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Billi London: Biodegradable Tights

The Perfect tights, that biodegrade in a record time

  • News from your Billi London order

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • ❤️ A BIG THANK YOU ❤️

    We are proud to say that our 30-day crowdfunding campaign successfully ended last night. It has been an emotional but incredible journey thanks to you. 

    We have reached 618 pre-orders from an initial objective of 250. This objective was even reached within 24 hours. In total, it’s 271 of you who contributed and believed in us and our products. 💪🏼🔥    


    We would like to THANK YOU ALL for spreading the words, for your support, your contributions, and your encouraging messages. 


    Thank you to the women in our Billi Club who’ve been helping us since last September behind the scenes to help us build Billi London.

    Thank you to Bernard Saltiel, former CEO of the French House Le Bourget who's been with us on this journey since the beginning and who has been vital to the development of our perfect tights thanks to his expertise. 

    A big thanks to our friends and family for bearing with us whilst all we have been talking about for the past 18 months is tights (not that they have had the choice anyway!).


    As promised, since we have successfully reached all our campaign stages, we will:

    • Co-create one of our next bold fashion tight with you and it will even be named after one of you.
    • Insert a golden ticket in three orders randomly, a voucher for the second Billi box delivered in November.
    • Donate 2% for each sale from our crowdfunding campaign to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.


    And now what? 🎉

    • We are going to launch the production of our tights, so they can be ready and delivered to you for the start of the season in September! 
    • We are finalising the design of our packaging, we can’t wait to tell you more.
    • We are also going to start planning the development of our next boxes, exciting time!


    And as promised, we will send you soon a message with our size guide so you can validate your size. 

    In the meantime, keep talking about us! We are hoping to re-open the pre-orders directly from our website very soon, we will keep you posted 😉


    Lots of love, 

    Sophie & Marie 💋 


  • LEG GO 👉🏼3 days left before our crowdfunding ends!

    🔥 Thanks to your support, we have a new goal of reaching 600 pre-orders before Sunday midnight, and we're 56 tights short to get there!

    🙌🏼 You've already helped us a lot, but we're counting on you to continue encouraging your loved ones to be part of the tights revolution. 

    ✨ We want to dress more legs in September with comfortable and durable tights, which are the first ones that biodegrade in less than 5 years instead of 40 to 100 years for traditional tights!


    LEG GO to help us achieve this new goal?

    👉🏼 Refer some friends with your personalised link: the more friends pre-order with your link, the more tights we’ll offer you. 

    👉🏼 Share our campaign on social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn.

    👉🏼 Share the link of our campaign anywhere: https://bit.ly/3cTUR5Y



    Thanks so much! ❤️🔥

    Enjoy your week-end.

    Sophie & Marie 💋


  • D-4 🔥 Sneak Peek of our tights and their design characteristics!

    🔥 D-4 🔥 

    Only 4 days left before the end of our crowdfunding campaign, this Sunday at midnight. The countdown is on!

    👊🏼 OBJECTIVE: Reach the 600 tights (and more)! 👊🏼

    We need your help 🤗

    This will allow us to take Billi London even further and randomly insert a golden ticket, a voucher for the Billi box of November, in three orders!


    Women are at the heart of our brand 💃🏼🤸🏼‍♀️

    Billi London promises elegant, comfortable and environmentally friendly tights.

    We created our tights based on women’s frustrations and in collaboration with the women in our Billi Club that we surveyed over the last 9 months. 

    Last September, we created three What’s App groups of 30 women to talk about their tights experience. And believe us, there is a lot to say! We almost had daily discussions with them and they have been crucial to the development of our perfect tights. 

    If you want to know more about how we created our tights, it’s just here! 👇🏼📽️

    (In French but subtitles are in English)


    We are so thankful to these Billi Girls!

    We are counting on EACH OF YOU to share our campaign with your loved ones and surroundings! 💪🏼


    A big thank you !

    Sophie & Marie 💋


  • Only 7 days left: Referral links are open!

    Can you believe that in 7 days our crowdfunding campaign will be over? On the 14th June at 23:59 to be precise.

    It’s hard for us to believe…

    This is the very last push, let’s do this 👏


    We’ve made it to 500 pre-orders!

    Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement, we’ve made it thanks to you!

    And as promised, we are going to co-create one of our next bold fashion tight with you and it will even be named after one of you. We will share more details in due time on our social networks, our newsletter and here on Ulule. 

    We can’t wait to do this with you! 



    To celebrate this last leg (sorry, we couldn't resist) we have a little surprise for you: we’ve set up a referral system to help us reach the 600 pre-orders. It is thanks to you and word of mouth that we will succeed!

    All you need to do is refer our campaigns to your friends and family. And the more they pre-order, the more you win tights! 

    And if we reach the 600 pre-orders, we will randomly insert a golden ticket, the Billi box of November, in three orders!

    Ready? 😏 Here are simple instructions on how to do this:

    To log in to your Ulule account and get your personalised link, it's just here 👉  https://www.ulule.com/billi-london/

    We will send you an email to confirm if you referred several friends 👌

    A big thank you !

    And have a lovely evening.

    Sophie & Marie 💋