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Bâtiment 7

Become an ally. Fund a brick.

About the project

By becoming an ally of Bâtiment 7, you will join its great, huge family and receive 
all our news - concerning both Bâtiment 7 as well as the various projects it hosts.

Funding a brick means becoming an accomplice to the desire to see durable projects
be built, by and for the community... great dreams inscribed in a collective building.


Bâtiment 7 is a project with its roots dug deep in the Pointe-St-Charles community.
The past 10 years were punctuated by demonstrations, actions, negociations and
brainstorming sessions... Today, we're finally about to witness the birth of this essential space.

Since day One, the project has garnered support and strength through unprecedented mobilization,
and it's not about to change. Once again, we need the strength of our community to propel
the project into a new phase: the first section is about to open its doors!




Zoé Fauvel - 2017



What are the funds for?

It's together, brick by brick, dollar by dollar, that we're finally making it happen.

The amounts collected through this campaign will contribute to lightnening the load on the project's
basic operating budget, which fuels a multitude of forces - project team, architecture, mobilization -
working together on our common goal: opening at the beginning of 2018!


The proposed amounts are 'low', and for a good reason.
Starting in April, 3 of the projects moving into Bâtiment 7 will be launching
their own crowdfunding campaigns: Les Sans-taverne (micro-brewery & bar),
Le Détour (self-managed grocery), and La Coulée (metal scuplture workshop).
The B7 campaign is one initial water drop meant
to generate waves of solidarity throughout the whole Bâtiment 7 family.

You want to give Bâtiment 7 a little more that the proposed amounts, in exchange for a tax receipt?
You want to lend money through our Community Bonds? Contact us at


Gabrielle Gérin - 2013

About the project owner

Collectif 7 à nous has successfully reclaimed Bâtiment 7 (Building 7),
a patrimonial industrial building at the heart of Pointe-St-Charles' popular history.
It aims to convert it into an alternative and accessible gathering space, overflowing
and buzzing with projects. Rooted in the environment that gave birth to it, and open to the world,
Bâtiment 7 means to become a driving communal force of cultural, social, political,
economic and ecological transformation.

In time, it is destined to host a grocery store, a micro-brewery, collaborative workshops,
urban farming, a daycare center, alternative health services
and a birthing centre -- by and for the community.

Poddubiuk architecte (Jean-Baptiste Bouillant) - 2016

 more infos here :


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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