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Birdie Memory - Learn to listen to nature

Simply scan the poster with a smartphone, the birds start to sing, it's magic!

About the project

The campaign is over, thank you!!
You can now order rhe posters from ourBirdie e-shop.



Birdie Memory is a fun, innovative and accessible way to learn how to recognize birdsongs. It is a large colorful poster representing 20 illustrated birds. By simply scanning the birds with the free app, the poster comes alive, the birds start to sing, it's magic! You can listen and listen as many times as you want the songs, then challenge yourself by playing the Memory. Suitable for toddlers from 3 years with an adult, then from 7 and up to 12-13. For bird lovers, no age limit!

Birdie Memory is a project by Léna Mazilu and Yoann Guény, two independent multimedia designers, with the help of Maxime Zucca, ornithologist at the Regional Agency for Biodiversity in France. The project is supported by the LPO (Bird Protection League) and the Europeana Foundation for European cultural and scientific heritage.

This Ulule campaign aims to help us finance the last stage of the project, printing and sending the poster. The first goal of 5000 € is reached, we aim now a second goal of 120% that will allow us to offer large posters to 10 libraries!


Original work by designer Lena Mazilu, the poster represents 20 common birds from Europe illustrated in a realistic way (well, okay, they are a little chubbier than in reality, but their main characteristics are preserved to make them identifiable!). A lot of documentation work was needed, some birds gave Lena more trouble than others...


Lena designed it first and foremost as an elegant decorative poster that fits into a child's room, a living room or a classroom.

We print in France. As everyone does not live in Versailles, we have 2 formats:

  • 60 x 80 cm, a perfect size for a kid room or tiny city center apartment
  • 120 x 80 cm, if you are lucky enough to have a big free wall! Ideal for schools or media libraries, for several children can play at the same time.


It works on an image recognition mechanism: by simply scanning the birds with the phone, the poster comes alive, the birds start to sing, it's magic!

You can listen and listen to the songs indefinitely, then challenge yourself by playing the Memory mode, which includes various levels of progressive difficulty.


The application is suitable for family and public use, but even professional or amateur ornithologists will have fun with it.

The app is free, compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets (from Android 4.4 and iOS 9). It is available as for now in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish).

You can already download it and try it with our cute little Robin.



Scan me!



Our commitment to nature

To be able to protect nature, one must be aware of its existence. Studies show that children spend less time each year playing or doing outdoor activities. The more we are cut off from nature, the less it is present in our imagination, and the less we think of engaging in its protection.

The commitment of the citizens of tomorrow is through the awareness of today's children: a child who recognizes the song of a blackbird or a great tit will feel more concerned about the protection of biodiversity.

Learning to look up!


Behind the game, scientific and accurate content

The scientific content of the application was directed by Maxime Zucca, ornithologist, member of the French National Council for the Protection of Nature and author of several reference works.

The 20 birds and their songs were selected for their diversity and presence throughout Europe. The songs come from recordings of major European museums (mainly the British Library of London and the Museum für Naturkunde of Berlin) made available to the public via the Europeana platform.

Example of sonograms (song visualization) used by birdwatchers and present in the Birdie Memory application


An educational game: early learning and memory training

Recognizing and memorizing a birdsong implies to mobilize visual and sound memory, it is a complete exercise that requires concentration. Children, even toddlers, show a tenacity and an impressive patience: the application Birdie Memory is built according to a ludic course which makes it possible to make mistakes and to start again, but which also incites to go further and to surpass oneself.

Without even realizing it, children (but also adults) become familiar with the song and the appearance of the 20 birds in the poster.


The interaction between paper and digital

Lena and Yoann are experts in the field of augmented reality and the interaction between physical objects and digital media. Lena co-directs a collection of children books with augmented reality at French publishing house Albin Michel Jeunesse.

Like us, children are intensively exposed to screens. We firmly believe that digital is an excellent medium for early leraning and discovery. We believe that digital is an excellent learning medium. Thanks to the sensory and tangible experience of the poster, this learning does not evaporate quickly once the screen is off.  By remaining present after the end of the game, the poster stimulates curiosity, imagination, exploration and sense of observation...

Moreover, the concentration necessary to listen to the songs, to compare them and to recognize them is a welcome break in a digital world that goes always faster and faster.


What are the funds for?

This pre-sales campaign main objective is anticipate the number of orders. Print prices are extremely gradually decreasing: printing 500 posters is 50 times cheaper than printing a single copy! If we know in advance that we have 500 orders, or 1000 (or 10,000, let's be crazy!), we can make economies of scale. Therefore the Ulule campaign will finance the scaling of the print production to maximize the market outreach.

Below is detailed the exact distribution of funding via Ulule:

This will also allow us not to advance funds, a significant advantage since we are independent freelancers and not a large company.

Beyond the 5000 €, the equation is simple: the more funds are collected, the more time can be dedicated to perfecting the project, to seek out distribution partnerships, to advertise..., in short, to make it grow.

About the project owner

Birdie Memory is an independent project, the fruit of the association of 2 multimedia designers, Léna Mazilu and Yoann Guény. Both have been trained at the Gobelins School in Paris, and have been working for years as independents on ambitious multimedia projects.

A bird specialist, Maxime Zucca, naturalist at the Regional Biodiversity Agency in Paris, accompanied them for the scientific dimension of the project.


Léna Mazilu - Designer

Graphic designer and illustrator Léna Mazilu is passionate about the interaction between the tangible objects of the "old world" and the screens that have invaded our lives. She is behind the "Histoires animées", a collection of children's books accompanied by an augmented reality application, translated all over the world.

Passionate about botany, animals, popularization of science, she likes explore different worlds, work with people from all origins and mix genres and techniques. 



Yoann Guény - Software developer

Very soon interested in interactive interfaces, Yoann Guény quickly became passionate about development. 
After several years at Grouek, a Parisian digital creation studio, he started his own business to create his own projects. This allows him to deepen different areas such as augmented and virtual reality, to teach his passion to the youngest at Gobelins School and to travel to discover new cultures.



Maxime Zucca - Ornithologist

Ornithologist since childhood, Maxime Zucca is a naturalist at the Regional Agency for Biodiversity in Île de France (Paris area), and a member of the French National Council for the Protection of Nature. 
He is the author of a reference book on Bird Migration in french.




The whole team, super comfortable in front of the camera ;)

We also worked with Jonathan Ozkurt, a talented animator who brought our little birds to life, and with Carmen Boronat Badia, our outstanding Spanish translator!






The Birdie Memory project has received a grant from the Europeana Foundation to fund the time spent on the poster design and the development of the application. This allowed us to devote serenely several months of work in design and development.

The Regional Biodiversity Agency in Paris region and the LPO (official representative of Birdlife International in France) support and recommend Birdie Memory as an awareness and learning tool.

Transform the poster into books, cards or puzzle, decline the concept with birds from other continents, animals from the savannah or the jungle, make the poster available in physical stores, initiate partnerships with museums or natural parks... We have plenty of ideas for the future! We even have too many ideas, and what's missing as always is time and money.

Your support will allow us to immerse ourselves in the project, to develop it as well as possible, while remaining faithful to our values: we like to take the time to do things well, in our own way, with a great demand for quality, and correctly remunerating each contributor.


More ?


  • Can I use the Birdie Memory app without the Birdie Memory poster?

    No. The application works via image recognition, so you have to scan the poster's birds to hear them sing and to play. We sincerely believe that learning and curiosity are stimulated by the vision of a printed image that we can continue to watch once all the screens are off. 

    However, to test the application before you buy the poster, you can download here a sample from the poster to print, and listen to our  cute European Robin!

    Last updated: 1 year, 11 months ago

  • What models of phones and tablets does the Birdie Memory application work on?

    The app works on all Android and Apple devices, as long as they have a camera and run on Android 4.4+ or iOS 9+ minimum.

    Last updated: 1 year, 11 months ago

  • Will the poster be delivered on time for Christmas?

    Yes, yes, yes !

    The Ulule campaign ends on November 22nd. We will immediately launch the printing (delay of about a week), and we will ship your orders early December. In time under the tree!

    Last updated: 1 year, 11 months ago