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Birdie Memory - Learn to listen to nature

Simply scan the poster with a smartphone, the birds start to sing, it's magic!

  • "Et voilà !"

    This is the end of this campaign, which ends with the more than respectable score of 163% of the goal achieved, thanks to the support of 183 contributors.

    For us, the long-distance run is not over yet: we are now actively preparing posters and rewards for you to have in time for Christmas, as promised. You will receive an email informing you of the shipping of your order in the first days of December.

    A little more patience, you will soon be able to listen to all the forest in your room!

    Another big thank you to everyone 💙


    Lena & Yoann

  • [H-12] Just a few hours left !

    Go go go !!


    PS : 160% OMG 😱

  • 🐥Last days 🐥

    There are only a few days left to buy the Birdie Memory posters on Ulule!

    Past this Thursday at midnight, the sale will be over. If you have friends or colleagues who may be interested, it's time to talk to them, as well as re-launch those who wanted a poster but risk missing the boat!

    Why is it important?
    On Ulule, you are sure to receive your poster before Christmas, and in addition the shipping costs are offered, not to mention the goodies. We try to take care of our first users as much as possible and to be worthy of the trust you place in us.

    But beyond that, the more successful our campaign is, the more weight and credibility we have to consider the future. Your support and relay are more important than ever in this last straight line. We are counting on you !

    Thanks again to you, and see you very soon!


    Léna & Yoann

  • Nature et Découvertes supports Birdie !

    We are happy and very proud to count with the support of the french brand: Nature & Découvertes distinguishes every month a project on Ulule and this month they chose Birdie! In concrete terms, they boosted our gauge by adding 1000 € of contribution. We have therefore happily crossed the 2nd level that we had set (120%), which means that as promised, we will offer 10 posters to libraries.

    We are now at 130%, a nice score no? And there is still a week to go... We propose a new challenge: reach 150%!

    If we get there:

    • we offer to all contributors 3 colouring-pictures of birds of the poster (in Pdf for the contributions lower than 29 €, and printed for all the others) 
    • and we offer a Birdie Memory poster to 10 elementary schools!

    Thanks again to all for your words of encouragement,


    Yoann & Léna

  • All these birdsongs, where do they come from?

    We would love to tell you that we dressed all in khaki and went early in the fields to record the song of the Blackcap or the Goldcrest, but in fact it din't go quite like this.

    The 20 birdsonsgs come from recordings of major European museums, the British Library of London and the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. The British Library for example has a fund of 5000 birdsongs. This database is freely accessible to the public under the Creative Commons license (if you mix on Saturday evening and you want to pimp your sets with Chiffchaff chirping, it's possible!).

    To help us see more clearly in all these twitterings, Maxime, Birdie Memory's ornithologist, made a selection to offer us representative songs for each species. John (the animator responsible for the irresistible swaying of our small birds) then stalled the movements on the sound for the illusion to be perfect:

    It is thanks to the Europeana Foundation, which brings together the archives of the European cultural and scientific heritage on its formidable portal, that we have learned the existence of these sounds that are at the heart of Birdie Memory.


    That's it, you know everything now.

    Lena & Yoann,

    PS: 105% today! Still 12 days to go, help us raise the objective! And for other anecdotes, follow us on Facebook!