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Billi London: Biodegradable Tights

The Perfect tights, that biodegrade in a record time

  • Fancy a visit in our tights factory?

    Hi guys, 

    We hope you are well and enjoyed the sunny bank holiday weekend!

    In 2019, we packed our bags and went to Italy looking for the manufacturer of our dreams. ✨✈️ You should have seen us, we were like kids in Disneyland! We were so impressed with the complexity behind tights making and found it fascinating. 

    The machines are very technical and the check ups are constant. There is a real craftsmanship in the tights industry too requiring heavy investments to keep the quality to its best. 


    We discovered some interesting stuff! Did you know for instance that:

    👉🏼 A tight is sewed in white to start with (because the yarn is white) and it’s later in the process that it’s dyed?

    👉🏼 The length of the tight is super long after being sewed (taller than you!), it’s only after going into a special dryer that it will be the correct size?

    👉🏼 Both legs of the tights are sewed separately first and then assembled together? 


    Let’s go and have a look at it 💃🏼 


    It’s thanks to this meticulous process and your support that we will be able to produce this summer the perfect tights that biodegrade in a record time, to dress up your pretty legs from September !

    And if you want to know more about our process behind finding our tights manufacturer, it’s here: https://bit.ly/36F4157

    We reveal some useful information based on our own experience of starting up a business.

    Feel free to ask us any questions and/or comment below, or message us here [email protected]


    21 days left before the end of the campaign,

    let's reach the 500 pre-orders ! 💪🏼


    Lots of love and have a lovely week, 

    Sophie & Marie 💋


    Follow our adventure on our social media:

    INSTAGRAM: @billi_ldn

    FACEBOOK: @billildn


  • Billi London on French radio Europe 1

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being invited by Rhapaëlle Duchemin from Europe 1 to talk about Billi London, the world's first biodegradable tights brand. 

    To listen to the talk show, it's here (the first 8 minutes, in French) 🎬:


    🌱And to pre-order the only tights that biodegradable in a record time of 5 years, it's here 🌱:


    Pre-orders are available on Ulule until the 14th June only, and the tights will be delivered in September, to start the season properly :)

    Sophie 💋

  • Billi London launches the world’s first biodegradable tights

    Hello everybody and happy Tuesday! 

    We wanted to share with you this article about us from Maddyness UK, we hope you like it :) 

    Here is the link:https://www.maddyness.com/uk/2020/05/04/billi-london-launches-the-worlds-first-biodegradable-tights/

    Have a lovely day and don't forget to keep sharing with your entourage, we've almost reach 300 pre-orders! 

    Sophie & Marie 💋💋

  • 100% of our objective reached in almost 24 hours! 🍾 Let’s go for 500 pre-orders! 🚀

    THANK YOU so much for your participation as soon as we went live!

    Thanks to you and your mobilisation, we have reached our 1st objective in only 1 day.   🎉

    We are really happy, but of course, we are not going to stop there! We have planned more stages to go even further. 


    First, let’s start with 500 pre-orders, in order to raise awareness with more people about the impact that tights have on our planet. 

    This stage will avoid throwing 500 pairs of traditional tights taking hundreds of years to decompose and polluting our planet, thanks to you!

    But this will also lead us to the next stages, with more surprises for you! 🎁


    You can actively share the news on social networks, but also with your entourage! 

    Individual performances are not what matters. We win and we lose in a team!  So we need you to give us as much echo as possible: 

    Share the campaign link with your entourage who might be interested in our project!  


    And here is a message example (to personalise of course!):

    '' Hello, I hope you are well!

    I contributed to the launch of the world’s first biodegradable tights brand, made by two french entrepreneurs in London. Their project really resonated with me and concinved me so I thought it might interest you too.

    They are doing some special discounts with a limited quantity, so I’ll leave it with you to take a look if you are interested, let me know what you think: https://bit.ly/3cCy539

    Have a great day!’ 

    AND /OR

    👉 Share our adventure on Instagram 

    👉 Share our adventure on Facebook

    LET'S DO IT!!

    Sophie & Marie 💋💋


    We now deliver in Western Europe for free, youpiii! 

    We also deliver in the USA, but with a fee applied at checkout. 

    Thank you for your patience  ♥