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Belle Ombre

A HUGE thanks!!

  • The perfect ending to our campaign! We thank our 237 contributors for getting us to 108% of our objective!!

    What an intense weekend!

    We owe 237 thank yous! A heartfelt thank you to each one of you, we reached our objective Saturday and blew it out of the water on Sunday. These 5 weeks of campaign end on a high note with 237 contributors who got us to 108%. You made Belle Ombre a reality AND left a beautiful shadow on the planet - well done!

    What now, you might ask?


    #1 - Fill in your selection forms for your prints and/or sizes asap!

    We want to order our organic cotton very soon in order to launch production with our portuguese factory without delay. For that to happen, we need to plan for the right quantity of print by style! We will have this information as soon as every one of you who ordered a dress or a pack filled in their selection forms. Each form doesn’t take more than 3 minutes to fill in. If you can do it today, that would be a huge help to us!

    For those of you who ordered the serigraphy, please also fill in the print selection form as soon as possible, so that we can go ahead with production!


    #2 - The production schedule

    Our evil plan to produce your rewards on time is already set!

    Want some details?

    • By the end of March: we will order the fabrics and confirm production quantities to the factory.
    • In April: our French and German suppliers will produce the fabrics. By the end of April, the fabrics will be sent to the factory. We will also launch productions for the thank you cards, the tote bags, the serigraphies and the dustbags!
    • In May: the factory will make your Unexpected dresses, Must-Have dresses, Adventurous dresses and Fickle dresses.
    • And finally, in June: we’ll ship everything to you!


    #3 - Let’s keep in touch

    You and us, it’s for life. We plan to send you monthly updates on our progress until we ship you the rewards in June. No spamming, we promise: that’s only 3 small emails!

    You can also follow us on social media:




    #4 - The website

    We are working hard on it, we hope it will be ready by next week. We’ll let you know as soon as it is live. Pre-orders will be available so you can continue to spread the good word about Belle Ombre to your friends!

  • BREAKING NEWS: We are 100% funded!!!


    We reached the 100% bar, and it’s a 100% thanks to YOU! Please take a moment to congratulate yourselves and realizehow amazing you are. YOU allowed a young french company to launch a line of dresses which goes against the status quo of fast fashion, no less!

    Then, also take a moment to receive some love from Belle Ombre and its founders, Sandhya and Maëlle. We confirm that you REALLY are that amazing.

    You deserve a HUGE THANKS for enabling us to reach that stage, for your cheering messages, for telling your friends and families about us, for sharing the campaign on social networks and for supporting us in a thousand ways during the last 5 weeks!

    So, what’s next? There is still 24H to go during which you can continue sharing the campaign, and allow us to get as close as possible to our new objective: 125%! By reaching this stretch goal, we will be able to develop a unisize belt which would be fabulous and sourced responsibly. Ready for the final sprint?

    You know what to do! (Click click click)

  • D-3: 6% to go!

    Hey there!

    To prepare for the end of this campaign fraught with excitement, what could be better than to tell you more about Belle Ombre’s “behind the scenes”? We want to introduce you to two talented designers, without which this project could not have seen the light!

    Ben, our graphical designer with a sixth sense

    Ben is more than our graphical designer, he has been our pillar since the beginning of this adventure. He has been able to translate visually what we ourselves couldn't put into words and has also been here all the way, advising us on all other aspects of the project. I think we could definitely say that he is like a guru to us!

    Ben describes himself as a graphical designer with a minimalist aesthetic; he enjoys the challenge of stripping an idea down to its essence and communicating with the bare minimum for a strong visual impact. To be able to capture the spirit behind an idea, he loves to engage with people, discuss, share and even spar ! His approach is very instinctual yet methodical; he is the perfect partner for translating a mere idea into a concrete project!

    Colombe, our multi-talented prints designer

    With diverse experience in color design in both silk and wood printing, Colombe has emerged with a distinct style when it comes to working with noble materials and subtle color shades. She is heavily inspired by her travels whether it be to design textile prints or wallpaper to liven your walls.

    Colombe Hurbault is currently developing a unique collection of easy to install, fun and customisable wallpaper. Her elegant style will definitely brighten up your interiors!

    We also wanted to thank the media “Les Petits Frenchies for joining SloWeAre in supporting us officially on Ulule! Les Petits Frenchies put under the spotlight everything beautiful that France has to offer, and highlight French start-ups that they select according to their boldness, their ambition and their creativity!

    And finally, we're going to thank YOU, dear contributor, for believing in our project since the very beginning! We'll be back soon, hopefully with some excellent news. Stay tuned!

  • D-5: so close to our goal!

    D-5 before the end of the campaign, and only 13 tiny percents remaining to collect! We’re checking the barometer every minute!

    Do you remember when we told you about the stories behind the prints that Colombe, our designer, imagined for us? You can find our last piece of news around these here:

    We had presented to you only 5 prints, and 4 prints were remaining to introduce to you. We are guessing the suspense was close to insufferable (... come on, play nice and say yes!). Because we’re so cool, we’ll tell you more about it today!

    Our Ceramicas prints are inspired from a technique that fuses the colors when ceramic tiles are baked. We love the contrasts and color clashes that it creates. What do you think?

    Our Azulejos prints are inspired by the afternoon walks across Andalusian cities, in the streets decorated with these colorful ceramic tiles with refined patterns. Wanderlusting? Our Azulejos print is here for you!

    And a ginormous thanks to Ethical Unicorn, an amazing blog on sustainable living, for the magnificent article on Belle Ombre. We hope it announces that the campaign is coming to an end with a flourish!

    See you soon for our next update!

  • D-7 + 80% = we can do this!

    OHLALA! The end of the campaign is soon to come, we’re already at D-7! We don’t know about you, but we’re kinda excited. And to celebrate that, we just passed the 80% funded bar!

    As we come close to the end of the campaign, it is time for the big dreams! We already have 162 amazing contributors. Let’s imagine for a second that each one of you convinces a friend to contribute… We could reach our stretch goals and offer you amazing new categories like belts, tops and skirts. Sky is the limit!

    And to convince your friends, what best that to show them this real live footage of a woman trying out a Belle Ombre dress for the first time? #truestory

    So don’t hesitate to share the love!

    We also wanted to give a shout out to Ulule for their support! The Belle Ombre campaign was highlighted in the Fashion & Design category last week, and we thank Ulule for being there at every step of the way with us. The great tips of Camille, our Success Manager, allowed us to make it this far!

    More updates are coming soon! We’re counting on you!