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Beyond Valhalla

BD & Runes oracle

  • Important, please read.

    The book is now  currently being check for sepilling mistakes and trasnlation mistakes. It'll be up for printing next week.
    I need to finish the ex libris picture ( it's going well).

    About the sword phone charm( I know some people wanted to keep the phone charm instead of teh pins so please let me know on that post so I can know how much and who want it instead)

    as a reminder here is the phone charm:

    and the pins:

    About refund.
    i know I've been very late on this campaign so I'll offer a way to refund people who wish it.
    1- I can't refund the 8% commission that was taken by ulule.
    2- Refund wil only be done through paypal ( I live in france so french don't have to worry about paypal fees but other countries paypal will take a fee from the refund ( you can check here hw much
    3- You have until Sunday 16 to let me know before I order the stocks).
    4- valkyries pack can't be refund due to the drawing I started.

    thank you ^__^



    Désolé pour l'absence de nouvelles hier, la chaleur m'a assomée.

    la bd est finie,  je vasi prendre la smeaine pour corriger les dernier trucs ainsiq ue les textes et faire la traduction et maquette et  tout ça devrai etre prêt à partir à l'impression ^___^. 


    Hi, sorry I should have posted this on sunday but I was sick . 

    I have two pages left to ink, I managed to ink 4  after work hours but this week is full so I'll need to wait next week to have enough time to finish inking and coloring everything ! 


    sunday news, I couldn't finish  it last week due to adding 2 extra pages and redrawing the ending as I didn't really like the initial pages sorry ^^;;;;. I'll try my best to work extra after pro work hours this month.


    18 more pages done!

    Only 15 pages left to do, I shall be able to finish them next friday ^_^!

    have a nice sunday ! and thank you again for your patience with me.