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Bitch, Popcorn & Blood OST - Vinyl

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood / Original Sound Track - Vinyl edition

About the project


Bitch, Popcorn & Blood is a short film by Fabio Soares, about Lily, popcorn seller lost in the middle of nowhere. Shy, awkward, Lily deals with daily frustrations, amongst unhappy customers and her colleague Melody, of whom she is the scapegoat. One day, her subconscious arrived, and two nonchalant foreigners...

Mix of onirism, violence and dark humor, Bitch, Popcorn & Blood is simply the bomb that everyone has ever dreamt of being one day. Closed door sounding rock, blues and electro, the film offers an eclectic soundtrack starring three artists: the German group Junksista, American singer and actress Jane Badler and the French group Faith & Spirit. Powered by music, the movie sound editing is signed by Vivien Thielen, singer of this last band.

Acclaimed by the audience and critics at the premiere, the project aims at creating a limited edition of the soundtrack as a vinyl, accompanied by a digital HD version of the movie.


24 minutes long, the soundtrack contains five songs and two extracts from the movie, on a 12 inch vinyl (45rpm). A digital version of the soundtrack is included, to enjoy it on any device (computer, tablet, smartphone ... )

Junksista - German electro-rock band from Biberach - worked funk sounds from the 80’s to deliver a custom composition for Bitch, Popcorn & Blood soundtrack. "Live a little" is the main theme, features Jean Badler, which tends to make her character more enigmatic. The second track, "Like your shoes", comes from their debut album Bad Case of Fabulous and offers a modern blend of blues and electro.

Jane Badler
American cult actress, worshiped by a generation after embodying the evil Diana in V tv show, Jane Badler plays La Femme Fatale. From now on singer, Jane Badler travels all over the world looking for creative musical collaborations. Her third album Opus, including "Volcano Boy", was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jeff Bova, winner of a Grammy Award.

Faith & Spirit
Parisian rock band, Faith & Spirit takes many influences to which they have the greatest respect. Noise And Confusion is in the right line of Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Rolling Stones. The second title, "It's Your Turn To Cry", offers a closer composition of electric blues. The band name is a tribute to Elvis Presley.

A Side (12’21)
- Junksista ft. Jane Badler - Live a little
- Junksista - Like your shoes
- Faith & Spirit - Noise and confusion

B Side (11’28)
- J.Hägele & C.Blackwater - A tiny smell of popcorn
- Faith & Spirit - It’s your turn to cry
- J.Badler & C.Perronace - The Queen of Bitches
- Jane Badler - Volcano Boy


Bitch, Popcorn & Blood premiere was screened on November 22nd at Panorama Max Linder (Paris), sold out.

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood
A film by Fabio Soares
Starring: Jane Badler, Cristina « Gogo » Blackwater, Jochen Hägele and Élise Gaiardo.
Lengh : 17 minutes / Format : 2:39 / Sound : 5.1, english, french subtitles

Jane Badler

Performed by American cult actress Jane Badler (the evil Diana in the V tv show) La Femme Fatale embodies Lily’ subconscious, a manipulative woman. After a very famous television career, Jane Badler shares from now on her time between cinema and music.

Cristina Blackwater

International tattooed model, followed by hundreds of thousands of people on social networks, Cristina Blackwater plays Melody, Lily's unbearable colleague. Beyond her unusual charism, the young woman offers a first talented cinematic performance.

Jochen Hägele

German actor with a deep and gravelly voice, Jochen Hägele plays the main male character: a talkative mysterious stranger. Traveling between France and Germany, Jochen Hägele rose to fame recently for his roles in "Run Boy Run" or "96 hours".

Élise Gaiardo

French actress with doe eyes, Élise Gaiardo plays the main female character: the frail Lily. A real challenge for her first major role, between dialogues, sequence shots and action scenes, the young actress trained several weeks to give life to this pushed to the limit woman.

"A modern western, keeping the heavy atmosphere of saloons, oozing beer and sweat"

"A tetanizing final"
Daily Mars

"A tense and bloody closed door"

"A masterful acting"

"A wind of madness on the formatted world of French short films"
Inked Magazine

" A new wave that changes us from cheap romantic Parisian psychodrama"

« So brilliant »

« A little jewel »
Vlog de Baf

« 100% Grindhouse »

What are the funds for?

We aim at 1,620€. The funding will allow us to go though the different steps of this project (detailed below).

Vinyl pressing and printing
100 12-inch Vinyl, 45rpm, black, colored sticker, in a white interior pocket with 2 holes. The cover will be in color, covered by a glossy varnish, with a thick edge (3mm). The disc will be delivered in a plastic bag, including a digital download link (movie and OST). The entire series will be numbered by hand.

Special Vinyl Mastering
In order to be adapted to the specificities of vinyl and to aim at the best musical experience, all the titles will be mastered by the Parisian studio Color of Sound, vinyl mastering specialist since 15 years.

Postage and packaging
The crowdfunding includes postage and packaging.

Statement to the SRDM
Legal obligation in Europe, the disc will be declared to the SRDM (national federation in charge of royalties in France), a cost we have to include to make this project real.

Finally, exceesing the aim will let us expand the number of copies of this limited edition, and cover the registration fees of film international festivals.

About the project owner

Fabio Soares
Visual artist in a first position, i am now movie writer/director. Mainly working on crating original universes, Bitch, Popcorn & Blood is my second movie, right after the alternative western Woman With No Name (starring Laura Satana, Bernie Bonvoisin, Arben Bajraktaraj and Brigitte Lo Cicero)

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood has been co-written with my friend Mike Zonnenberg. Caring about the project’s artistic independance, it has been fully self-financed. On purpose violent and shifted, my movies touch on my favorite topic : Women.

“Being emancipated towards violence is a fair turn of event! The Woman in movies is often just there to reply of fall in love with the hero. Cinema is as sexist as our society after all. Beyond that, I like to write about this disordered balance of power, womanhood and social fight in general.”
The Parisian Post - Janruary 2015

Do not hesitate to follow me to keep in touch! Moreover, you can contact me on Ulule for any question, I’ll answer with pleasure.

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