %


About the rewards

  • Shipping costs are included for EU.
  • Beyond, we won't be able to provide for them under the B(s)ttF = PRIDE stage.

About the project owner


Black(s) to the future was designed by Mawena Yehouessi (art & editorial direction) and developped with the help of Hélène Dunner and Patrick Yehouessi.


Clémence Denis / Timothée Nicot (communication) ; Steffi Njoh Monny / Benjamin Walewsk (editorial and music content) ; Lamine Dramé (webdesign)

Your ideas, remarks and questions :     [email protected]

Your visual, text or music proposals :     [email protected]


[email protected]