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A generation is rising to repair the world, live stronger. A film project (and more) by Flore Vasseur, writer and director

  • Invitation to our next filming debrief in Paris on September 5th

    Dear contributors,

    We are in the middle of summer and also of our journey. Half of the filming ready to be played with in the editing suite. Half of our characters are still to be met !

    We took some time out this summer, to catch our breath and realize how extraordinary this BIGGER THAN US filming was. How lucky we were. And the responsibility that comes with it.

    We are now heading for Greece and then Brazil, two countries in the verge of collapse, two paradises about to be lost. War on migrants, minorities, solidarity. War on freedom of speech and of course, on nature, the common thread… These are the realities that our next characters, Mary and Rene, have decided to confront. They will be our guides. They are everyday heroes. Magical individuals. Hope.

    Come to our next filming debrief in Paris on September 5th so we will tell it all. Our event will be at 22 bis rue des Taillandiers, Paris 11th arrondissement, at LE TANK. Make sure you drop us an email do reserve your seat at [email protected] This is free and open to all, thanks to your support.

    Have a wonderful summer and see you in september,

    Flore and the BIGGER THAN US team.

  • REMINDER : Colorado’s filming debriefing on Thursday at La Bascule in Pontivy (in the morning) and at the CRI in Paris (at night) !

    A few weeks ago, we had our second filming debriefing, on Malawi and the awesome work and drive of Memory Banda, 22. The idea ? Share with you, honest and raw, what we just saw, understood, or not ; the epiphany and our doubts.
    And get your reactions, suggestions. Learn. 

    @Tess Barthes 

    Let’s meet up again on Thursday for the debriefing of our filming in Colorado, what we saw it all sinking America and high tech hippies, progressive bubble and the war on minorities.

    Two sessions, free and open to all : 
    - In the morning in Pontivy, at La Bascule
    - At night, at 7pm, at the CRI in Paris, 8 bis Rue Charles V, 75004. And always, thanks to you, open and free. You just have to register here [email protected] .

    See you very soon ! 

    The BIGGER THAN US crew

  • Invitation to our next filming debrief in Paris on July 19

    Dear friends,

    We are just back from our filming trip in Colorado where we tried to capture the ideas, drive and spirit of multi-talented Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 19, hip hop artist, climate activist (he started at the age of… 6) and indigenous rights defender.  


    The decor was brutal (education, environment, justice, democracy... to us, Colorado was 360 decay, a war on nature, on the poor, on minorities. In plain sight.) But our characters, their spirit, are pure light and strong. This is the story we decide to hold on to, Earth Guardians (the young activists collective) workshops, Xiuhtezcatl concerts, a stunning indigenous ceremony. Rituals and moments of friendship, the joy and the price to pay to have one’s voice heard. Words, wisdom and beauty, that of our characters Xiutezcatl and Melati will save us.

    Come to our next filming debrief in Paris on July 18th at 7 PM at C.R.I, 8 bis Rue Charles V, 75004 Paris.
    As always and thanks to you, this is open and free to all. Make sure you book your seat here: [email protected]

    See you there,

    Flore and the BIGGER THAN US crew

  • REMINDER : Malawi's shooting debriefing tomorrow in Paris !

    A look back at the first shooting debriefing about Lebanon and Mohamad Al Jounde, this 18-year-old Syrian who created a school for his peers, Syrian refugee children in exile in Lebanon.

    A big thank you to all those who came to listen and participate, this is so valuable. On many extents, we are touching on a very moving material. This is a film being created, live, with you.

    Let’s continue the conversation tomorrow, Wednesday June 12th, at 7pm at the CRI. This time, we will share our experience in Malawi with Memory Banda.

    Make sure you RSVP here : or here [email protected] .

  • BIGGER THAN US: Your invite to our next filming debrief on June 12 in Paris

    Dear contributors

    Malawi, our second filming for BIGGER THAN US, was awesome: rough, intense, emotional.

    We feel like we hurt some kind of wall, maybe the one we were looking for: tradition, as one of the biggest force against any desire to change. That may sound easy or trivial. But not in Malawi: 42% of girl are wed before 18, get pregnant, drop school, pass adulthood as a subject. Puberty means a dead end.

    Our character Memory Banda, 22, fights this. By all means, on the field, legally, consitutionnally. She is impressive, humble and adorable.
    If you want to know more, come to our very next debrief in June 12, in Paris, at 7PM at Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, 8 bis rue Charles V, 75004 Paris.
    The event is free and open to all (thanks to you). Just secure your seat here: [email protected]

    See you there! And thank you. By all mean, really, this is BIGGER THAN US