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A generation is rising to repair the world, live stronger. A film project (and more) by Flore Vasseur, writer and director

  • Filming debrief in Paris on January 9th !

    Dear supporters, 

    As you know, we had to postpone our last filming debrief, but we will be back on January 9th at Le Tank !

    Indeed, we really want to tell you all about our encounter with Winnie Tushabe, this young farmer practicing and teaching the bases of a sustainable agriculture necessary to reach food security and autonomy in a changing world, climate and soil.

    We will enjoy this very last event before the editing to reflect together on the follow up to give to this project, your contributions, your participations, the release of the film...

    Join us on Thursday January 9th at 7pm at the Tank, 22 bis rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris (Don’t forget to secure your seat here: [email protected]).

    See you soon !
    The BIGGER THAN US team

  • Filming debrief POSTPONED to January 9th !

    Dear supporters,

    A few weeks ago, we invited you to the last filming debrief and closing party of BIGGER THAN US (planned on 12/12). 

    Unfortunately, we have to POSTPONE this event because of the uncertainty caused by the ongoing social movements.

    But we already reschedule and we will all meet on January 9th for the debrief of our filming in Uganda (the last one!). We will give you more details soon.

    Thank you again for all your support,

    The BIGGER THAN US team

  • Filming debrief in Paris on December 12 !

    Dear supporters, 

    This it ! The filming of BIGGER THAN US is finished and December 12 will be the LAST debrief in public of our adventures.

    Brace yourselves for a night full of emotions because, 12/12:

    => We will be talking about our wonderful and yet very hard filming in Uganda with the amazing Winnie fighting for food security and self-sufficiency in the most impoverished refugee and local communities in Uganda. 

    Winnie embodies authenticity, common sense and altruism. Humanity at its best. She knows, like no ones, what survival means. In her country, every refugee is given a small parcel of land. But what does it mean when it is damaged by years of green revolution and climate change? Every day, she teaches hundreds of families how to regenerate soils, grow their crops and thus secure their access to food and send their children to school (first priority once food needs are addressed). By teaching them food self-sufficiency, she creates a way out of one of the worst poverty traps. What if Winnie's teachings was key for everyone of us ? How are we going to feed 10 billion people? Why do women play a key role in this? What is our relation to the earth, to soil? How did we lose it? At what cost? What is, once again, the story we were told?

    => On 12.12, we will also celebrate the end of our shoot and you are invited !! Come meet most of the team and discuss with us the next steps of our common adventure. Since 6 months indeed, a small community met and has already given us a lot. Many of you have offered their help. The film is being created. Soon it will need to be promoted, screened, debated, used in schools and universities. Do you want to be part of this story? To become our first ambassadors after having been the first faithful supporters?


    Join us on Thursday December 12th at 7pm at the Ground Control in Paris, 81 Rue du Charolais, 75012 or write us anyway to share your ideas.

    As always, this event is free and open to all (thanks to you dear crowdfunders). 

    Just secure your seat here: [email protected]


    See you soon !

    Flore and all the BIGGER THAN US team

  • Filming debrief in Paris on November 14th !

    Dear supporters, 

    A few weeks ago, the filming crew was in Brazil with Rene Silva, who created at 11 years old a community media by and for the inhabitants of his community, Complexo do Alemão. For now 14 years with his crew, they tell the stories from the inside, they inform about what mass media does not look at : the violence and marginalization yes, but also the daily life, the joy and sorrow. It’s about journalism of very proximity, maybe its future, as it tells the day to day of these marginalized neighborhoods where populations are controlled by isolation and ignorance, but which are primarily places of vibrant life and resilience.

    Rene and his crew are resisting. In joy and simplicity. Pens and cameras are their weapons.

    ‘’Brazil is at war, but one that is not declared’’.

    With him, we talked about state violences, freedom of speech, marginalization of favelas, criminalization of activism, the Amazon on fire

    On Thursday November 14th, we will tell everything about what we understood there.

    Meet us at 7pm at the CRI in Paris, 8 bis Rue Charles V, 75004. 
    Thank you for registering here : [email protected]

    PS : Save the date : our very last filming debrief about her meeting of Winnie in Uganda will be on december 12 at Le Tank (Paris 11).
    PS2 : If you contributed to our crowdfunding campaign and select this goodies, come to our event to pick up your Mountain Mamas bag ! 

  • Come and meet our leading BIGGER THAN US character Melati Wijsen on Oct 16th in Paris

    To you, our most faithful supporters, who have followed us since the beginning of our BIGGER THAN US adventure: join us and MELATI WIJSEN in Paris for an exceptional filming debrief.

    It’s been six months already that we are touring the world. Melati is the first witness, the teller of our discoveries. At 18-years old, she has been fighting for the past six years to ban plastic bags in her island Bali. She thought she had seen it all: societies’ indifference, systems’ resistance, never ending legal battle, ambiguous political promises… But we’ve taken her to many new frontlines !

    On October 16th, she will share her version of our BIGGER THAN US story in the making. Seeing it through her eyes will be precious for everyone, and especially for us, who have embarked on this adventure with her. Melati is not only a bearing witness, she is an ambassador of her generation. Her maturity and energy will leave no one indifferent. She will share her experience, dreams, doubts and encounters. As well as the contradictions we are all struggling with.

    Join us at 7:30pm at the CRI in Paris, 8 bis Rue Charles V, 75004.

    As always, this event is free and open to all (thanks to you dear crowdfunders). Just secure your seat here: [email protected]