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Launch of the Arusha model, the eternal sneaker!

About the project

"Hello everyone, what a pleasure it is to be back for a new Ulule campaign after our launching in this plateform in 2015! We then presented our idea of colourful and fair sneakers and thanks to you, PANAFRICA was born! Today we are very pleased to introduce you to our new project..."

Hugues, Vulfran, Hélène and  PANAFRICA team

If you who don't know about us... We design sneakers inspired by Africa and made on the African continent.


We are highly optimistic and it shows on our sneakers: bright colours and dynamic shapes. PANAFRICA leaves no one indifferent!


We work together with our partners in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana. Thanks to them, we replace human being at the heart of the PANAFRICA project.


We manufacture our sneakers differently as we are aware of our social, economic and environmental impacts: natural or recycled materials, no production peak and financial supports for our partners' structures development projects.

Now that we know each other... Let's go !


Its style is urban, dynamic with a dose of details and patterns... à la PANAFRICA!

We have taken the great codes of running and interpreted them our own way. Batik and wax prints for the graphic and colorful hints, suede and plain canvas to match it all.

And, of course, we used eco friendly and recycled materials.

ARUSHA sneakers are made, at more than 50% of  :

  • Recycled PET for the outer plain canvas and the inner lining. A material created from plastic bottles collected from the oceans.
  • Recycled polyester, the main component of insole.
  • Recycled polyurethane insoles for comfort.


Because it is everlasting : returnable and recyclable.

Fair manufacturing, with innovative and more ecofriendly materials, it is our daily requirement. But to us, environmental responsibility must go even further and take into account the end-of-life of the products you create and wear.

The price of ARUSHA model includes a 10 euros deposit which invites you to send us back your used pair of sneakers.


Because even at the end of its life, your pair of sneakers has a value: its materials can be collected, recycled and used to create new PANAFRICA shoes.

That’s it : we need your trash! It is a genuine resource and can help us make the most eco-friendly sneakers of them all!

The deposit is a commitment we make together to ensure the circularity of our products, reduce waste and protect the environment.


Deposit is made so all of you can commit to working with us and make fashion more circular, together. Nevertheless, of course, you are the owners of your PANAFRICA sneakers and you don’t have to send them back to us if you don’t want to ;) 


Let's go into detail:

A sneaker is composed of many materials with different properties: rubber soles, canvas, leather, linings, insole components... and therefore, it cannot be recycled and processed uniformly.

If today we know how to recycle most of these elements. Some are still problematic, such as leather.


We’ve been working of several months to making fashion circular and reuse waste to turn in into new materials.

However, major investments are still needed in aim to eco-design our future sneakers (and facilitate their recycling) and to optimize our logistics operations. This requires Research and Development work.

Beyond financing the production of your ARUSHA models, this pre-order campaign will allow us releasing a significant budget (20%) so that we can make your sneakers 100% recyclable as soon as possible.

Together, for sure, we'll make it!

The ARUSHA model is now available in pre-order at a special introductory price and is available in 5 colours. All colours are available from36 to 46. Delivery is scheduled for the month of June. We will contact you by email at the end of the campaign to ask you for your choice of model and size.

We have been developing and refining our PANAFRICA production and business model for more than 4 years. More than a way of operating, we are building an whole ecosystem as such.

Our goal is unique: to manufacture our sneakers differently in order to create a positive impact on people and on the environment.


Whether they are in Morocco, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso or Ghana, they all have outstanding know-how and the same desire to move forward in a sustainable manner.

Africa is not just a continent of raw materials. It's a continent that abounds in beautiful companies, beautiful projects, beautiful people who work every day to transform, create added value, enhance and magnify local materials.


A SMILE: We go directly to meet them, visit their workshops and discuss at length to get to know each other and finally trust each other.

A REAL KNOW HOW: Leather goods, ecological dyeing, spinning, wax printing, each one of our partners masters a technique, a craft or industrial gesture. For quality products that pay tribute to local know-how.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE: Our partners' doors are always open. We are there on a regular basis, to follow the productions and to ensure that good working conditions for the employees are applied. 

As you would have noticed, we are talking about partners and not suppliers, let alone subcontractors.

Our relationship with them goes beyond mere commercial relationships :

ANTICIPATE: No last-minute orders. There is nothing worse than being in a hurry, and we know the disastrous consequences this can have on employees' working conditions, on raw materials supply chain and on traceability. 

FAIR PRICES: At PANAFRICA, this is the key to greater serenity. Our partners prices are ours. It is fair and allows a sustainable development of companies. Prices and rates are representative of the quality of the working conditions and the materials we use for your shoes.

GROWING TOGETHER: Because it is essential not to create interdependence between PANAFRICA and our partners, we are committed to financially support development projects that are essential to local structures sustainability.

Thus 10% of our profits are used to finance training and material investment: entrepreneurship courses, training in ecological techniques, purchase of looms, etc...

HOW DO I CHOOSE MY SIZE? We recommend you to choose your usual size. If you are between 2 sizes, choose the smallest. We will contact you by email at the end of the campaign to ask you your choice of model and your size. 

WHAT SIZES ARE AVAILABLE? If we manage to meet the goal we set for this campaign, this model will be available from size 36 to 46 ( EUR size).

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ARUSHA SNEAKERS? The first contributors will receive their pair of Arusha during the month of June. As soon as we’ve finished the campaign together and meet our goals, we will start purchasing raw materials and start the first production. Be careful, first to support us will be first to be delivered!

WHY ARE THESE SNEAKERS ULTRA COMFORTABLE? We have been testing this model for months so it meets our standards. Removable insole made of recycled foam, technical and breathable lining, you will wear this model during your daily adventures, all year long ! 


What are the funds for?

Without you and a minimum of 150 pre-orders, ARUSHA will remain only a idea.

Our initial target of 150 pre-orders will enable us to launch our very first production for this new model and to finance the purchase of raw materials from our partners in Africa. 

20% of the collection will be used directly to continue our research and development work to perfect the recycling processes and push the ecodesign of our sneakers even further. 

Pre-orders are intended to give you the benefit of a special introductory price. 

We are happy to be able to rely upon your help, one more time, to bring this new PANAFRICA project to life! 

About the project owner

Hello, we are Hélène, Hugues and Vulfran, and we launched PANAFRICA a little more than 4 years ago, on ULULE!

Since, we have been putting all our energy, creativity and high standards to make PANAFRICA grow and create colourful and fair products. 

We are happy to be back on ULULE for this new ambitious project and to be able to rely upon your help to bring Arusha to life !

Thanks a lot !

Thank you to our partners who help us achieve our dreams. Their high standards, passion, patience, talent and creativity have enabled us to launch this new model. 

Thank you to Salomon, our passionate stylist, who designed this model and knew how to transcribe the PANAFRICA spirit with finesse and creativity. 

Thanks to our families and friendswho have been with us since the beginning and who followed us in what was a crazy bet at the beginning. 

Thank you to the ULULE teams that we know well and who accompany us with professionalism to make this new campaign unique. 

Thank you to the DELSEY PARIS teams we met a few weeks ago and who immediately believed in our project. They got involved in our campaign and bring a great support  to it. 

Thank you to the journalists, influencers, collectives, who highlight our project to a wider public: we think in particular of Sloweare, Julien Vidal, Erwan Morice and Ondine. 

Finally, thanks to all of you, supporters from the beginning or newcomers in this beautiful adventure. Every day, your messages, your remarks, your questions, your feedback, stimulate us and help us to constantly improve. Without you nothing would be possible and we hope that we will go even further together.


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