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About the project

Today we want to tell you that sometimes the routine can bring extraordinary ideas:

One day, after more than four hours of classes, I arrived tired to my flat, hungry and wishing to lay down for a while. But when I was going to cook I realized that I only had a half bottle of Coke, an apple, two eggs and two cans of tuna.

Well, It's easy, "I could order something to eat and everything solved," I ran to my room, I looked for different options on internet but it was a difficult decision, after about 10 minutes I decided to order a pizza. Unfortunately my happiness ended when I opened my wallet and realized that the € 30 I had were gone because I spent It the night before on my best friend's birthday party, and "we just went for a couple of beers".

I didn't know what can I do, I had no money, I had nothing at home to cook, but at that time my best friend called to tell me that he was hungry, but that he only had pasta in his house. Then I proposed him to take my cans of tuna and make food for both of us. 

Aftter arriving at his apartment we realized that we did this more often than we thought, as several friends. This day that seemed like any other we realized that with sharing we can eat well, travel and stay in many places ... and not only that, we would also save money.                                         

                         HAVE YOU EVER LIVED SOMETHING LIKE THAT? 

For that reason, we decided to create Beeshare, so you will forget about these problems and enjoy each experience in the best way possible. Start enjoying with out thinking in money! 

We want Beeshare seems like bees, they can't live alone, they are always in community to make their lives more effective. 
We want that you can join the hive and feel part of a community in which we can share our resources to make our  life easier and funniest. 

Around the world you will find a person who will open the doors of his/her house, give you a seat his/her your car or give you a chair at his/her table.

Beeshare will give you the chance to supply three basic needs: food, transportation and acommodation, through the exchange. Members earn credits when they host someone in their apartment, when they prepare dinner for guests or when they provide a spot in their car for ride-sharing. Then, members can use their points earned when travelling to receive similar services. 

We want you to join our community and you can find our benefits:       

What are the funds for?






About the project owner

At this moment the company is conform by two founders (Camila Hernández, Andrés Castillo). Our project was born as an end-of-master project, but we felt so identified that we decided to take it forward and continue working on it. We have been able to make several dinners in which many students have known the idea, have become involved and have begun to share.

On the other hand, Paula Noguera, is our Community Manager; and Natalia Torrijos, is the responsible of designs. They have loved the idea since the beginning that's why they decided to join the team.

We are from Colombia and we had the opportunity to stay more than two years in Pamplona, ​​Spain. During this time, we were able to create this idea, it was born because we had the motivation to help all the students that, like us, arrive to a new city, they don’t  know anybody, they have to face a different culture, and they want to feel at home through new friends.


Oriented to corporate strategy and focused on achieving goals through working with multidisciplinary teams, with strategic marketing experience and evaluation of projects.

Business administrator with a MBA, entrepreneur with capacity to adapt to changing environments and love working in dynamic teams.


She studied Social Communication and Journalism in Colombia. During his career she developed communication skills for different occasions: to present an idea, to talk with people, to collect or validate information, to write texts and other things. She also studied a MBA with an specialization in Human Resources in Spain.


Social communicator and journalist, with a MBA.

Community manager and responsible for the development of communication strategies. She always worries that everything is well done and during her internship at BH Fitness, at Spain, she learned how to use the social networks.


She studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Navarra. She always achive to communicate very well what we want to express as Beeshare. Completely focused on design and create our corporate image