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Bianca's Eyes

What are your side effects?

About the project


Bianca, a nurse of a psychiatric hospital, has a special power: she can see, on the top of her patients’ heads, the name of the medicines needed in order to cure their pathologies.

Passing by the hospital’s corridor through Bianca’s eyes, the spectator is directly in contact with a universe of unique and surreal patients, all affected by serious psychiatric illnesses.

Bianca meets shortly with seven of them and she enters, for a moment, in their lives, exploring the causes of their situations through an unusual universe of images.

Bianca is also able to read over the patients’ head a number of possible side effects, an important detail that lead us to a careful consideration on the consequences of traditional health care when dealing with psychosis.

The last two patients, a mother and her son, particularly intrigue Bianca. The mother, Anna, is convinced that her son is ill, hiding herself a serious mental disease.

The spectator, then, discovers the point of you of Anna’s son, who enjoys observing Bianca, perhaps the most alarming among all the patients.


Bianca is an international project, already set to be presented in three different languages, that has been created with an incredibly international team.

We worked hard and with a lot of passion, bringing the help of family and friends in and out of the set, joining knowledges and skills. 

But we been very unlucky during this last part of the process, the special effects became an incredible obstacle that we want to cross with all our energy.

We all believe in this project very much and, if you give us the chance to completing it, we will make you proud to have partecipated to the final product!

What are the funds for?


Bianca's eyes is a challenging short movie that explores, through a surreal universe, the effects of medicines on serious psycosis.

This project took two years of research before locking the script and shooting: now the only thing missing is the post-production dedicated to the special effects and the festival's preparation. This complicated process requires a certain budjet that we still don't have and that is necessary to bring the Bianca's vision to life.

This short is already here, concrete and beautiful, but without the special effects required is simply incomplete.We are so close to the finishing line! Help us to finally get there.

About the project owner

Here the full trailer for Bianca's eyes:

About the director: