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Laser Beers !

These are the beers you're looking for

About the project

These ARE the beers you're looking for ! 

We are Manon Demodice and Adrien Koch, founders of the Sport Saber League, French first led saber school!

Here is a project EVEN MORE CRAZY than the others: LASER BEERS!

To be clear with you from the start, the project is to produce again our awesome beers at once, all 4 at once! Already produced in the past but only by two, we were not sure of success and it was a big risk to take for obvious financial reasons.

Photo - Benoit Quenisset


Originally, we totally dedicated ourselves to the led saber subject. Launch of the school 4 years ago, May 4, 2015. International competitions and gathering, the production of light saber of course. We even had the chance to tell our story through a comic book!

At the same time the beer came to us almost by chance. Meetings and discussions lead us to Loïc and Edward of the Brewery "Brasserie de l'Être". We thought about the project together. We found it really interesting, as much the quality of the product as the journey. People supported us in the process. And it was on! Simply because we like good products, and good beers.

That's why we are talking about beers, especially "laser" beers!

At first it was a limited edition. However today more and more people are asking us to produce the beers again.


One run for one single beer is 900 liters! And now we are running for FOUR beers in a row! That's why we want to do it together with you on Ulule.

Beyond the obvious quality (see part "the brewery"), we also believe that this product, beer, is friendly, good to share, it is a passion for many, and it is an excellent reason for do it together!

Today we offer you improved recipes, well done and very well crafted, because basically, THIS IS what we want for craft beers.









Before we talk about the counterparts, let's still linger on the big machinery that works tirelessly to regularly release beautiful products of a rather exceptional quality, the Brasserie of course!

The "Brasserie de l'Être" is a micro-brewery in Paris that works around the following values: diversity, culture, friendliness.

The product we offer is a conscious beer that respects your palate and the environment. It is destined to become a symbol of the local culinary quality, a reflection of the quality of life from its terroir, and a pride for the inhabitants of it.

The Brewery privileges as much as possible the very short circuits and / or the very local. We are proud of our regions! The beers of the brewery meet the very strict specifications of the certification "Nature and Progress" as well as "Organic Farming".


Through the following counterparts, we offer you not only the beers, but also stylish collector's gifts, great events, all on the background of hops, malt, yeasts, other secret ingredients (or not) and then water ... because there is some in the beer, some water.






Shipping costs in mainland France are included in the prices displayed.

What are the funds for?

As you can see, the huge majority of the funding will be used to support the production of all four of our references in one go! Have a look to this very nice diagram.

We remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Good products YES! To hurt his body NO!


We will be perfectly satisfied to achieve this very beautiful goal.


Imagine a little that we reach this goal! Crazy!

- You will have the opportunity to choose the planet on which this next beer will be brewed!
- You will also receive 4 tickets for the Saber Laser France Open!
- And you will of course receive the corresponding beer at home! (depending on your pack).

It would be quite amazing to check this step

- Production of a 6th beer (recipe to be defined)
- You choose the planet again
- You receive the 2 new recipes at home (depending on your pack)
- You receive 8 places for the French Laser Saber Open!


We have of course other ideas if we go to the end, but one bottle at a time!

About the project owner

It's a love story, already, first and foremost, always. The love of two people. The love also of several associated universes, obviously.

We are Manon and Adrien, serial dreamers, entrepreneurs and great travelers of the Outer Rim.

From a joke in our small Paris studio was born the largest project of the Galaxy (at least): the first led saber school in France!

Since May 4, 2015 and the official start of this great galactic adventure, many people are gravitating around this project. Some flights to other projects, many stayed and among them, HERE IS THE BEER TEAM YAY!

Julien Le Mago: magician, singer, zombie, art director, Julien is part of the furniture. He created with us the first logo of the school, then the second, and has directly given his gray matter directly to find together the name of the school: Sport Saber League. He made the beautiful labels of our beers. We are very proud of it. Him too. Thank you. Bravo.

Sébastien Kardinal: the first student of the Saber League, faithful. He is also and above all a great culinary author and consultant on everything related to the professions of taste. It is natural that he lent us a hand during our first brews 2 years ago. He still accompanies us today for this new great hop adventure.

Loic Lecoin and Edward Jallat Dehen: the two troublemakers of the bubble who originally believed in our laser beer project. If Sebastien helped us with the initial definition of recipes, nothing would have been possible without the sharp and mastered knowledge of Loic and Edward. Passion, it tastes and it is shared. Really. Thank you gentlemen.

And then there is us,

Thank you for reading us. We count on you !

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