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Road to Youth Olympics

Belgian Breakdance Scene

About the project

Danssport Vlaanderen vzw has put this crowdfunding page together to support the 3 Belgian athletes/bboys who are still in the running of going to the Youth Olympic Games in 2018. For the first time in history, breakdance will be added as a sport to the Youth Olympic Games in 2018, Buenos Aires. Belgium has 3 bboys who are still able to become qualified for these historical 'Breakdance Olympics'.

  • Bboy Flysi - Faisi Van Hecke (Battle Droids Crew) 
  • Bboy Flowing - Olivier Warner (Mixed Souls Crew) 
  • Bboy Sawyer - Thomas Fadda (Liège City Breakers)

To be selected, the 3 athletes need to travel to Japan, to compete in the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships. This is a huge opportunity for the Belgian breakdance and dance community in general.

Support the 3 bboys in achieving their goal. Danssport Vlaanderen vzw, the bboys and their families thank you for your support. On this link you can find more info about breakdance on the Youth Olympic Games:

What are the funds for?

To give our 3 young bboys the chance to make it to the Youth Olympic Game we need to gather € 3300. 200 Euro we will use for clothing. With this 1100 euro for each dancer we will pay for these expenses:

  • A single ticket to travel to Japan and back costs easily 700 euro. 
  • Costs for accomodation in Japan and expenses (food and travel costs) for 4 days and nights (jetlag recovery) are estimated at 400 euro. 

What when this page urns more than 3300 euro? All the money will go directly to the athletes in achieving their goal. The biggest expenses are travelling towards the qualifier event in Japan. As the young athletes will not be able to travel alone, extra costs are added for their accompanied travel company (coach/parent). But offcourse their are costs for training, coaching, etc...

About the project owner

​Danssport Vlaanderen vzw & Straatrijk vzw: 
Danssport Vlaanderen is the Flemish dance sport federation in Belgium. For many years Danssport Vlaanderen has promoted the Belgian Breakdance community in close coöperation with Straatrijk vzw. Together both organizations organize battles, workshops and camps from 2004 till now. The biggest battle that they organize is 'The Unbreakable World Championship', a world cup 1on1 breakdance battle (next edition on Sat the 21st of April 2018)

Follow bboy Flysi here
Faisi Van Hecke, aka Bboy Flysi, is 16 years oud and member of the international well known crew Battle Droids.

    1.  Why do you dance?
FAISI: Breakdance is my passion, not only doing it myself, but also watching and being a fan myself. I love the whole hip hop culture: Music, graffiti, ... Breaking for me is everything. If i wasn't a bboy then I would be lost.

    2.  What is your dream?
FAISI: My dream is to win BOTY with my crew and to stand on the big stage of Red Bull BC One World Final.

    3.  Describe your dancing style?
FAISI: I mostly do powermoves, one of the toughest categories in breaking, where you spin around with your legs in the air. I really love power, but offcourse I also trie to progress in the other fields of breaking.

Thomas Fadda, aka Bboy Sawyer, is 16 years old, has a twin brother who also breaks and is member of the LCB crew in Luik. 

    1.  Why do you dance?
SAWYER: Breaking for me is a way of living. Dancing combines many feelings and ways to express yourself, that's what really appeals to me.

    2.  What is your dream?
SAWYER: I would love to become a breaking superstar like one of my hero's Mounir, Lil Zoo, Vicious Victor.

    3.  Describe your dancing style?
SAWYER: I think of myself as very well rounded and a dynamic dancer. I like it all: powermoves, footwork, freezes and toprocks

Olivier Warner, aka Bboy Flowing, is 16 years old, living in Antwerp and member of the crew Mixed Souls.

    1.  Why do you dance?
OLIVIER: I've been dancing from when I was very young and I love the way that you can let yourself and your emotions run free within breaking.

    2.  What is your dream?
OLIVIER: I want to become a famous dancer and travel around the globe, competing in as many international battles as can be.

    3.  Describe your dancing style?
OLIVIER: I dance very musical and within a flowing, fluid kind of way. My style never stops and I trie to combine this flow with explosive moves.