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bbb, The Brush: smart and eco-designed in France

With Biom Paris, let's change the world... starting with the toilets!

About the project

It has been 60 years since the toilet brush didn't change ... until now ! Our innovative toilet brush will revolutionize your toilets' cleaning since it will be smart, design and eco-designed.

Biom Paris concept is to offer : Smart - Eco-designed - Design products

  • Smart : Because innovation isn't just about technologies, Biom Paris wants to revolutionize your daily life objects to create more effective products and to better answer to your needs.
  • Eco-designed : Because we have to do something about the environnement and change our habits, Biom Paris wants to offer products that better respect the environment.
  • Design : Because a pretty product is also important, Biom Paris offers a nice design inspired by nature.

To recap, Biom Paris designed bbb, The Brush to simplify your daily life and recreate connection with nature.

Be part of the Biom Paris adventure, the startup that will reinvent the eco-industry by creating more functionnal, design and more respectful environmental products.

bbb, is a toilet brush, but not any toilet brush... it is THE super hero of toilet brushes, which will solve your worries to clean your toilets !

bbb is SMART

Thanks to our field surveys, to our focus group and our research and tests, we made a list of every existing problems with the today's toilet brushes on the market, and we managed to find a solution to each of those problems.

A more effective brush

Inspired by nature, our brush has been designed in an organic shape, just as a leaf...

Thanks to this shape, the brush will make the cleaning of your toilets easier by reaching every area, even the hardest to reach: under the rims and the bottom of the toilet bowl.

The rubbing is maximised thanks to its double-sided design and its picot of differents lengths.

A leaf has veins to make the water flow easier. We draw our inspiration from the leaves, so that the brush does not drip. The embed veins of the brush make the water flow easier in the toilet bowl before putting it back on its base, assuring a drop stop brush.

A more PRACTICAL base

To empty the base water : take in hand the strip and clear it out, quite simply !

Thanks to a hook, you will be able to install it either on the wall, to make the cleaning of your toilet floor easier, either leaving it on the floor. You have the choice !

To have a 0 drop result, the hook enables you to take in your hands the base and to approach it from the brush, this way no drop will fall on the floor or on the toilet seat.

This small action, that doesn't look like it, could save the planet its resources. Indeed, what do you do when you use your toilet brush and 3 drops fall on the toilet seat ? You take toilet paper, clean and flush.

Don't worry it is perfectly normal ! Years of bad design lead to bad habits ;)

But, those small habits can have big consequences ...

Biom Paris thinks about the use to better innovate and save the planet's resources.


The first toilet brush eco-designed, what does it mean ?

It means that bbb is the first toilet brush for which the environmental question has been taken into consideration, since the birth of the project. Thanks to the eco-design approach, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our toilet brush on every aspect of its life cycle, from the raw materials to the bin.

For example we are using bio-sourced materials such as oysters shell powder + PU/PE Made in France :

The ADEME (Environment and energy management agency), gave us a grant to carry out, with the eco-design agency MU, a study on the life cycle analysis of our bbb, as well as the environmental impacts of our brush.

bbb is DESIGN

Because the aesthetic criteria is important too, we wanted a smart design that will match with any interior decorations.

In our eco-design approach, the color of the final product will be defined by the material. It will be natural colors, with maybe pearly reflections since we are working with powders from, oyster shells, scallops, mussels, etc. to produce the bioplastic.

A revolution in your toilets, and the pleasure to use an aesthetic and modern toilet brush, with a design inspired by nature, and bio-designed with ecological materials.

bbb, will be for now offered in one color only, that will be defined by the materials choosed for the bioplastic. If we exceed a lot our goal, we will be able to consider offering other colors ;)

The bbb Party will take place in Paris at the end of the campaign, the date is not fixed yet but we will inform you as soon as we fix it !

We planned to deliver bbb, The Brush in May 2017. The shipping fees are offered for France, Holland and Belgium. For other countries you will have to pay an extra fee. 

Know that if you don't want to pay the extra fees, and that you come often to France or to Paris you can be delivered to a friend or directly come to our office (35, rue du Sentier 75002) to pick up your brush. In this case select France as your country of delivery !

What are the funds for?

This pre-order campaign will enable us to start the production in France of the first bbb, The Brush units. The set goal includes the costs of carefully selected materials with minimal environmental impact and manufacturing in France of the first units.

Here is how will be distributed the expenses for the 350 pre-orders:

With 500 pre-orders, we will be able to offer you a packaging in total harmony with our ethics and design codes.

With 700 pre-orders, we will be able to keep going with our research on the materials and offering bbb, The Brush in 2 other colors. 

With 900 pre-orders, we will be able to develop Biom Paris team to offer new products (the toilet paper is currently in study with the Enzyme & Co group...).

Make your network also aware of our bbb, The Brush !

bbb, The Brush idea was born in october 2015. Five months later, the company Biom Paris was created. One year later, after months of design, prototyping, tests, collaborations, here we are on Ulule to finance this incredible project!

About the project owner

Sandra Legel, Founder & CEO of Biom Paris

In her daily life, Sandra Legel, uses a toilet brush, like everybody. However, one day, the questions began to come up : Why can't we reach all the areas ? How to clean the base ? Why does it drop ? Can we recycle it ?

She began her research and to monitor what was being sold on the market. She bought and tested brushes from all over the world. Several observations and a lot of nice promises... but only on paper. After all, she decided to be surrounded by a multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers, graphic designers, and others, to find the product that will meet all of her expectations - which are also yours.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, her leit motiv is sharing. She loves to work in team to exchange, learn and move forward. 

The Biom Paris concept was born. Thanks to the Paris Pionnières incubator, she accelerated her project, created the company and found the first investors. The first product bbb, The Brush is just a start for the one that wants to participate and speed up the new eco-industry. The next products are already in a first stage of development... Again products that are used by everybody, everyday in the world. We want to reduce the environmental impact of those products too long forgotten.

Biom Paris that is also a terrific team !

and awesome partners :

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  • How to hang bbb on the wall ?

    The hanging piece is independent of the flexible base. Clipped inside the base, it can be removed by a simple pressure. The ingenuity of the piece lies in its dual function: in ground position it closes the base and is used as a finishing piece. If you want to hang it on the wall, you can extract the piece. By flipping it, the piece has two pre-drill holes facilitating the positionning to the wall. Therefore simply clip the base again on the piece attached to the wall for hanging.

    Last updated: 2 years, 7 months ago

  • What color will be the bbb I will receive ?

    In our eco-design approach, it is the materials that will determine the final color of the product. It will be natural colors, with pearly reflection because we are working with oyster shell powder, scallop shell, ...etc. to produce our bioplactic.

    Last updated: 2 years, 7 months ago