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A generation is rising to repair the world, live stronger. A film project (and more) by Flore Vasseur, writer and director

  • REMINDER : Malawi's shooting debriefing tomorrow in Paris !

    A look back at the first shooting debriefing about Lebanon and Mohamad Al Jounde, this 18-year-old Syrian who created a school for his peers, Syrian refugee children in exile in Lebanon.

    A big thank you to all those who came to listen and participate, this is so valuable. On many extents, we are touching on a very moving material. This is a film being created, live, with you.

    Let’s continue the conversation tomorrow, Wednesday June 12th, at 7pm at the CRI. This time, we will share our experience in Malawi with Memory Banda.

    Make sure you RSVP here : or here [email protected] .

  • BIGGER THAN US: Your invite to our next filming debrief on June 12 in Paris

    Dear contributors

    Malawi, our second filming for BIGGER THAN US, was awesome: rough, intense, emotional.

    We feel like we hurt some kind of wall, maybe the one we were looking for: tradition, as one of the biggest force against any desire to change. That may sound easy or trivial. But not in Malawi: 42% of girl are wed before 18, get pregnant, drop school, pass adulthood as a subject. Puberty means a dead end.

    Our character Memory Banda, 22, fights this. By all means, on the field, legally, consitutionnally. She is impressive, humble and adorable.
    If you want to know more, come to our very next debrief in June 12, in Paris, at 7PM at Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, 8 bis rue Charles V, 75004 Paris.
    The event is free and open to all (thanks to you). Just secure your seat here: [email protected]

    See you there! And thank you. By all mean, really, this is BIGGER THAN US


  • SAVE THE DATE - Next filming debriefing on June 12th

    Dear BIGGER THAN US supporters, 

    Some news from our adventure, hoping to meet you soon I.R.L (in real life!).

    Our first filming debriefing in Paris was just incredible. We dit it ! 80 of you dear contributors (but not only) came to listen to us, but above all to share their reactions as we were remembering the joy and the unexpected of this very first filming. Opening up about our experience, the thrill and the beauty, was a genuine moment. And we had A LOT of questions, ideas, insights on how to move forward with this project. It’s an honor to work on such a topic. But what a responsibility !

    These debriefings are not about us giving away anything. We collect, again and again, thoughts, insights, energy ! We build on what you, our very first audience, give us. We are crafting the film, at a furious pace (one filming each month at this stage, this is a marathon ending in a sprint). This is just MAGICAL to have the opportunity to lean on a caring community to open up on our feelings, to sort out our thoughts and make sure we stay focus on our purpose.

    Speaking of which: we are heading to Malawi today, to meet Memory Banda, an activist fighting (she basically managed to have the constitution re-written) child marriages and girls abuses in her community and country. And all the ripple effects on demography and poverty traps.

    And we are happy to invite you today, before anyone else, to the related filming debriefing (the next one) on June 12th at 7pm in Paris center (location to be confirmed).

    Make sure you RSVP here (seats are limited): [email protected]

    See you soon and thanks again for your support, 

    The BIGGER THAN US crew.

  • See you on thrusday for the first BIGGER THAN US Filming débrief

    We said it, you believed it, now we mean it !

    BIGGER THAN US is much more than a film. It’s an adventure to share. So here we go : on May 9th, 7-9pm at Le Tank in Paris (22 bis rue des Taillandiers) come and meet us for our first filming debriefing. This will be live, open and free, as promised.

    We will tell you what we saw, understood maybe, with Mohamad Al Jounde, one of our BIGGER THAN US characters. For his fellows, Syrian refugee children living at the Lebanese border, Mohamad launched a school. Because there was not any. And because a school, in that context, is much more than we think. Much more than anything.

    Since we came back, we have been working like never, trying to sort everything we collected. Amazed. The question remains, haunting us: what to do with all these ideas, emotions, this luck, these gifts! How to craft the message so we are the most accurate, fair and useful?

    Come to talk about it with us. We will tell you (almost everything) : our joy, our suprises, what we lived and what we learned. When we lost it, and when everything happened. We will be grateful for your reactions, ideas and experiences, so precious to build the most meaningful experience and therefore content. This is so…… bigger than us !

    And that’s not all, other young people /activists, right here in Paris, are also getting organized to help people in exile. We will give them the floor too. To build bridges and connexions. To show that it’s not an exception, it’s not that far. This is, we are all interdependent.

    Make sure you RSVP here (seats are limited) : [email protected] .
    And see you there !

    Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your generosity and trust
    The BIGGER THAN US crew

  • We made it and we owe it to you (+ video)

    Our crowdfunding campaign closed last week end and this is a big success.

    You surprised and delighted us till the last minute with your enthusiasm and contributions. Sure our personal friends launched the wave and we can not stop thanking them for this. Sure, with Sébastien Ravut, Laura Krsmanovic and German Bruno, we relied on a fantastic community management team. Sure, we were lucky enough to raise the attention of a couple of media.
    But all of this happened because of you, the vast majority of people we never met. You are the proof that this BIGGER THAN US thing (idea ? community ? spirit ?) exists ! The very first component of the « US ». Your trust is gold for us all.
    This campaign ends as the filming starts, in Lebanon. Yes, we are gone. We are rolling ! This is already happening.

    Please, if you are in Paris, come to our very first filming debrief at le Tank (22 bis rue des Taillandiers, 11th arrondt) May 9th (7 to 9 PM). We will celebrate and share our first insights on our filming. This event as promised is open to all and free. And again, we owe it to you ! Make sure you RSVP on this email to secure your entrance though (seats are limited) : [email protected] !

    With our deepest gratitude and let’s meet soon
    Dorothée, Ulysse, Marion, Ludovic, Denis, Ugo, Lola, Anouk, Flore, Christophe, Magali, Jean-Luc